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2018 Local Author Showcase

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Pare De Arrumar Desculpas by Samara Gregorio
Abdul Ghani Gregorio, Samara
Jadel Gregorio - Pare de Arrumar Desculpas
A biography of the Brazilian Olympic athlete Jadel Gregorio, one of the most respected jumpers in the triple jump history of the world.
Samara Gregorio is a physiotherapist and instructor of physical education. She worked with the best athletes in the world, and knew the reality of the world of Olympic athletes.

Diablo House by Ted Adams
Adams, Ted
Diablo House
In La Jolla, stands Diablo House. It'll make your dreams come true, if you dare. Money? Sex? Power? It's all yours, for a price, in this anthology that recalls classic horror comics of the past.
Ted Adams is the founder of San Diego's IDW Publishing. In addition to running IDW for 19 years as CEO and Publisher, he's a producer for several TV shows, and has written a number of graphic novels.

Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town by Brian Alexander
Alexander, Brian
Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-American Town
Journalist Brian Alexander uses the story of one Midwest town to show how events of thirty-five years ago have led to Trumpism, inequality, and an eroding national cohesion.
A USD graduate, Alexander has lived in San Diego for decades. He has published five books, and has written for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Science, Outside, Esquire, and Glamour.

We Are our Ancestors' Keepers by Charles 3X Alexander
Alexander, Charles 3X
We Are our Ancestors' Keepers
We Are our Ancestors' Keepers' is a blueprint for early childhood development. It allows Black people the opportunity to bridge the gap of the continents due to the African Diaspora.
Charles 3x Alexander is the director of outreach for I Am My Brother's Keeper. He was born and raised in the city of San Diego, and he is most proud of his three children Shei'lece ,Chariah and Osiri.

First Comes Marriage: My Not-So-Typical American Love Story by Huda Al-Marashi
Al-Marashi, Huda
First Comes Marriage: My Not-So-Typical American Love Story
First Comes Marriage is an Iraqi-American memoir about immigration, love, and marriage. Follow Huda's journey to reconcile her religious and cultural traditions with Western notions of romantic love.
Huda Al-Marashi is the author of the memoir First Comes Marriage: My Not-So-Typical American Love Story. Her other writings have appeared in the Washington Post, the LA Times, Al Jazeera, and elsewhere.

Gross Anatomy: Dispatches from the Front (and Back) by Mara Altman
Altman, Mara
Gross Anatomy: Dispatches from the Front (and Back)
A mix of personal anecdotes and fascinating research, Gross Anatomy holds up a magnifying glass to our beliefs, practices, and body parts and shows us the truth: there is greatness in our grossness.
Mara Altman writes about issues that embarrass her (e.g., chin hair), because she found that putting shame on the page defuses the stigma, leaving herself and her readers feeling empowered.

NanoMorphosis by Marla L. Anderson
Anderson, Marla L.
One man pushes to expand humans beyond the solar system, another works in secret to re-engineer humanity itself, and one woman caught in the middle may have to save them all.
Marla L. Anderson is the author of the novels NanoMorphosis and The Cost of Living: A Life for a Life, as well as numerous short stories.

Win that Pool! Your Starting Point for Winning Office Football Pools by Tom Anichini
Anichini, Tom
Win that Pool! Your Starting Point for Winning Office Football Pools
Win That Pool! tells you how to maximize your chance to win office football pools. It reveals a win probability formula and algorithms for different types of pool structures.
Tom Anichini is an investment professional. He enjoys solving problems and communicating their solutions.

What Lies Ahead by Kayla Anne
Anne, Kayla
What Lies Ahead
In this prose collection, we follow the heart’s journey of understanding the world around it and understanding itself in the process. Each of the three sections tie together to focus on what lies ahead.
Kayla Anne is a new voice in poetry. With the help of her 1960s Smith-Corona, she has cultivated a dynamic audience, giving a voice to the challenges of life, love and more in today's changing world.

The Adventures of Bugawump by Claudia Aragon
Aragon, Claudia
The Adventures of Bugawump
The Adventures of Bugawump is a delightfully fun and rhyming story of how a series of friends try to help Bugawump by teaching him how to slither, jump, and fly.
Claudia Aragon lives in Escondido and has written five books: The Adventures of Bugawump, A Bugawump Christmas, The American Dream, Collin of Terraneese, Call of the Ocean Muse, Separated by Midnight.

Jorge y el Jarro de Galletas Perdido by Marta Arroyo
Arroyo, Marta
Jorge y el Jarro de Galletas Perdido
Unpacking on moving day, Jorge is ready for a cookie break. But where’s the cookie jar? In a fun upstairs-downstairs search, Jorge and the cat find this family treasure and a surprising culprit.
Marta Arroyo taught elementary school for more than 30 years, mostly in Carlsbad. She and her husband Juan live in Oceanside. She is available to read at schools and libraries, in Spanish or English.

Make the Best of It - Haz lo Mejor Posible by Georgette Baker
Baker, Georgette
Make the Best of It - Haz lo Mejor Posible
An inspirational, bilingual children's book to teach the value of a positive attitude. Choices made determine how each challenge is ultimately experienced. 2018 Mom's Choice Award winner.
Georgette Baker is an award winning, multilingual, multicultural author and children’s singer/storyteller. Born in Aruba to an East Indian mother and American father, Baker lived 24 years abroad.

Girlfriend 101 by Kim Baker
Baker, Kim
Girlfriend 101
Girlfriend 101 is a dating and relationship book that helps navigate through the baggage into an authentic relationship with the most important person of all – ourselves.
Kim Baker is a dating columnist and author of Girlfriend 101: Getting Past the Baggage to Have the Relationship You Want and Girls’ Guide to Healthy Dating.

Lost Decade by Richard Balmert
Balmert, Richard
Lost Decade
These are the memoirs of a child, born during the happy Roaring Twenties but to suffer as did all Americans, in the decade of the Great Depression, only to prepare for the catastrophe of World War II.
Richard Balmert, a native of Catonsville, MD joined the Navy and after World War II graduated from Johns Hopkins University. Retired, he served as a docent at the San Diego Museum of Fine Art

Chasing the Merry-Go-Round: Holding on to Hope and Home When the World Moves Too Fast by Kelly Bargabos
Bargabos, Kelly
Chasing the Merry-Go-Round: Holding on to Hope and Home When the World Moves Too Fast
Chasing the Merry-Go-Round allows readers to see the world through the eyes of a person with intellectual and physical disabilities, which can often be invisible, especially at first glance.
Kelly Bargabos, a recent transplant from Upstate New York to Southern California, is a successful businesswoman with a passion for writing. Her memoir is recommended by the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild.

Scam Seduction by Simon Benjamin
Benjamin, Simon
Scam Seduction
Scam Seduction is an intriguing story about deception. We see how money in the world of big government and business is especially seductive. The novel is based on true events.
Simon Benjamin is a graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of San Diego. The writing of Scam Seduction was inspired by true events and is Benjamin's debut.

More Than One Truth by Matt Benson
Benson, Matt
More Than One Truth
A suspenseful, twisty tale of an idealistic young lawyer assigned to defend a childhood acquaintance from a murder charge, all while facing personal tragedies of his own.
Matt Benson is a 2012 graduate of UCLA school of law. He previously served on active duty in the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He was born and raised in Chico, California.

The Tectonic Shift of Employment: Change Your Locus of Control by Looking for Customers, Not a Job by Mike Berg
Berg, Mike
The Tectonic Shift of Employment: Change Your Locus of Control by Looking for Customers, Not a Job
Discover how to create income security using the power of having your own personal brand and read the stories of people that are making this happen.
Mike Berg, M.Ed. is a job search expert, employment analyst, motivational speaker, employability skills trainer and the Director of TheJobClinic, a San Diego based online job search coaching business

Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen
Bergen, J.M.
Thomas Wildus and The Book of Sorrows
Thomas thinks he's a normal kid until a man with gold-flecked eyes gives him an ancient book. As he discovers hidden powers and a secret family legacy, the forces of evil threaten to destroy him.
J.M. is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at the University of Arizona and a lifelong lover of magic, mystery, friendship, and adventure.

Make the Connection!: A Practice Guide to Parents and Practitioners to Teach the Nonverbal Child to Communicate with AAC by Susan Berkowitz
Berkowitz, Susan
Make the Connection!: A Practice Guide to Parents and Practitioners to Teach the Nonverbal Child to Communicate with AAC
This book aims to forge a partnership between parents and SLPs as they strive to teach nonspeaking children how to communicate with AAC by providing a roadmap for implementation.
Susan has been an SLP for more than 40 years, concentrating predominantly on AAC. She has been published in peer-reviewed professional journals, and presented at national and international conferences.

Psalms of the Apocalypse by J. Blackshear
Blackshear, J.
Psalms of the Apocalypse
In a future both familiar and unsettling, a new breed of superweapons carries out clandestine assassinations in a tit-for-tat power struggle fueled by designer drugs and petabytes of illicit cache.
J. Blackshear is a California native and writer of science-fiction, historical fiction, political satire, and short stories.

Ancient Landscapes of Western North America by Ronald C. Blakey
Blakey, Ronald C.
Ancient Landscapes of Western North America
Be taken back into deep geologic time when Western North America looked completely different. Follow the events through paleogeographic maps which look like satellite views of ancient Earth.
Professor Emeritus at Northern Arizona University, Ron's paleo maps are based on the latest science and digitally drawn. The maps are featured in books, museums, and journals throughout the world.

Ocean Beach Where Land and Water Meet by Kathy Blavatt
Blavatt, Kathy
Ocean Beach Where Land and Water Meet
Author Kathy Blavatt resides in Ocean Beach, California. She is a historian, writer, and artist. She has authored six books, three about Ocean Beach. The newest is Ocean Beach Where Land and Water Meet
Author Kathy Blavatt resides in Ocean Beach, California. She is a historian, writer, and artist. She has authored six books, three about Ocean Beach. The newest is Ocean Beach Where Land and Water Meet

A Footnote in History by Sofia Blanco
Blanco, Sofia (Youth Author) 
A Footnote in History
A Footnote in History was done for my Humanities class which focuses on the concept of the female perspective in history and the present. The book includes notable figures such as Sylvia Rae Rivera and Sojourner Truth, and recounts their struggles of being remembered in the 21st century after standing in a man’s shadow for decades.
Sofia Blanco is an 11th grader who enjoys singing at the School of Rock and drawing for a boutique online retail shop. She wrote, illustrated and self-published A Footnote in History for her Humanities class.

Finding Your Financial Type by Chantel Bonneau
Bonneau, Chantel
Finding Your Financial Type
Author Chantel Bonneau will show you that financial hope is within reach; there is a way to enter into a healthy relationship with our finances, starting with discovering your FIN type.
Chantel Bonneau is a Certified Financial Planner™ in Southern California. Chantel has found great success in transforming clients’ financial lives by demystifying the planning process.

Down in the Belly of the Whale by Kelley Kay Bowles
Bowles, Kelley Kay
Down in the Belly of the Whale
Harper Southwood is a teenage girl who can sense when people will get sick—but so what? She can’t predict her best friend’s depression or her mother’s impending health crisis. She only wants to help.
Kelley (Kelley Kaye, Kelley Kay Bowles, Kelley Gusich) writes Cozy Mysteries, Young Adult Paranormal, and Narrative Nonfiction. She's a retired high school teacher and mother of two awesome sons.

Black Swan Rising by Lisa Brackmann
Brackmann, Lisa
Black Swan Rising
Two women find themselves in the crosshairs when a San Diego congressman's re-election campaign is targeted by a group of online extremists who've taken their hate from the internet to the streets.
Lisa Brackmann is the NYT best-selling author of the Ellie McEnroe trilogy (Rock Paper Tiger), and suspense novels Getaway, Go-Between and Black Swan Rising, which takes place here in San Diego.

The Call: The strategic plan that empowered San Diego Zoo Global to lead the fight against extinction by Beth Branning
Branning, Beth
The Call: The strategic plan that empowered San Diego Zoo Global to lead the fight against extinction
The Call is a new breed of strategic plan that unified everyone at San Diego Zoo Global toward a shared goal: a revolutionary, collaborative approach to saving endangered species.
Beth Branning worked at San Diego Zoo Global as the Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Vision, Innovation and Strategy for 15 years, leading the organization's strategic planning efforts.

Broad Awakening by Mickey Brent
Brent, Mickey
Broad Awakening
In this sequel to Underwater Vibes, Hélène, a Belgian translator, and Sylvie, her Greek swimming coach, find ruts in their lives. When disaster strikes, both women must decide what is most important.
Mickey Brent is a multicultural author who loves writing quirky stories about diverse cultures and lifestyles. Broad Awakening is her second contemporary novel showcasing a unique cast of characters.

A Blind Eye Crying by Christopher Britton
Britton, Christopher
A Blind Eye Crying
Frank Marello is to be retried for a crime for which he's already once been sentenced to death. To defend him, lawyer Mike Taggart must put an entire town on trial, while confronting his own ghosts.
Christopher Britton is a retired trial attorney. When not writing, he can be found biking, hiking or ranging the world with wife Nancy and dog Otto. A Blind Eye Crying is his third novel.

Dive Smack by Demetra Brodsky
Brodsky, Demetra
Dive Smack
A young adult psychological thriller about a 17 year old springboard diver who uncovers dark family secrets about the night his family's home burned to the ground.
Demetra Brodsky has a B.F.A. from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is a first generation Greek-American and a member of International Thriller Writers. Dive Smack, is her debut novel.

Where Did You Go? by G. Brooks
Brooks, G.
Where Did You Go?
Have you ever played hide and seek? The excitement of hiding and the joy of finding someone makes this game so much fun! However, instead of trying to find each other, they are searching for themselves
Giovanni Brooks lives in a tree house and was the first man ever to befriend a black bear while hiking Mt. Everest (alternative facts)! He recently discovered his passion for writing stories.

Forty Minutes to Glory: Inside the Kentucky Wildcats' 1978 Championship Season by Doug Brunk
Brunk, Doug
Forty Minutes to Glory: Inside the Kentucky Wildcats' 1978 Championship Season
Forty Minutes to Glory presents an inside account of the 1977-78 Kentucky Wildcats basketball team and their championship season, from summer pick-up games to the net-cutting ceremony in St. Louis.
Doug Brunk is an award-winning journalist who has written hundreds of articles for trade and consumer publications. He is the author of Wildcat Memories: Inside Stories from Kentucky Basketball Great.

Amor al Amanecer by Lourdes P. Cabral
Cabral, Lourdes P.
Amor al Amanecer
Amor al Amanecer by Lourdes P. Cabral, is a book of poetry in the Spanish Language. In this book the reader will find poetry in different structures. For example, sonnet, decima, romance, and free verse.
Lourdes P. Cabral is the author of four books of poetry in the Spanish language. She finds her inspiration in romantic love, love for family and friends, love for pets, and places she has visited.

Survival Uncertain by Lee Cargill
Cargill, Lee
Survival Uncertain
Survival Uncertain chronicles the riveting true stories of eight US Naval Academy 1963 graduates and their comrades - stories of duty, courage, heroism - inspiring for all generations. Reviews*****!
Lee Cargill, resident of Coronado and retired Navy Captain and jet pilot. After 20 yrs in the Navy, he worked 10 yrs for large corporations, and 20 yrs as an entrepreneur. Vietnam combat missions: 175.

Super Archer and the Out of Control Laser Eyes by Archer Carr
Carr, Archer (Youth Author)
Super Archer and the Out of Control Laser Eyes
Super Archer has an incredible super power- laser eyes. But they are out of control! What will he do? Join Archer on his journey as he learns about his laser eyes and gets his iPad back!
Archer is the author of Super Archer and the Out of Control Laser Eyes, which is his first book. Archer is in 1st grade, and he enjoys reading, writing, legos, and baseball. He lives in San Diego.

Travails of a Trailing Spouse by Stephanie Chen
Chen, Stephanie
Travails of a Trailing Spouse
Sarah, a successful lawyer in the US, quits her job when her husband is offered a position abroad. With their two children, they fly off to a completely new life full of thrills, but also frustrations.
A proud Taiwanese-American, Stephanie Suga Chen grew up in Michigan and spent six years living abroad in Singapore with her husband, two children and elderly cocker spaniel.

Italia! A half-century of travels in Italy: 1967 - 2018 Part Two by Giovanni Chimienti
Chimienti, Giovanni
Italia! A half-century of travels in Italy: 1967 - 2018 Part Two
Travel with Giovanni to great cities and sites of Italy: Naples and Pompeii; Palermo and Syracuse in Sicily; Bologna, Ravenna, and Milano; Matera; Siena and San Gimignano; and Venice.
Born in NYC (1940); educated at Queens College (NYC), Yale U (PhD) and UCSD (post-doc), Giovanni taught experimental psychology at universities in Beirut, Athens, Istanbul and Izmir. He retired to San Diego in 2010.

A Portrait of the Self as Nation by Marilyn Chin
Chin, Marilyn
A Portrait of the Self as Nation
Spanning thirty years of work, A Portrait of the Self as Nation, is a rich selection of poems deeply engaged with important issues as cultural assimilation, Asian American identity and feminism.
Marilyn Chin is an award-winning poet and author. Her books are considered Asian American classics and are taught all over the world. She serves as a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.

Get Noticed. Be Remembered by Krista Clive-Smith
Clive-Smith, Krista
Get Noticed. Be Remembered
In this step-by-step system for personal transformation, you'll learn how to create your own personal brand image. If you're lost in life or looking to find yourself, this book is the answer.
Krista Clive-Smith is personal branding expert with a passion for helping individuals realize their full potential. She's also a speaker, writer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The Adventures of Game Girl Kennedy by Kennedy Clive-Smith
Clive-Smith, Kennedy (Youth Author)
The Adventures of Game Girl Kennedy 
Game Girl Kennedy is determined to find her destiny. She's on a journey to find her lost family and keeps falling into holes leading to video games and fairy tales. Will she ever make her way back?
Kennedy Royenne Clive-Smith is 6 years old. "I love my mommy and daddy and I live in California."

In Violet by David Coddon
Coddon, David
In Violet
The Hollywood dreams of aspiring screenwriter Jonny Stoddard are turned topsy-turvy after his freak proximity one night to a spectacular occurrence on a Los Angeles freeway.
David Coddon is a San Diego-based fiction writer, journalist and theater critic, and also teaches at San Diego State University, the University of California San Diego Extension, and Mesa College.

La Jolla: Jewel by the Sea by Ann Collins
Collins, Ann
La Jolla: Jewel by the Sea
Native La Jollan Ann Collins captures the essence of her seaside community of La Jolla that residents and visitors love in this striking book of photographs.
Ann Collins is an author and award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in books, magazines, newspapers, and the prestigious Sierra Club calendars.

Civil War Two by Randall Collins
Collins, Randall
Civil War Two
America elects a President determined to restore religion to public life. The secular states pull out of the United States, the nation splits and fights Civil War Two.
Randall Collins is author of many books, including Violence: A Micro-Sociological Theory, and The Case of the Philosophers' Ring (a Sherlock Holmes revival mystery).

The Witch’s Knot by H. R. Conklin
Conklin, H. R.
The Witch’s Knot
Mairi learns there is a darker side to the Fae Folk and humans alike. Mairi enters the Faerie Realm along with her cousin Anne, her brother Jamie, and a mysterious spirit cat named KA.
H. R. Conklin grew up in the rural mountains of Northern California where her mother gardened and her father played the bagpipes, as well as spending long hours in the theater with her parents.

After the Wind by Roger Conlee
Conlee, Roger
After the Wind
This historic novel set in 1951 takes up the scramble for the William Randolph Hearst fortune after the media giant's death, a murder mystery, and the tragic early days of the Korean War.
Roger L. Conlee has authored eight historical novels. A former newspaper man and communications consultant, Conlee was a writer and editor with the San Diego Evening Tribune and Chicago Daily News.

Memories in Dragonflies: Simple Lessons For Mindful Dying by Lannette Cornell Bloom
Cornell Bloom, Lannette
Memories in Dragonflies: Simple Lessons For Mindful Dying
An inspirational memoir about a woman who uncovers the hidden gifts of the dying process while caring for her terminally ill mother.
Lannette is a nurse and author who is passionate about bringing simple joys to others. She believes there's a positive side of the dying process we are all capable of accessing through mindful choices.

Project Zebra. Roosevelt and Stalin's Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airmen in America by M.G. Crisci
Crisci, M.G.
PROJECT ZEBRA. Roosevelt and Stalin's Top-Secret Mission to Train 300 Soviet Airmen in America
The never-before-told story of how 300 Soviet airmen were secretly trained in North Carolina by American pilots to fly WWII's largest warplane, designed and made in America.
M.G. Crisci is the critically-acclaimed author of 12 books based on true stories and a recognized expert in the field of consumer behavior. He has been elected to Who’s Who in the World 23 times.

What's a Guy to Do? How to Work with Women by Jennifer Crittenden
Crittenden, Jennifer
What's a Guy to Do? How to Work with Women
Men are asking about how to behave and what's "allowed" in the wake of #MeToo. A veteran executive answers those questions and more in this enlightening and humorous guide to working with women.
Jennifer K. Crittenden earned an MBA and worked for over twenty years in the U.S. and abroad, rising from financial analyst to chief financial officer. She now writes work-related and leadership books.

Balboa Park with Ranger Kim by Pam Crooks
Crooks, Pam
Balboa Park with Ranger Kim
What does a park ranger do? This question leads one small boy—Morgan Duclo—on an imaginary journey with his dad—Ranger Kim—around the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park.
Pam has enjoyed 40+ years in Balboa Park as a parent, museum employee, volunteer, and tour guide, and written and published a number of books/articles about the Park, including two other children's books.

Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between by Sarina Dahlan
Dahlan, Sarina
Shadow Play: Ten Tales from the In-between
Set in Thailand and America, in-between reality and the fantastical, ghosts stalk, lost spirits linger, and the living search for a meaning to life. A little dark. A little light. But always hopeful.
Sarina Dahlan was born into an Indonesian family in Thailand, and immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. She graduated from UCSD with degrees in Psychology and Visual Arts. La Mesan.

The Vampire Within by Laura Daleo
Daleo, Laura
The Vampire Within
Brandon Cass is not your average teenager. He has a taste for blood. His cravings become too powerful to control and he must reclaim his soul to rid himself of the dark force which controls him.
Laura Daleo was born and raised in San Diego. Her desire to write began in junior high. She is best known for her love of animals and shares her home with her three furry kids.

Normy by G.S. Damon
Damon, G.S.
Normy is a bilingual book about a young mouse, different from the other mice who make fun of him. However, Normy overcomes challenges and surprises everyone with his special artistic talents.
"Writing has always been difficult for me, so I paint the stories in my head and then, with help, I write the stories. I wish my pictures to speak words and my words to paint pictures."

Scissors, Paper, Stone by Martha Davis
Davis, Martha
Scissors, Paper, Stone
Winner of the Quill Prose Award, Scissors, Paper, Stone contemplates the meanings of family through twenty years in the lives of a Korean-American lesbian, her adoptive mother, and her best friend.
Martha K. Davis is a writer, editor and teacher. Her novel Scissors, Paper, Stone won the Quill Prose Award from Red Hen Press. She has published short stories and essays in numerous literary journals.

Liebres y Ratas, Aves y Semillas, Cactos y Árboles: Plantas y animales en interacción en El Pinacate Desierto Sonorense, México by Paul Dayton
Dayton, Paul
Liebres y Ratas, Aves y Semillas, Cactos y Árboles: Plantas y animales en interacción en El Pinacate Desierto Sonorense, México
“I am more than 80 years old,” begins Renaldo the desert tortoise, “and I want to tell you what I’ve seen". Photos and drawings help Renaldo explain how desert weather, plants and animals interact.
Paul Dayton is an international award–winning ecologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where he has taught for many years. He has researched and written about ecosystems all over the world.

Time, Space and Wisdom by Jean de Galzain
de Galzain, Jean
Time, Space and Wisdom
Explore how to tap into an invisible but real world filled with powerful energies leading to a richer life. Discover meanings behind coincidences. Find the "inner you" to enhance yourself and humanity.
Born in France, Jean has lived in Southern California since the 1970s. As a speaker, life coach, spiritual consultant and author, he inspires by sharing ideas of real solutions to life challenges.

Desire Returns for a Visit by Sandra de Helen
de Helen, Sandra
Desire Returns for a Visit
Desire Returns for a Visit covers all phases of a lesbian love relationship, from coming out as a lesbian to falling in love, grappling with relationships, living and ending them.
Sandra de Helen’s essays and poetry appear in Artemis Journal, Dramatist, the Medical Journal of Australia, Lavender Review, Mom Egg and other journals.

Where in Cuba is Mr.Roosevelt? by Pauline de Saint-Just Gross
de Saint-Just Gross , Pauline
Where in Cuba is Mr.Roosevelt?
David's magic coin takes him and Michelle, his cousin and best friend to Cuba, the land of chocolate and crocodiles looking for Theodore Roosevelt who is fighting for a Cuba Libre against Spain.
Pauline De Saint-Just Gross has lived in San Diego for 40 years. She taught high school and volunteered with the Advocates for Classical Music for many years, sharing her love of music with children.

The Heart of Poetry Part II (second edition) by Laura Decamara
Decamara, Laura
The Heart of Poetry Part II (second edition)
A collection of 92 poems by Laura Decamara, an aspiring writer who overcame her learning disability to become a published poet and romance/action/drama writer.
Laura DeCamara was born in San Diego in 1980. In high school she came across Emily Dickinson's poetry and she knew then she wanted to become a writer.

The Little Souls by Agnes Deglon
Deglon, Agnes
The Little Souls
The Little Souls is a unique collection of questions and answers about the soul, life, the universe, energy - a resource for every parent and kid who wants to know more about the essentials of life.
As a biochemist, acupuncturist and mother of two boys, it has been my life’s work to study the human being as a whole—body, mind, and soul. My passion is to preserve health rather than cure disease.

Nuclear Brinkmanship by Alexander DeVolpi
DeVolpi, Alexander
Nuclear Brinkmanship
Nuclear challenges faced by the Donald Trump presidency are extracted from my more comprehensive book Cold War Brinkmanship (2017), which includes additional coverage of Cold War issues regarding civil rights and government secrecy.
Following naval service during and after the Korean War, the author earned a PhD in physics and conducted research at a U.S. national laboratory, engaging in public and government efforts to bring the Cold War to a non-nuclear end.

Dead Wrong by Patricia Dibsie
Dibsie, Patricia
Dead Wrong
Reporter Lauren Foster witnesses a murder, which police file as a "hit and run." Unsatisfied and determined, she finds danger searching for the truth. And a few more dead bodies. Could she be next?
Patricia Dibsie trains assistance dogs for Love Heels Canine Partners and writes mystery books. She learned the art of writing succinct prose as a reporter on the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Stories With Faces by Fred Dickey
Dickey, Fred
Stories With Faces
The tightrope lives of next-door people. Amazing and heartwarming stories, along with some historical pieces.
Fred Dickey is a highly popular columnist who writes about "familiar" people with compelling stories that bring smiles and sometimes tears. He is a former top editor of major metro newspapers.

Paradigm Change by L. Georgo DiStefano
DiStefano, L. Georgo
Paradigm Change
A therapist’s moving account of her clients’ struggles, challenges and triumphs over addiction.
DiStefano has been a therapist for over forty years in the field of substance abuse/addiction treatment.

The Centipede Who Couldn't Tie his Shoes by Karen Dobyns
Dobyns, Karen
The Centipede Who Couldn't Tie his Shoes
Tying shoes isn't easy, especially for a centipede! Meet Ben, a 2nd grader. Now add in a visual impairment and a bully. Throw in an occupational therapist with shoe-tying secrets. End with a twist.
Karen Dobyns is a pediatric occupational therapist and adjunct professor. She loves that children's books can help promote inclusion.

Punishment Child and Other Stories by Randal Doering
Doering, Randal
Punishment Child and Other Stories
Herein author Randal Doering has assembled 17 short stories about the Maya Indians. Most of these are fantasy or science fiction, but some are set in the modern day.
Randal Doering has a BA in creative writing and an MA in anthropology. He has been writing stories for more than 30 years and has stuck to fantasy and science fiction, with a smattering of horror.

Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One by J. Dianne Dotson
Dotson, J. Dianne
Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One
Flashes of light. An unseen menace. Messages from the void. Can Forster and his team stop a terrible force from the Heliopause from taking over Mandira Research Station, and the entire solar system?
J. Dianne Dotson has been writing since childhood. Heliopause: The Questrison Saga: Book One is her first published book, part of a series of science fiction and fantasy. Dianne is also a science writer.

Patterns on Pages - Secrets of the Sequenced Symbols by C. R. Downing
Downing, C. R.
Patterns on Pages - Secrets of the Sequenced Symbols
A catastrophic seismic event erases civilization. Two illiterate humans from the future are taught to read. Can they return, decipher the patterns on pages of books in the Li’bry, and save humanity?
C. R. (Dr. Chuck) Downing is a nationally recognized teacher and professor. His science fiction novel, Traveler’s HOT L was the Best Science Fiction Novel in the 2014 USA Best Book Awards.

Mindful Things by Mya Duong
Duong, Mya
Mindful Things
Mindful Things is a character-driven fantasy centered on college student Lauren Reed, who thinks she's going crazy. She meets Quinn Maxwell, and together they unlock her past and defend her future.
Mya Duong grew up in Wisconsin, where she earned a bachelor of science in nursing. She currently lives in San Diego, writing down new ideas and creating stories.

Steel Wind by Jeff Edwards
Edwards, Jeff
Steel Wind
What if North Korea’s sudden turn towards peace is a cunning act of misdirection? Steel Wind is a cutting-edge naval warfare thriller about a modern Cuban Missile Crisis.
Jeff Edwards is a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Anti-Submarine Warfare Specialist, and an award-winning author.

Season of the Cicada by Susan Ellison
Ellison, Susan
Season of the Cicada
After a decade of living in the U.S., Elise returns to Japan. Now a woman in her 40s, faced with the dissolution of her marriage, she seeks safe harbor in a Zen Buddhist temple outside of Tokyo.
Susan Ellison is a businesswoman and writer, mother of two teenagers living in Pacific beach. Originally from New Hampshire, she came to California after living in Japan and Hong Kong in the 1990s.

How to Tell Fate from Destiny and Other Skillful Word Distinctions by Charles Harrington Elster
Elster, Charles Harrington
How to Tell Fate from Destiny and Other Skillful Word Distinctions
"Nervous word-choosers, rejoice! In this part-thesaurus, part-hilarious manual of style, Elster breaks down the most common mistakes of the English language." -- Booklist
Charles Harrington Elster, a San Diegan since 1981, is the author of twelve books and scores of articles on the English language. For eight years he served on SDPL's Board of Library Commissioners.

50 Best Short Hikes: San Diego, 2nd Edition by Don Endicott
Endicott, Don
50 Best Short Hikes: San Diego, 2nd Edition
50 easy-to-find, easy-to-follow day hikes, 1 to 8 miles in length. Overview maps for 5 urban areas and 50 trail maps. At-a-glance hike descriptions, complete route details, trailhead GPS coordinates.
An avid hiker, climber, and certified interpretive guide, Don has enjoyed over 55 years exploring and photographing wilderness settings throughout California and the Western States.

How to Set Yourself on Fire by Julia Dixon Evans
Evans, Julia Dixon
How to Set Yourself on Fire
Sheila inherits just half of a conversation: hundreds of letters sent to her late grandmother. As she fixates on unraveling the mystery, she finds an unlikely friendship-and rock bottom-along the way.
Julia Dixon Evans is the author of the novel How To Set Yourself on Fire and founder of the San Diego reading series, workshops, and online journal Last Exit.

Constructivism and the New Social Studies: A Collection of Classic Inquiry Lessons by Ronald W. Evans
Evans, Ronald W.
Constructivism and the New Social Studies: A Collection of Classic Inquiry Lessons
A collection of classic inquiry lessons from some of the most successful projects of the 1960s New Social Studies, along with commentaries from some of the original project directors.
Ronald W. Evans is Professor in the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University. His previous books include The Social Studies Wars (2004), and Schooling Corporate Citizens (2015).

Harvey Milk: His Lives and Death by Lillian Faderman
Faderman, Lillian
Harvey Milk: His Lives and Death
Harvey Milk, a gay martyr, has also become an American icon. My book explores the influence on him of his Jewish background, his fascinating complexities, and the reasons for his lasting impact.
Lillian's books have been recognized by the Anisfield-Wolf Award, six Lambda Literary Awards, and three American Library Association awards. Three of her books were among New York Times' Notable Books of the Year.

You Are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength by Megan Fenyoe
Fenyoe, Megan
You Are Enough: 5 Steps to Move from Struggle to Strength
Have you been in a rut, feeling a little static or stuck in negativity, and are not sure how to create the life you were meant to live? Have you ever felt you could not escape your negativthought.
Megan R. Fenyoe is a veteran, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), best selling author, transformational mindset coach, professional speaker and podcast host.

The Three-Leaf Clover by Isabelle Fernandez
Fernandez, Isabelle
The Three-Leaf Clover
What happens when a three-leaf clover meets a four-leaf clover? This tale full of poetry and charm will take you straight into the magic of life and the growth process we are all invited to join in.
Isabelle Fernandez is a life coach and author of inspiring stories for all ages. Her tales invite us to look inside ourselves, and to reflect about our personal role in a world in transition.

Magic, Mystery and Murder by Cornelia Feye
Feye, Cornelia
Magic, Mystery and Murder
An anthology of short stories including a talking salamander, a serial killer, a Navajo Medicine Man, several ghosts, an elusive dragonfly, a magician, and a few dysfunctional family members.
An anthology of short stories about the realm of magic, mystery and murder by April Baldrich, Cornelia Feye, Max Feye, Tamara Merrill, Kate Porter, and Claire Rann.

My Patients and Other Animals: A Veterinarian's Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope by Suzy Fincham-Gray
Fincham-Gray, Suzy
My Patients and Other Animals: A Veterinarian's Stories of Love, Loss, and Hope
A moving memoir of a life spent in the company of animals—a veterinarian sheds light on the universal experience of loving, healing, and losing our beloved pets, and the many ways they change our lives.
Suzy Fincham-Gray is a veterinarian and board-certified small-animal internal medicine specialist. She holds an MFA in creative writing from the UCR–Palm Desert. This is her first book.

Casefile: Arkham - Her Blood Runs Cold by Josh Finney
Finney, Josh
Casefile: Arkham - Her Blood Runs Cold
When a visit from an old friend sets the stage for murder, P.I. Hank Flynn is pulled into a sordid web of deceit, revenge, and black magic.
J. Ishiro Finney is an author of sci-fi, horror, and neo-noir. Works written under the “Josh Finney” name include: Casefile: Arkham, Titanium Rain, Utopiates, and World War Kaiju.

Crown City by the Sea by Jennifer Franks
Franks, Jennifer
Crown City by the Sea
Set in 1885, this historical novel tells the compelling tale of the creation of the Hotel Del Coronado with San Diego and Old Town history as seen through the eyes of a girl who works at the stables.
Jennifer M. Franks is an author, mother, Navy wife, adventure traveler, animal lover, concert enthusiast, avid reader and flamenco guitar player. She writes in genres that include travel, memoir, and fiction.

Permission to Roar: For Female Thought Leaders Ready to Write Their Book by Marni Freedman
Freedman, Marni
Permission to Roar: For Female Thought Leaders Ready to Write Their Book
By learning to harness your inner brilliance and organize your ideas with templates and tools , you can own the term thought leader and write that magic-filled book that can change your corner of the world.
Marni Freedman is a produced, published, award-winning writer. One of her plays was made into a film, Playing Mona Lis, produced by Disney. Her new play, A Jewish Joke is going off Broadway in May.

Brain XP: Living with Mental Illness - A Young Teenager's Perspective by Christine Marie Frey
Frey, Christine Marie (Youth Author)
Brain XP: Living with Mental Illness - A Young Teenager's Perspective
Brain XP is my journey and first book written on battling anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder and overcoming these mental challenges from a young teen's perspective. I am not mentally ill - I am Brain XP
Christine Marie Frey is a 16 year old teenager from San Diego dedicated to eliminating the fear and stigma associated with mental challenges and providing hope to teens and their families.

Kitties Are not Good to Eat by Cassandra Gelvin
Gelvin, Cassandra
Kitties Are not Good to Eat
A read-aloud, laugh-out-loud board book about things you shouldn't do to kitties, full of kid-friendly poetry and funny cat pictures.
While primarily a stay-at-home mother of two young boys, she is also a part time front-end web developer. She has been writing poetry and other works since grade school.

Starvation Mountain by Robert Gilberg
Gilberg, Robert
Starvation Mountain
Two middle aged people, Jim and Penny, meet on Starvation Mountain in San Diego County and decide to ride together on Jim's dream trip, the Easy Rider route to New Orleans, Louisiana. It's a ride of love and death.
Ohio State University, 1964: 35 years in microelectronics, multiple patents, Emmy Award for television technology. Author and self-publisher of three novels and memoir. Married to Nikki for 51 years.

Unwritten by Tara Gilboy
Gilboy, Tara
12-year-old storybook character Gracie lives in the real world but longs to discover what happened in the story she's from. When she finally gets her chance, the truth isn't what she's expecting.
Tara Gilboy holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. She teaches creative writing for San Diego Community College District's continuing education program.

Mortar Board: Jane K. Smith Cap and Gown Chapter at San Diego State University 1932-2018 by Darlene Gould Davies
Gould Davies, Darlene
Mortar Board: Jane K. Smith Cap and Gown Chapter at San Diego State University 1932-2018
The story of the SDSU chapter of Mortar Board is told, within historical context, from its initiation as the Cap and Gown chapter through its acceptance into national Mortar Board, until the present.
The author has published articles in the San Diego Journal of History and Ranch and Coast magazine. She received nine First Place Awards for Excellence in Journalism from the San Diego Press Club.

Resonance by Jennifer Greenhall
Greenhall, Jennifer
"Sophia wants to save the world with her psychic gifts. Nate just wants Sophia. Murder pulls them into a battle for the future, but can they survive?” — Kirkus Reviews
With an MD/PhD in Neurosciences from UCSD, Jennifer Greenhall combines romance with the possibilities of the psychic mind. Resonance is the first of a five-book paranormal romance and urban fantasy series.

Writers Resist: The Anthology 2018 by Kit-Bacon Gressitt
Gressitt, Kit-Bacon
Writers Resist: The Anthology 2018
Writers Resist: The Anthology 2018 celebrates the journal’s first year of publishing. Contributors include not-yet-known, well-established, and a few notorious writers and artists of the resistance.
The anthology is edited by contributing writers Kit-Bacon Gressitt and Sara Marchant, graduates of the UC Riverside low-residency MFA program.

Seventeen Days by Linda Griffin
Griffin, Linda
Seventeen Days
Divorcee Jenna Scott hires widowed carpenter Rick Alvarez, but resists the attraction between them. Local gossip accuses him of murder. Will Jenna ever be able to trust him with her wounded heart?
Linda Griffin retired as fiction librarian for the San Diego Public Library to spend more time on her writing, and her stories have been published in numerous journals.

All That Once Was You by Thomas Griffin
Griffin, Thomas
All That Once Was You
A chapbook collection of poetry.
Nominated for the Pushcart Prize, recognized with an Academy of American Poets Prize, Thomas Griffin’s poetry continues to be published widely in journals, magazines, reviews and anthologies.

Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir by Jean Guerrero
Guerrero, Jean
Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir
A daughter’s quest to understand her charismatic and troubled father, an immigrant who crosses borders both real and illusory—between sanity and madness, science and spirituality, life and death.
Jean Guerrero is the Emmy-winning Fronteras reporter for KPBS, also covering immigration for NPR and PBS. She authored Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir, winner of the PEN/FUSION Emerging Writers prize.

Flor de Pitaya y las cosas mas preciosas by R.H. Gutierrez
Gutierrez, R.H.
Flor de Pitaya y las cosas mas preciosas
A Spanish language novel about travel from San Diego to a place known as "The Island of the Happy Immortal," to learn one of their cultural arts while dealing with the sudden death of a parent.
RH Gutierrez, is a local Latino author who writes fictionalize travel stories based on place and events he has experienced. His first novel "Cereus and the Rarest thing," is now available in Spanish.

7 keys to Coping with Cancer - How You Can Feel Good AND THRIVE (from someone who's been there) by Debra Guttas
Guttas, Debra
7 keys to Coping with Cancer - How You Can Feel Good AND THRIVE (from someone who's been there)
Discover how to: Cope with uncertainty and fear with a greater sense of peace. Support the healing of your whole mind, body and spirit. Shift from feeling powerless - to inspired and empowered
For 20 years Debra has supported women in life transition and cancer recovery craft lives with more purpose and passion. She is a coach, Reiki Master/Healing Touch Practitioner and inspirational speaker.

I'm Proud of My Stay-at-Home Mom by Janis Guymon
Guymon, Janis
I'm Proud of My Stay-at-Home Mom
The story of a "Stay-at-Home Mom" helps children appreciate what moms do for their families each day. It encourages them to show gratitude and be proud of their parents for all their hard work.
Janis is proud of her "Stay-at-Home Mom", Margie. She knows what a difference moms make in today's busy society and hopes to inspire young children to appreciate all their moms do for them each day.

Darkness and Blood by Steve Haberman
Haberman, Steve
Darkness and Blood (eBook)
An ex-American spy, now hiding in France, and his former CIA handler are on the run in Europe from governments after they unearth damaging top secret information. A thriller where paranoia abounds.
Steve Haberman has a B. A. Degree from the University of Texas. A stockbroker. then legal assistant, Mr. Haberman’s profitable investing let him retire early. He has written 4 books and numerous articles and is fond of traveling.

The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket (Boy Version) by Annalisa Hall
Hall, Annalisa (Youth Author)
The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket (Boy Version)
Newly illustrations for boys so that all your children may have a special book to learn meaningful analogies to help recognize the Holy Ghost as a real influence, comfort and guide in their lives.
Annalisa Hall graduated from RBHS in 1996, LDSBC in '97, BYU in '99 (BA English), and lives in Poway today. Her joys include family hikes, writing books, and eating rocky road ice cream.

The Silver Shoes by Jill G. Hall
Hall, Jill G.
The Silver Shoes
A San Francisco artist buys silver shoes in an antique shop. A 1920s New York debutante defies society. Both women, in different eras, find fulfillment with help from the shoes.
Jill G. Hall is a visual artist, poet and novelist. Published by She Writes Press, her dual timeline historical novels include The Black Velvet Coat and The Silver Shoes.

War and Sex and Human Destiny by Judith Hand
Hand , Judith
War and Sex and Human Destiny
War and Sex and Human Destiny explains why empowerment of women is a necessary condition for ending war, and highlights the contrast between liberal democracy and patriarchy.
Scientist, novelist, peace apologist. specializations as an evolutionary biologist are in animal and human behavior, conflict resolution, and gender differences.

P3H: Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners and Hijackers: An Educator's Guide to Handling Difficult People While Moving Forward by Trish Hatch
Hatch, Trish
P3H: Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners and Hijackers: An Educator's Guide to Handling Difficult People While Moving Forward
P3H will help those from all career paths recognize the archetypes within their own environments and teach them how to support and manage those individuals on a daily basis to improve forward progress.
Trish Hatch, Ph.D., is a professor at SDSU, author of several bestselling textbooks, and CEO of Hatching Results, LLC, which provides consultation and professional development for school counselors.

Rock Art Papers, Volume 19 by Ken Hedges
Hedges, Ken
Rock Art Papers, Volume 19
Research on petroglyphs and pictographs with emphasis on southern California, the Southwest, and Baja California as presented at the annual Rock Art Symposium held in November of each year.
Ken Hedges, Curator Emeritus of the San Diego Museum of Man and a founding member of the San Diego Rock Art Association, is editor of all the volumes of Rock Art Papers, established in 1981.

From Boardroom to Baby: A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms by Kristin Helms
Helms, Kristin
From Boardroom to Baby: A Roadmap for Career Women Transitioning to Stay-at-Home Moms
From Boardroom to Baby provides emotional encouragement and practical guidance for career women who are opting out of the workforce to stay home with their children.
Kristin M. Helms, mother to two spirited toddlers, is an entrepreneur and author. She has been published on numerous parenting sites including PopSugar, Literary Mama, Big City Moms, and Huffington Post.

Alices Magic Garden by Henry Herz
Herz, Henry
Alices Magic Garden
Alice lives in the dreariest boarding school in England, void of color and cheer, until she finds a secret garden and tends its wilting inhabitants, who later save her. Love, it turns out, is magical.
Author of ten children's books, including Mabel and the Queen of Dreams, Little Red Cuttlefish, Cap'n Rex and His Clever Crew, Good Egg and Bad Apple, How the Squid Got Two Long Arms, and Alice's Magic Garden.

Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America in a Post-truth World by Jim Hester
Hester, Jim
Two Tribes: Rebuilding Team America in a Post-truth World
Using a championship football team as a model, Two Tribes provides a comprehensive and fact-based analysis of today’s hyper-partisan political environment, reminding us that we’re on the same team.
Jim Hester, a 30-year attorney, has taught law and political science at several colleges and served as an army intelligence officer. He and his wife Marla have four children and live in San Diego.

Trump/Russia: A Definitive History by Seth Hettena
Hettena, Seth
Trump/Russia: A Definitive History
In Trump/Russia: A Definitive History, Seth Hettena chronicles the many years President Donald Trump has spent wooing Russian money and power.
Seth Hettena is an investigative author and journalist who writes frequently for Rolling Stone. His work is also seen in The New York Times and The New Yorker.

War Stories: Tales of Courage, Leadership, Blunders, and SNAFUs by Martin Roy Hill
Hill, Martin Roy
War Stories: Tales of Courage, Leadership, Blunders, and SNAFUs
War Stories describes real life acts of great heroism and great blundering, superb leadership and self-serving vainglory, brilliant technology and some not so brilliant ideas.
Martin Roy Hill is the national award-winning author of the Linus Schag, NCIS, Thrillers, the Peter Brandt mysteries, Duty, and Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella.

Celmates and Cellouts by Curtis Howard
Howard, Curtis
Celmates and Cellouts
Curtis charts his 20 plus years in the penal system. In his book he exposes truths, myths, and warns others of the pitfalls involved in the life.
Born in San Diego, the third child of a six family member household, Curtis became involved in gangs and eventually became the product of the prison industrial complex.

Yes, We Be by Patrick A. Howell
Howell, Patrick A.
Yes, We Be
Yes, We Be is an integrated-design poetry book that connects with Black Arts Movement, Harlem Renaissance and Afro-Futurism. Proceeds will benefit Black Lives Matter, SistaWRITE, and COR AME church.
Mr. Howell's poetry book of poetry Yes, We Be (Jacar Press) was soft launched during Afro-futurism month and debuted at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at USC in April.

SLIP Away From Harm--Save At Risk and Disabled Lives via Police Harmony by Thad Hughes
Hughes, Thad
SLIP Away From Harm--Save At Risk and Disabled Lives via Police Harmony
SLIP Stands for Stop and Listen to Instructions of Police. At the 2018 San Diego Festival of Books, this book received much interest and speech invitations from teachers, ministries, and concerned citizens.
B.S. in Criminal Justice, M.A. in Human Behavior. Worked as a Marshall in CA. Published a book on police issues in 2000. Gives live presentations to promote and teach police harmony to save young lives.

Hope and Inspiration Book Series by Georgeanne Irvine
Irvine, Georgeanne
Hope and Inspiration Book Series
This series is about Zoo and Safari Park animals who have overcome obstacles in their lives: Karen the Orangutan, Fabulous Floyd the Flamingo, and Ruuxa and Raina, a cheetah and dog, who are best friends.
Georgeanne Irvine has worked for San Diego Zoo Global for 40 years. She is the director of corporate publishing and the author of more than two dozen children's books about animals.

Still Standing by Dainnese Jackson
Jackson, Dainnese
Still Standing
My book is telling my story about my brain surgery, epilepsy, family members, friends, molestion, racism etc.
I was born and raised in San Diego California. I have been writing since I was in grade school. Being a book Author has always been my desire and passion. I got serious about writing after brain surgery.

With Love, Grandma by Helen Foster James
James, Helen Foster
With Love, Grandma (eBook)
Hedgehog grandma heads off for some travel adventures, but stays in touch with her grandchild through a series of sweet letters and memories.
Dr. Helen Foster James is the author of more than a dozen books for children. When she's not reading, writing, and rhyming words she likes to travel, find treasures at flea markets, and hike.

Upside-Down Leadership: A Zoo Veterinarian's Journey to Becoming a Servant Leader by Donald Janssen
Janssen, Donald
Upside-Down Leadership: A Zoo Veterinarian's Journey to Becoming a Servant Leader
Influence—much more than power and authority—brings significance to a career. As Don Janssen discovered, real influence comes through humble, servant leadership.
Donald Janssen is a veterinarian who served in leadership roles for San Diego Zoo Global from 1985 until his retirement as corporate director of animal health in 2016.

Upside-Down Leadership: A Zoo Veterinarian's Journey to Becoming a Servant Leader by Donald Janssen
Jimenez, Noelle
StarZOOOM - The Fastest Starfish in the Sea
The Fastest Starfish in the Sea, a Captain, a pirate ship, a wild storm and a mystery! All are in her midst as she sets aboard this adventure. StarZOOOM is always there with a helpful hand to spare.
Author-Illustrator team of Noelle and Rey Jimenez are inspired by funny mishaps in our own life while learning lessons along the way as parents to a young, courageous boy.

The Great Watermelon Sled by Rey Jimenez
Jimenez, Rey
The Great Watermelon Sled
A story about a young boy who gets to spend time with his fun-loving Grama discovering and planting a magical seed. The surprise that takes place will delight all readers!
Author-Illustrator team of Rey and Noelle Jimenez are inspired by funny mishaps in our own life while learning lessons along the way as parents to a young, courageous boy.

The Genesis Men, Jacob and Sons, Twelve Tribes by T. J. Johnson
Johnson, T. J.
The Genesis Men, Jacob and Sons, Twelve Tribes
This book is a study of Jacob and his 12 sons; their relationships; the journey to their inheritance; briefs of each tribe's contributions; and how they impacted the future we live in today.
TJ Johnson is a retiree who loves writing about and teaching the Bible. She has written seven books: four Bible Study Guides and three puzzle books. Even so, she still looks for scriptural insight.

Bodie on the Road - Travels with a Rescue Pup in the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness (Skyhorse Publishing) by Belinda Jones
Jones, Belinda
Bodie on the Road - Travels with a Rescue Pup in the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness (Skyhorse Publishing)
It's ‘love at first sit’ when British writer Belinda rescues American ‘mystery mix’ Bodie and the pair embark on a 2,000 mile, canine-themed West Coast road trip in this feel good travel memoir.
Belinda Jones is the dog-besotted author of a series of escapist, travel-themed romantic comedies and two US road trip memoirs - one Thelma and Louise style, the other more Turner and Hooch!

6 Figure Couch Surfer by Dan Joseph
Joseph, Dan
6 Figure Couch Surfer
6 Figure Couch Surfer is a journey into the mindset of an entrepreneur who lives in a remote world where money and time are no longer connected. It is deeply reflective and questions many assumptions
Dan Joseph is a gene editing technician and entrepreneur. He exudes energy with a heart for meeting new people. Music and writing balance him out allowing a sacred, quiet place to reflect on humanity

The Big Promise by Sonja Kalter Glassman
Kalter Glassman, Sonja
The Big Promise
A spoiled Prince learns all he needs to know to become a good King. The story reveals the discoveries and joys of gardening, as well as many life lessons. There is more than one promise.
Attended Cooper Union Art School (NYC) and received BFA from San Francisco Art Institute. Taught grades 1-3 for ten years. Was production manager and designer in family publishing business.

The WE Couple in a ME World by Glen Kato
Kato, Glen
The WE Couple in a ME World
Marriages will be jazzed up with this 40 Day devotional and small group resource. Couples are guarantees to become WE Couples and potentially Kingdom Power Couples for the glory of God!
Marriage Coach and Pastoral Counselor, Glen Kato is passionate about encouraging, educating, and empowering couples towards their dream marriage through sessions, seminars, and his 4 books.

The Francis Feud: Why and How Conservative Catholics Squabble about Pope Francis by Karl Keating
Keating, Karl
The Francis Feud: Why and How Conservative Catholics Squabble about Pope Francis
"Makes a mess"! Pope Francis urged Catholics. But has he ended up making one himself? How are we to understand this pontificate? What limits, if any, should there be on criticizing a reigning pope?
Karl Keating is the author of 15 books, among them the best-selling "Catholicism and Fundamentalism," "Debating Catholicism," "The New Geocentrists," and a memoir, "Booked for Life."

A Year in Ink, Volume 11 by San Diego Writers, Ink Keeline
Keeline, San Diego Writers, Ink
A Year in Ink, Volume 11
A Year in Ink is an anthology of the creative work of San Diego County writers. Ink, the annual publication represents a sampling of the tangible results of our community’s diligent scribblers.
San Diego Writers, Ink is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting local authors with workshops and events throughout the year. It publishes an annual anthology and runs programming every day.

The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit by Cherie Kephart
Kephart, Cherie
The Healing 100: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
Drawing from her moving personal story and written with a touch of humor, award-winning author Cherie Kephart reveals her top one hundred healing tools—without which she wouldn’t be alive.
Cherie Kephart, MA, is a writer, poet, editor, and inspirational speaker, best known for her award-winning memoir, A Few Minor Adjustments, and its companion book, The Healing 100.

Cracking the Study Code: 101 Tips and Techniques to Raise Your Grades and Test Scores...Now! by Dr. Ken Kern
Kern, Dr. Ken
Cracking the Study Code: 101 Tips and Techniques to Raise Your Grades and Test Scores...Now!
Cracking the Study Code is the first illustrated guide for students who want to raise their grades and test scores. The book describes 101 methods that will help students raise their grades in 30 days
Dr. Ken Kern is a highly-regarded speaker and former cancer surgeon dedicated to teaching students how to improve their study habits, raise their test scores, and achieve their academic goals.

To the Moon on a Slide Rule: and Other Tales of the Dawning of the Space Age by William Ketchum
Ketchum, William
To the Moon on a Slide Rule: and Other Tales of the Dawning of the Space Age
This is an account of a young Californian’s decision to become a rocket scientist, and of the career that followed. He discusses prospects for future space exploration and other life observations.
William Ketchum, a retired aeronautical engineer, worked for General Dynamics developing the Atlas and Centaur space launch vehicles and next-generation space launch systems. He lives in San Diego.

Keep Forever by Alexa Kingaard
Kingaard, Alexa
Keep Forever
After returning from Vietnam, Paul O'Brien finds it difficult to move past the burden he brought home, but with the help of his wife and children, he is able to make new memories to keep forever.
Alexa is a San Diego native and mother of an adult son and daughter. She remains active in the real estate profession and resides in Carlsbad. Her 2nd novel, MY NAME IS ROSE will be released in 2019.

The Wholeness Workbook: Easy Action Steps for Your Whole Life by Kali Korogy
Korogy, Kali
The Wholeness Workbook: Easy Action Steps for Your Whole Life
A step-by-step approach anyone can follow to renew their life. Set up on four sections: Body, Mind, Spirit, and Resources. Read the workbook incrementally and do all 33 Action Steps over 12 weeks.
Holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner. In private practice for ten years, using principals of compassion forgiveness and redemption.

Coloring California Missions by Max Kurillo
Kurillo, Max
Coloring California Missions
Color and learn about California's 21 missions. Informational text is included for each line drawing.
Max Kurillo has been researching, writing, and lecturing about the California missions for many decades and has published several books, articles, and booklets about the missions.

Kanaga Diary: Lost in the Aleutians, 1938 by Estelle Lauer
Lauer, Estelle
Kanaga Diary: Lost in the Aleutians, 1938
At a remote duty station in the Aleutian islands, medic Royse Gibson, part of a pre-WWII secret Navy mission, disappears without a trace. Years later his daughter travels to Kanaga to find answers.
Estelle Gibson grew up in Julian and Brawley. After college she taught school and married Ron Lauer. They traveled, returned to San Diego and raised a family. Estelle turned to writing after retiring.

Light Bright Damn Near White by Richard Lawrence
Lawrence, Richard
Light Bright Damn Near White
Stories and reflections of a multi-racial black man's battles with racism in America.
Retired United Methodist clergyman born 1936, committed to social justice. Active in civil rights, including the 1965 Selma voting rights march. Organized the San Diego Affordable Housing Coalition.

Rocks and Stars by Sam Ledel
Ledel, Sam
Rocks and Stars
Everything changes for Kyle Lindsay when she develops feelings her soccer teammate. Kyle’s struggle to own who she is and what she wants may land her on the bench and without the woman of her dreams.
Sam Ledel grew up in the sprawling DFW Metroplex of Texas. Currently residing in San Diego, Ledel enjoys being able to write while living near the beach, usually with a cup of coffee in hand.

Rebellion Reborn by Brian Leon
Leon, Brian
Rebellion Reborn
Millennia ago angels decided to subjugate humanity instead of protecting it, beginning a rebellion that rocked heaven and Earth. Now, Diomedes must stop another uprising before it begins.
Brian S. Leon is truly a jack of all trades and a master of none. He writes just to do something with all the useless degrees and skills he’s accumulated over the years.

Beasts: Beginning of the End, Vol.1 by Ana Levley
Levley, Ana
Beasts: Beginning of the End, Vol.1
Altia is a member of a futuristic Utopian society that is 1,000 years beyond our time. Framed for her father's murder, she discovers a dark secret that changes her life and ours forever.
Ana has always been a storyteller. Writing came naturally as she had to be creative living through a tough childhood where her stories were her only comfort.

Coloring Plants Used by Desert Indians by Diana Lindsay
Lindsay, Diana
Coloring Plants Used by Desert Indians
Over a period of thousands of years, Native Americans experimented and learned how to use plants to provide virtually everything they needed to survive. Learn all about these plants while you color.
Diana Lindsay, award-winning guidebook author and historian, is best known for her books about the Anza-Borrego Desert Region.

Lipedema Treatment Guide by Kathleen Lisson
Lisson, Kathleen
Lipedema Treatment Guide
Holistic guide for those with a Lipedema diagnosis. Topics include: Treatment goals for lipedema / lipoedema, tips for reducing pain and inflammation and how to boost your lymphatic system.
Kathleen Lisson is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT). She owns Solace Massage and Mindfulness in San Diego, CA.

My Altered Self by Sue Liston
Liston, Sue
My Altered Self
My book will help the reader understand the workings and benefits of having MPD, the resilience of the human spirit, advantages of seeking a therapist, and will realize God heals our deepest needs.   
Sue was born in San Diego, and graduated from SDSU. She is married for 57 years and has two daughters and four grandchildren.

The Business of Gratitude by Steven A. Littlefield
Littlefield, Steven A.
The Business of Gratitude
A entertaining book sharing a step by step system to implement the habit of writing thank you notes to deepen your relationships, grow your business profits and improve your mental wellbeing.
A leader in Bible Study Fellowship, does volunteer work, and has many hobbies.

Julian-Banner Mining District: A Road to Gold by Christopher Livesey
Livesey, Christopher
Julian-Banner Mining District: A Road to Gold
The 2017 field trip guide for the San Diego Association of Geologists is supplemented with professional-quality papers that enhance the understanding of the area.
Chris Livesey is a certified California Professional Geologist with Geo-Tek, Inc., who has served as President of the San Diego Association of Geologists.

Body Wisdom Journal by Alegra Loewenstein
Loewenstein, Alegra
Body Wisdom Journal
If you struggle with low self-esteem, body image issues, or a lack of self-love, then the Body Wisdom Journal is just what you need! This guided journal is designed to help you listen to your body.
Alegra Loewenstein is a best-selling author, speaker and coach with a background in biology and creative writing. Her areas of expertise are emotional eating, body wisdom, and weight loss.

The Witchhunt by Lori R. Lopez ebook
Lopez, Lori R.
The Witchhunt (eBook)
A novelette by Lori R. Lopez, The Witchhunt unfolds in several parts, with four different casts of characters connected by one . . . and she is not one to be messed with!
Lori R. Lopez wears many hats, although at times she feels the hat is wearing her. An award-winning author of short stories, novels, novellas, verse, songs and more.

The Language Of Life by Rafael Lopez
Lopez, Rafael
The Language Of Life
The Language Of Life is the second volume of verse in the Collected Poetry Of Eath series, featuring works by various invented poets who will seem quite real by the end of the book.
Rafael is an author, poet, filmmaker, actor and CG artist whose debut poetry collection A World Of Words won First Place for Poetry in The Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

Upside Down by L.  S. Louis
Louis, L. S.
Upside Down
This is the story of Silas who loves to stand on his head, and he does it anywhere.
After having retired, I published my first book (Upside Down) with CreateSpace and with (KDP). I am currently writing two more books plus sculpting, and painting in my spare time.

Tough Truths: The Ten Happiness Lessons We Don't Talk About by Deirdre Maloney
Maloney, Deirdre
Tough Truths: The Ten Happiness Lessons We Don't Talk About
Happiness. We all want it, yet many of us are falling short. This tiny book packs a big happiness punch, offering unique, simple tips on how to get out of our own way and find happiness for REAL.
Deirdre Maloney is an international speaker, leadership trainer and blogger. Her writings have been in Inc.com and Forbes.com and she’s published four books.

Crackers, It's Cold Outside! by BigKat Manning
Manning, BigKat
Crackers, It's Cold Outside!
Crackers has a message for his ""Manservant."" Will he be understood? Seen through the eyes of an exasperated human, this children's book is sure to delight anyone who has ever been ""owned"" by a cat.
BigKat ""BK"" Manning has been a San Diego resident since 2003. He has a Masters Degree from San Diego State University, and currently teaches at Southwestern College as well as Coronado High School.

Storm Crows by Erik Martin
Martin, Erik
Storm Crows
A young crow, Cawnor, leads his friends away from their oppressive flock. They must overcome reprisals, predators, and natural disasters in order to make a new home by the sea.
Erik C. Martin believes the best stories are written for children and adults with young hearts. He is a lifelong reader and lover of the fantastic. Erik is a member of the SCBWI.

HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue: A History of Their Service | Volume 1: 1868-1941 by Michael T Martino
Martino, Michael T
HELP! San Diego Lifeguards to the Rescue: A History of Their Service | Volume 1: 1868-1941
This book chronicles the early pre-lifeguard years where citizens provided the aquatic rescues and the creation of San Diego city's lifeguard service.
Michael T. Martino is a retired California State Parks lifeguard who finished his career as an Aquatic Specialist, the Chief Lifeguard for the entire state park system.

The Consigliere, A Novel. A Mafia Lawyer's Quest to Choose Love Over Revenge by Donna Masotto
Masotto, Donna
The Consigliere, A Novel. A Mafia Lawyer's Quest to Choose Love Over Revenge
A middle-aged mafia lawyer, Declan Quinn, realizes his life is meaningless after the tragic drowning of his eight-year-old daughter. Wanting to live a better life he tries to escape a life of crime.
Donna works as a substitute teacher for San Diego Unified School District and for SD Diocesan schools. When not driving the back roads in Italy, she enjoys San Diego with her with her husband, John.

This Book is All About Tacos by Lila Matthews
Matthews, Lila (Youth Author)
This Book is All About Tacos
Do you like Tacos? Do you like video games? Do you like being the only people who can stop the apocalypse? Then you'll like this book! Read it now. Or else!
Lila Matthews is 9 years old. She lives in San Diego, CA. She has a very old dog, a little brother, and loves to draw, read, paint and write. Plus, eat bacon. Lila is in 4th grade.

Quinn's Quest for the iPad by Quinn Matthews
Matthews, Quinn (Youth Author)
Quinn's Quest for the iPad 
A young boy named Quinn finds a way to steal the iPad. Learn from this super smart boy!
Quinn Matthews is from San Diego, California. His favorite color is blue. He likes the iPad. He is 6 and a half years old. Quinn has 2 pet fish and he likes to go to the beach.

Your Body, The Perfect House: How to Find Your True Purpose and Live a Balanced Life by Pia McAdams
McAdams, Pia
Your Body, The Perfect House: How to Find Your True Purpose and Live a Balanced Life
This book will help you to examine five specific areas of your life (mental, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial), thereby allowing you to achieve balance and reach your full potential.
Pia McAdams is an Author and National Speaker who is passionate about teaching and helping others achieve balance in their lives.  

One Minute Prayer,With the Father by DeBorah L. McCampbell
McCampbell, DeBorah L.
One Minute Prayer, With the Father
It’s a collection of short prayers to encourage women who are balancing life, and are experiencing challenges in those responsibilities. The book gives a voice to day to day concerns offering hope.
DeBorah is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is a down to earth, keeping it real motivational speaker and life coach for women. And she’s passionated about helping women find their purpose in life.

To Discover a Divine by Tessa McFionn
McFionn, Tessa
To Discover a Divine
Even outcasts can change the course of the universe. When Evainne opens her front door and steps halfway across the galaxy, she must trust her exotically handsome rescuer if she wants to return home.
Tessa McFionn is a very native Californian and can be found at the movies or at Disneyland with friends and family when not writing. Romance Writers of America San Diego Chapter’s President-Elect.

Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance by Sylvia Melena
Melena, Sylvia
Supportive Accountability: How to Inspire People and Improve Performance
Through a mix of stories, actionable tips, and tools, Supportive Accountability teaches managers and supervisors how to balance supportive leadership and accountability to improve employee performance.
Sylvia Melena is the Founder and CEO of Melena Consulting Group in La Mesa, California. The company helps organizations develop strong leaders, create great workplaces, and improve performance.

Last Days in Ocean Beach by Jim Miller
Miller, Jim
Last Days in Ocean Beach
This is the story of William, a marine biologist, who lives “on the border between dread and wonder” as he desperately works to raise the alarm about climate change and its dire consequences.
Jim Miller is the author Flash and Drift; co-author of Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never and Better to Reign in Hell: Inside the Raiders Fan Empire; and edited Sunshine/Noir I and II

Living Inspired: Motivating Your Kids, Colleagues and Country by Alex Montoya
Montoya, Alex
Living Inspired: Motivating Your Kids, Colleagues and Country
Drawing upon his experiences as an entrepreneur with a disability, Alex writes about putting one's challenges aside and living with inspiration. How may we live inspired and inspire others?
Alex Montoya has written three books at the Central Library's I-CAN CENTER. He is an award-winning motivational author, who has published five books total and resides in the East Village.

Seaside Daisies by Mollie Moon
Moon, Mollie
Seaside Daisies
Soledad Sanchez escaped poverty in Honduras through a human trafficker and ran off in L.A. But now what? Alone in a foreign country, she fights for survival, knowing he is still looking for her.
Mollie Moon has escaped the cold European winters for a life in Southern California, where she lives with a bossy feline and occasional sand in her shoes. This is her third novel.

Positive Discipline for Today's Busy (and Overwhelmed) Parent: How to Balance Work, Parenting  Self for Lasting Well Being by Jane Nelsen
Nelsen, Jane
Positive Discipline for Today's Busy (and Overwhelmed) Parent: How to Balance Work, Parenting Self for Lasting Well Being
Finish sentence! Is Positive Discipline for You, or for Your Child? The answer is crucial to your understanding and success with Positive Discipline. The answer is both. However, you will be more successful if you und
Dr. Jane Nelsen is the mother of 7 children, grandmother of 22 and she has 13 great grandchildren. She's the wife of the very supportive Barry. She is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist.

Grossmont Hospital: A Legacy of Community Service by James D. Newland
Newland, James D.
Grossmont Hospital: A Legacy of Community Service
In 1952 voters overwhelmingly established the Grossmont Hospital District. The hospital opened in 1955 and has been serving its residents faithfully since. The book chronicles this significant local institution.
James D. Newland, a La Mesa resident, San Diego State graduate and a historian. He is a manager with California State Parks and has authored several other histories on the La Mesa and East County regions.

Zuper Kids by Angela Y. Nixon
Nixon, Angela Y.
Zuper Kids
Once there was a big sister and her two little brothers. They were not just any kids, they were superheroes. They had Zuper Duper Powers!
Angela Y. Nixon is an author, playwright, and motivational presenter. Throughout her career, she has taken on the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship. She cares about people and is great at what she

Searching for Moses by Phil Oakley
Oakley, Phil
Searching for Moses
Cheryl and Thomas met in the pandemonium of catastrophic Hurricane Audrey. Their story unfolds along with the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi and Louisiana as Thomas becomes a target of the KKK.
Phil Oakley is a novelist and journalist (ABC News and The Dallas Morning News). His 5th novel was published in 2018. He lives in San Diego with his wife Nancy. Education: University of Texas and L.S.U.

Start From The Root by Leah Oviedo
Oviedo, Leah
Start From The Root
The book offers poetry and illustrations that meet you in your lonely places and inspire you to find your own, unique healing path. This collection is focused on the journey of a woman who discovered a way to heal.
Leah Oviedo is a writer, artist, illustrator, self-defense instructor, and grassroots activist. Her work is inspired by her personal experience of healing from depression, violence, and grief.

Words To Dance To by Dylan Ozmore
Ozmore, Dylan
Words To Dance To
Go deep enough into anything to encounter the sacred. Go deep enough into this book to encounter yourself.
Dylan Ozmore is an author and artist based in San Diego. Originally from NJ, he has lived in California since 2014. Through his art, he inspires people to see the sacred in everything.

The Center of the Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes but Home Is Where the Heart Is by Matthew J. Pallamary
Pallamary, Matthew J.
The Center of the Universe Is Right Between Your Eyes but Home Is Where the Heart Is
Based on extensive research into shamanism, visionary states, the evolution of writing, and the roots of storytelling, author, editor, and shamanic explorer Matt Pallamary pierces the veil of reality.
Award-winning author Matthew J. Pallamary has has spent extended time in the jungles, mountains, and deserts of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and ancient cultures.

Winnie & Her Worries: An Anxiety Relief Toolbox for Children and their Caretakers by Reena B. Patel
Patel, Reena B.
Winnie & Her Worries: An Anxiety Relief Toolbox for Children and their Caretakers
In this easy to understand story and guide, this story expertly provides parents, teachers and children with concrete and proper tools to help kids understand and control worries.
Reena B. Patel, MA, LEP, BCBA has worked extensively with children for the past two decades guiding and training parents and educators on promoting overall wellness and providing practical solutions.

The Race to Zero by Justin Pearson
Pearson, Justin
The Race to Zero
The Race to Zero is a collection of all lyrics Justin Pearson has written throughout his extensive career up until 2018, as well as various examples of short creative vignettes and prose.
"If Eddie Haskell had lived next door to Slayer instead of the Cleavers, he might have ended up like The Locust’s Justin Pearson". -Soft Skull

Don't Let the Kids Bite the Dog by Kathleen Pease
Pease, Kathleen
Don't Let the Kids Bite the Dog
Journey back to North Dakota in the fifties. This coming-of-age tale takes you to a basement house, a sheriff's house and life on Main Street. Smile, shed a tear and escape to a calmer decade.
Kathleen Holstad Pease is an MBA and retired Qualcomm Vice-President. Excerpts from this book were selected for the 2016 and 2017 San Diego Memoir Showcases and for publication in the 2018 anthology.

Añoranzas by Isaura Pineda Sotomayor
Pineda Sotomayor, Isaura
A compilation of family verses collected since the author was 14. This book was written to share memories of her father with the rest of her family, who never got to know him.
When I was 14 years old my father wrote on any piece of paper, and I would find those papers and memorize them. From there, my love for poetry grew. At that time I committed myself to writing a book.

West Southwest - Vertebrate Life in Southern California by Gregory Pregill
Pregill, Gregory
West Southwest - Vertebrate Life in Southern California
Summarizes evolutionary background and ecology of southern California's vertebrates - freshwater fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals.
Emeritus professor of biology, University of San Diego

CIA Tiger Shadow Assassination Association  At the Brain by Gary Puckett
Puckett, Gary
CIA Tiger Shadow Assassination Association At the Brain
The book is about a combat engineer from the United States who gives training to the young adults of Czechoslovakia and teaches them the art of assassination. Michael Tuingage teaches weapon assembly.
Gary Lee Puckett currently lives in San Diego, California and is a veteran of the United States Navy. He served on board the USS John L. Hall FFG-32 as a weapon specialist.

Compassionate Warrior:  A Memoir by J. R. Quirk
Quirk, J. R.
Compassionate Warrior: A Memoir
A hero returns from Vietnam suffering severe PTSD undiagnosed for decades. Through nightmares, homelessness, self-medication and forgetfulness, he finds survival, compassion, and self-measured success
J. R. Quirk is a retired California State and National Park Superintendent. This book and his novel Baker's Corner are available from Amazon and other book sellers. He resides in Fallbrook, California.

The First Year is the Hardest by Jennifer Raphael
Raphael, Jennifer
The First Year is the Hardest
"Jen's book gently navigates the shards of broken glass your life feels like without judgment or agenda, just giving you support to get to the next day's challenges and then the next," says MK.
Jen is a professional organizer and productivity specialist focused upon ADHD and aging gracefully. She operates her business in San Diego, CA where she is happily navigating single life.

Windows 10 For Dummies, 3rd Edition by Andy Rathbone
Rathbone, Andy
Windows 10 For Dummies, 3rd Edition
This new edition, fully revised to cover all Windows 10 updates through Spring 2018, helps you navigate the twists and turns of Windows 10.
I’ve written about computers and technology since the mid-80s. Since then, I’ve written more than 50 books, and “Windows For Dummies” has become the best-selling computer book series of all time.

Eaters and Overlords by Blaine Readler
Readler, Blaine
Eaters and Overlords
Terri stumbles upon three ape-like creatures hiding in a makeshift tree house, harbingers of an intersection of ancient interstellar rivals, with Terri—and Earth—caught smack dab in the middle.
Blaine C. Readler is a three-time San Diego Book Awards winner, plus: Best Sci-Fi in the Beverly Hills Book Awards; an Eric Hoffer Awards winner; and finalist for the Foreword Book of the Year award.

Never Ask For Permission Again by Logan Rena
Rena, Logan
Never Ask For Permission Again
This book grants women permission to start each choice with, "I grant myself permission to_______" (to love, to forgive, to grow, to heal and to ask for what my heart desires). They have the power!
I am a professional speaker and self-love coach. I am the author of #1 newly released book Never Ask For Permission Again. My goal is to provide strategies that lead women on the path to self-love.

The Best is Yet to Come by Stania Rensberger
Rensberger, Stania
The Best is Yet to Come
This book can lead you to a more vibrant future. You can find suggestions for living young no matter your age, indulging in luxuries, adjusting to loss and finding your way into new beginnings
Stania Rensberger was an entrepreneur for decades. Today she is an author, speaker and mentor. She is focused on inspiring women to live young, healthy and vibrant lives, no matter their age.

Kulam by LeoAngelo Reyes
Reyes, LeoAngelo
Kulam is about a young practioner of old magic that wants to learn the opposite of what her teacher is teaching her. She eventually goes off on her own to make a better life for herself.
I am a Filipino-American writer/illustrator who created some children’s books using old Filipino folklore. I am heavily involved in my community and I want to further my reach by inspiring the youth.

The Harpist by Linda S. Rice
Rice, Linda S.
The Harpist
A young and naive Brianna Campbell is accepted into a prestigious music academy in Scotland where her dreams of becoming a professional harpist are thwarted by a scheming narcissist.
Linda began writing stories when she was 12 years old and has had a passion for writing ever since. She lives in Mount Laguna, California, east of San Diego, with her husband, Michael, and 4 cats.

Virginia-class Submarines by Earle Rice Jr.
Rice Jr., Earle
Virginia-class Submarines
A new underwater strike force has joined the U.S. fleet--the Virginia-class submarines. They are designed to keep the Navy's edge in undersea warfighting. Adversaries beware!
Earle Rice Jr. is a former senior design engineer and technical writer in the aerospace, electronic-defense, and nuclear industries. He is the author of more than 90 published books.

Delayed But Not Denied: Real Stories about Hope, Faith and Triumph by LaWana Richmond
Richmond, LaWana
Delayed But Not Denied: Real Stories about Hope, Faith and Triumph
Delayed But Not Denied Book 2 represents real stories about real people. Each diverse chapter exemplifies hope, faith and resiliency.
Dr. Richmond has degrees in Business Administration, Information Systems and Educational Leadership. She has certifications in process engineering, change management, and organizational development.

East Side by D. D. Riessen
Riessen, D. D.
East Side
This is a coming of age story taking place in East San Diego in the mid 1960's. Arriving from Chicago in the middle of winter, Calvin is thrust into California culture, an entirely different world.
I studied Creative Writing at SDSU. Joined Dime Stories where I learned how to get to the heart of a tale. Since, I've written six novels and can't stop. I'm hooked!

Absolution for the Kitchen Sink by Rod Rippel
Rippel, Rod
Absolution for the Kitchen Sink
Poetry and comments on life and issues of the Spirit in latter 20th Century that appear relevant to emerging 21st. Topics include life transitions, style modes, aging, faith and imperatives for Planet Earth.
I am a retired Industrial Waste Program Manager for the San Diego Water Utility. I live in La Mesa with my wife where we enjoy wine making, yoga, walking and writing.

The Adventures of Wilhelm - A Rat's Tale by Maria Ritter
Ritter, Maria
The Adventures of Wilhelm - A Rat's Tale
Travel teaches us to be a proud rat. Young Wilhelm leaves home and travels the world. He discovers not only the value of different cultures but the importance of family and friendship.
Maria Ritter is the author of three books, most recently The Adventures of Wilhelm, A Rat’s Tale (2018). Wilhelm is an allegorical coming-of-age travel adventure for middle grade readers .

Our Forgotten Allies - A Guide to Naturally Beat Health Crises with Seven Steps to Renewal by Rhea Iris Rivers
Rivers, Rhea Iris
Our Forgotten Allies - A Guide to Naturally Beat Health Crises with Seven Steps to Renewal
Rivers relies on ancient knowledge from real-life experience to demonstrate how she cleared a vaginal squamous cell malignancy, HPV and other crises from her system in less than thirty days.
Rhea has studied many modalities within the healing arts. She is a certified east/west herbalist, nutritional counselor, Reiki teacher of Usui and Karuna Holy Fire II and classical feng shui.

Three Hours To Live by Jonathan Rizzo
Rizzo, Jonathan
Three Hours To Live
In Three Hours To Live, the reader is confronted with life and death. Rizzo will suck the reader into a whirlwind, and release you back into reality encouraged and refreshed. It is a must read!
Jonathan Rizzo is a Youth Pastor in San Diego, where he lives with his wife and their three beautiful girls. Jonathan is a lifelong follower of Christ, and shares his near death experience all over.

La Ruda by Linton Robinson
Robinson, Linton
La Ruda
Lu Machada is a beautiful athlete with attitude problems. Forced into a job mud-wrestling with bar customers in Tijuana, battles with LuchaLibre wrestling demons to protect exploited street kids.
An international citizen from birth, I spent 50 years writing for top magazines and newspapers. Now working on novels. Wish me luck.

City of Shards by Steve Rodgers
Rodgers, Steve
City of Shards (eBook)
Larin's magical Tourette's Syndrome has made him an outcast in the gang-ridden Wormpile District. But he soon finds that the odd phrase he shouts has shoved him in the middle of an ancient war.
Steve Rodgers is the author of multiple published short stories (across several venues), as well as the "Spellgiver" novels, an epic fantasy series. Spellgiver books 1 and 2 are out on Amazon.

Replenish: A Life Enhancing Activity Book by Beth Rosenthal
Rosenthal, Beth
Replenish: A Life Enhancing Activity Book
Replenish yourself with gentle reminders and life-enhancing activities. These simple practices are fun, energizing and will teach you how to attract more of what you want.
Beth Rosenthal holds MBA and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, and a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.

Hunting Charles Manson by Caitlin Rother
Rother, Caitlin
Hunting Charles Manson
This book offers a fresh perspective, new details and recent developments about the Charles Manson case, the Manson Family, their lifestyle, and the 9 horrific murders they committed in 1969.
NYT bestselling writer Caitlin Rother has written or coauthored 13 books, from narrative non-fiction to fiction and memoir. She also works as a writing-research coach-consultant and TV commentator.

Rom: Cold Fire, Hot War by Chris Ryall
Ryall, Chris
Rom: Cold Fire, Hot War
The evil Dire Wraiths have escaped to Earth but are hounded by a Knight of the Solstar Order, the one feared more than all others. He is Rom, the Wraith-slayer. Rom, the Spaceknight!
Chris Ryall is the Editor-in-Chief of a new line of comics at Skybound Entertainment and the Editorial Director of Syzygy Publishing alongside Creative Director Ashley Wood.

Love God F Religion by Sam Sailors
Sailors, Sam
Love God F Religion (eBook)
After a life altering event leaves him abandoned by his faith, his family, and his church, our narrator has to find out how to pull himself together without repeating his father’s mistakes.
Sam has created a potent brew of fictional character development and keen eye for detail with the ability to reach through the fog of society to root out the deeper issues that consume them.

Israel - 70 Years of Craft & Design by Smadar Samson
Samson, Smadar
Israel - 70 Years of Craft & Design
A glimpse into the cultural codes shaping Israel’s creativity through striking three-dimensional objects that not only combine aesthetics and functionality but also serve as repositories of values.
An artist, a designer, a curator and an author. Having graduated in Industrial Design, Education and Psychology, Smadar is the founder of the multidisciplinary design consultancy Creatif.

Chicana Tributes: Stories for the New Generation by Rita Sanchez
Sanchez, Rita
Chicana Tributes: Stories for the New Generation
This book documents the experiences of sixty-one women who flourished in the ferment of the civil/ethnic/women’s rights movements of the late twentieth century and beyond.
Rita Sanchez and Sonia Lopez recently won First Place in the International Latino Book Award competition for Best Non-Fiction, Women’s Issues.

The Guilded Pen - 2018 by San Diego Writers and Editors Guild Buompensiero
San Diego Writers and Editors Guild
The Guilded Pen - 2018 Anthology
The 7th edition of the SDWEG anthology contains 69 entries from 48 authors, short stories, memoir tales, essays, and poetry. The SDWEG is a non-profit, organization that supports the writing arts.

How to Revise & Re-Release Your Book by Penny Sansevieri
Sansevieri, Penny
How to Revise & Re-Release Your Book (eBook)
Is Your Book Not Selling? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to promote your title but nothing is working? Do you have a backlist that isn’t selling anymore?
Penny C. Sansevieri, Founder and CEO of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert.

The Herpetological Contributions of Giorgio Jan (1791-1866) by Jay Savage
Savage, Jay
The Herpetological Contributions of Giorgio Jan (1791-1866)
Includes an Introduction, annotated bibliography, synopsis of herpetological taxa, and a comprehensive guide to Giorgio Jan's Iconographie Generale des Ophidiens along with reproductions of the original plates.
Jay Savage is Emeritus Professor of Biology at the University of Miami in FL, and Adjunct Research Professor in Biology at SDSU. He was instrumental in founding the Organization for Tropical Studies.

Communication Breakthrough: How Using Brain Science and Listening to Body Cues Can Transform Your Relationships by Vincentia Schroeter
Schroeter, Vincentia
Communication Breakthrough: How Using Brain Science and Listening to Body Cues Can Transform Your Relationships
Communication Breakthrough will boost your ability to be seen and heard by offering innovative tools for better listening and handy skills for more effective expression.
Vincentia Schroeter, PhD is a psychotherapist, author, professor, artist and international speaker.

Witch in Winter by Eli Selig
Selig, Eli
Witch in Winter
Zaaz, a young girl growing up in the far arctic north, awakens her magic after a strange discovery. As she and her mother must run for their lives, Zaaz must learn how to keep warmth in her heart.
Eli was born in Philadelphia. He has lived in Arizona, Georgia, and Connecticut, but has made San Diego his long time home. He started writing seriously in 2017 and has recently published his first book.

One Stupid Mistake--Smart Decision-Making in a Crazy World by Charlie Seraphin
Seraphin, Charlie
One Stupid Mistake--Smart Decision-Making in a Crazy World
Everybody makes mistakes. Short stories offer a simple framework for identifying the thoughts, words and actions that cause poor decisions. Understanding mistakes helps us to navigate our crazy world.
Award winning journalist, radio host, general manager, sports executive, college professor and father of six adult children, Charlie Seraphin is a self-professed expert on stupid mistakes.

The Scent of Heat by E. P. Sery
Sery, E. P.
The Scent of Heat
In the 1950s, a 19-year-old female soldier in the Israeli military was experiencing devastation at home when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She falls for an older loving man with dark secrets.
Estee Perchik Sery was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. He lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now resides with her family in San Diego, California. She spends her time writing, reading, and painting.

Botts's Dots by Roz Silva
Silva, Roz
Botts's Dots
Botts's Dots is an illustrated story of how Dr. Elbert Botts, an engineer for what is now Caltrans, developed the pavement markers known as Botts Dots to keep drivers and highway workers safe.
Roz Silva, writer and editor, is a former educator of her own four children, as well as those in the Chula Vista Elementary School District, where she served as a substitute teacher for many years.

The Medieval Girdle Book by Margit J Smith
Smith, Margit J
The Medieval Girdle Book
First detailed description of all 26 documented girdle books in the US and parts of Europe including histories and provenance of authors, owners and current locations. With illustrations and bibliogr.
Margit Smith, is a hand bookbinder with special interest in early bookbinding. A is a retired librarian who worked nearly 20 years at Copley Library at the University of San Diego. This is her first book.

Above Average -- Naval Aviation the Hard Way by D. D. Smith
Smith, D. D.
Above Average -- Naval Aviation the Hard Way
Refreshingly honest story of the author's struggles from small town Minnesota to the blazing skies over North Vietnam. No swaggering bravado here; this is an insightful look at life, luck and guts.
CDR D. D. Smith entered the Navy from a small town in Minnesota and retired as the Navy's Chief Test Pilot. 138 combat missions over N. Vietnam; 800+ carrier landings; flew 33 types of aircraft.

Brokenly Live On by Lauren Sobka
Sobka, Lauren
Brokenly Live On
It's a difficult business, escaping the mistakes mapped out for us by our parents, and Clara Devereaux experiences just how shattering it can be. With the aid of a mysterious stranger, madness ensues.
Lauren Sobka is an artist & storyteller living in California. Brokenly Live On is her debut novel. Currently, she is working on her second book: Dark Mysteries. Follow her on Instagram @brokenlyliveon

The Amazing J: A Super Hero is Born by Nancy Spejcher
Spejcher, Nancy
The Amazing J: A Super Hero is Born
A young boy uses his intellect and emotional intelligence to overcome adversity. The Amazing J also touches upon the importance of family. Features colorful, dynamic illustrations by Andrew Peck.
Nancy Spejcher is a retired educator, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who enjoys, reading, writing, visiting family, friends, travel adventures, and beach time.

The Artist Portrait Project:  A Photographic Memoir of Portrait Sessions with Sa Diego Artists, 2006-2016 by Jennifer G Spencer
Spencer, Jennifer G
The Artist Portrait Project: A Photographic Memoir of Portrait Sessions with Sa Diego Artists, 2006-2016
After 13 years as an ED of an arts organization, Jennifer went back after five years to photograph the San Diego 50 artists who were important to her. The project became an adventure lasting 10 years.
Jennifer G. Spencer is a painter/photographer who creates images using alternative photographic processes and digital imagery for telling stories and creating portraits of fellow artists in San Diego.

Love Incorruptible: A Woman's Reflective Journey to Freedom by Jazmin Steele
Steele, Jazmin
Love Incorruptible: A Woman's Reflective Journey to Freedom
Pain turns into purpose on a woman's spirit journey as she confronts her worst fears, uncomfortable childhood truths, and manages life inside of a toxic marriage. Loosely based on author's life.
Jazmin Steele is a mother, women's empowerment leader & advocate for self-care. She earned a business degree from USD and shared her story in prisons, universities and women's events across the nation

Aegean Fire by Lin Sten
Sten, Lin
Aegean Fire
In 433 BC in Classical Greece, Arion becomes an oarslave through family treachery. After serving on a naval trireme at the Battle of Sybota, Arion is sent to the dreaded mines in Laurion.
Lin Sten writes fiction and nonfiction. He lives on the Pacific coast of the USA where he enjoys surfing. He wrote the Arion's Odyssey tetralogy between 1998 and 2018.

Outside the Box by Herb Stern
Stern, Herb
Outside the Box
Outside the Box includes Odd Tales takes readers on surprising adventures that lead them and the main characters within the stories to new vistas and serendipitous understandings of our past, present, and mysterious future.
Local screenplay writer turned author of 3 play collections, 2 short story collections and 2 books about Gettysburg including the short novelette published this year, Private Tour, and 1 picture book.

Mainstreaming Marginalized Adults: The Transformation of Adult Basic Education in the United States by Tom Sticht
Stern, Herb
Mainstreaming Marginalized Adults: The Transformation of Adult Basic Education in the United States (eBook)
Recounts Dr. Sticht's 50 years of work on adult literacy education from the development of functional literacy programs for the armed services, civilian businesses in the U.S., and abroad.
Dr. Thomas Sticht received UNESCO's Mahatma Gandhi Medal for his service in adult literacy education. His work lead to many workplace and many family literacy programs in the U.S. and abroad.

Perceptions, Poems for a Time of Terror by D. N. Sutton
Sutton, D. N.
Perceptions, Poems for a Time of Terror
Perceptions, Poems for a Time of Terror was inspired by the terror attacks of 9/11 in 2001. The 1st chapter in the book are poems about terror. Other chapters are on women, mothers, children & love.
D. N. Sutton is the author of four poetry books and three novels. Printed books and audio recordings of her poetry books are available on SoulSite.com, iTunes, Amazon.com and CDBaby. In 2018 she turned age 98.

History of African-American Baseball in San Diego by Bill Swank
Swank, Bill
History of African-American Baseball in San Diego
San Diego's first "colored" team (1899); first integrated team (1906); Chicago American Giants (1910-13); San Diego Tigers (1946); integration of PCL; Johnny Ritchey, Walter McCoy and Neale Henderson.
Bill Swank has been identified as "San Diego's preeminent baseball historian" by the San Diego History Center. He has written ten books about baseball to preserve its history for future generations.

Tatum, Charles
Measuring up: Personnel and Organizational Assessment
The book covers work and job analysis, personnel recruitment and selection, personnel tests, individual and team evaluations, and assessments of training and development.
Charles Tatum received his PhD from the University of New Mexico. He was a researcher with the U. S. Navy and is now a professor at National University.

Reptilia by Hanna Tawater
Tawater, Hanna
Reptilia is an exploration of the dark feminine through the lens of myth, quantum physics, and the colonial nature of semiotics. With bold approaches that seek to unravel the nature of patriarchal realms.
Hanna Tawater completed her MFA in writing, with an emphasis in poetry, at UC San Diego in 2014. Her work can be found in Pacific Review, The Mondegreen, Dirty Chai, New Delta Review, White Stag and others.

Letters to My Mom by John Tentor
Tentor, John
Letters to My Mom
While in the army, John wrote many letters to his mom. More than 60 letters, handwritten or typed, short or long, all start with Dear Mom. In these letters, we see a glimpse of army life and Europe.
John was born on July 21, 1930 in St. Charles, Missouri. His mother was Eleanor and his father, Giovanni Baptiste Tentor, was an immigrant seaman from Italy. John served in the U.S. Army 1955 to 1956.

Jihadi Red Death by Rik Thistle
Thistle, Rik
Jihadi Red Death
A hybrid virus if delivered could wipe out 90% of the world's population. With only ten days to it's release, Mark Aldin is the only person who can stop the Jihadi Red Death and save civilization.
Jihadi Red Death is the first of three fiction thriller/suspense novels written by Rik Thistle. Rik was born in Toronto, Canada but raised in Michigan. He and his family moved to San Diego years ago.

Relegation by Karri Thompson
Thompson, Karri
The end is near—and I’m fated to save humanity. Michael and I have been forced to fight, to kill. We’ll do anything to save humanity. It’s my duty, my calling as the first mother of the new world.
Award-winning author Karri Thompson is a native of San Diego and high school English teacher. When she’s not writing, she enjoys nerding out at Comic-Con and cooking delicious meals for her family.

Truth Series by T. F. Thompson
Thompson, T. F.
Truth Series
This controversial book dives into the real reason behind the Christmas season. Give your children the gift of TRUTH this year and many years to come!
The authors of Truth Series believe that the "Truth" should stand for itself and have decided not to obstruct it by promoting ourselves. May God bless our readers with the seeds we've sown!

Customer Service Tip of the Week by Jeff Toister
Toister, Jeff
Customer Service Tip of the Week
Thousands of customer service professionals from all around the world read the weekly Customer Service Tip of the Week email. Now you can get more than 52 of the most popular tips all in one book.
Jeff Toister is a customer service author, consultant, and trainer. Over 140,000 people on six continents have taken one of his courses on Lynda.com, including Customer Service Foundations.

Mama's Bees by Anat Tour
Tour, Anat
Mama's Bees
Not only a sparkling gem in children's literature, but also a true story, Mama's Bees by Anat Tour captivates, entertains and educates. Help save the honeybees. Told in a thoughtful and humorous way.
Anat Tour is an illustrator, author, and math teacher from Montreal, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Mathematics and a master's degree in Education.

Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts by Rene Townsend
Townsend, Rene
Mini Horses, Mighty Hearts
Two special mini horses face their own changes and challenges, learn a new job, and show the power of simple acts of kindness, bringing joy to children of all ages and senior citizens.
Rene was a teacher, principal, district superintendent, university lecturer, education director in Central American schools, and now takes her two miniature horses on visits as smile ambassadors.

Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway to Child Sex Trafficking, 2nd Edition 2018 by Joseph Travers
Travers, Joseph
Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway to Child Sex Trafficking, 2nd Edition 2018
Investigation of Missing & Exploited Children: The Gateway of Child Sex Trafficking is designed to provide essential knowledge needed to identify/understand the issues involving child sex trafficking.
Mr. Travers has been a Police/ Fire Commissioner for Oceanside, California since 2008. As Executive Director for www.SavedInAmerica.org Pastor Travers has assisted in 135 rescues of young girls since 2015.

What we can learn from American Writing Education by To-wen Tseng
Tseng, To-wen
What we can learn from American Writing Education
The book examines the myths and realities surrounding the teaching of writing in American schools and what the Chinese speaking world can learn from the experience. A national bestseller in Taiwan.
To-wen is a TV reporter turned freelance journalist who writes about parenting, education, family lifestyle, maternal / infant health for a variety of publications. She has authored four books.

Endless Blue Sky by Josh Turner
Turner, Josh
Endless Blue Sky
Endless Blue Sky is about work, family, sex and all that sweet dysfunction.
Josh Turner is based in La Mesa. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in City Work Press, San Diego Magazine and other outlets.

A Greatness of Spirit -- Tales of Remarkable Rangers at the Heart of California's State Park System by David Van Cleve
Van Cleve, David
A Greatness of Spirit -- Tales of Remarkable Rangers at the Heart of California's State Park System
A compelling chronicle of remarkable California park rangers who focused their talents on making their park a special place. They defended parks from all threats while providing legendary public service.
The author worked 31 years at California State Parks as a ranger, an ecologist, and a park superintendent. He then spent nine years at The Nature Conservancy as a senior project director and regional director

It Never Happened: FBI Negligence and Duplicity Revealed from the Inside Out by Barbara Van Driel
Van Driel, Barbara
It Never Happened: FBI Negligence and Duplicity Revealed from the Inside Out
It Never Happened: FBI Negligence and Duplicity Revealed from the Inside Out is a chilling yet dispassionate exposé of the dysfunctional culture of the 1980s Bureau, as told by an agent who lived it.
Former Special Agent Barbara Van Driel served in the FBI from 1983 to 1991. This is her debut work. Barbara currently studies classical piano, travels widely, and is a private entrepreneur.

Blanket Immunity by Adam Van Susteren
Van Susteren, Adam
Blanket Immunity
Needing to build her law practice and escape debt, defense lawyer Jo Channing takes an accused rapist as her first client. Her sketchy clients bring her to a cross-roads in her career and life.
Adam Van Susteren has been actively practicing law in San Diego since 2004 and is the author of the popular Aaron Baker series as well as this first installment of the Jo Channing series.

Courageous Philanthropy: Going Public in a Closely Held World by Jennifer Vanica
Vanica, Jennifer
Courageous Philanthropy: Going Public in a Closely Held World
Centered around an inspiring 20-year foundation effort to support southeastern San Diego residents revitalizing their community, this book is about power, equity, and ownership in community change.
Jennifer Vanica is a forty-year veteran in philanthropy and community change, recognized by the Council on Foundations and the Irvine Foundation for innovative solutions to enhance the public good.

Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley by Joyce Rochelle Vaughn
Vaughn, Joyce Rochelle
Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley
This publication & supporting websites investigates & records the 62-year-old media fallacies hurled at Elvis Presley, by using laws and a historical timeline proving most of the myths as just fake rumors.
Author Joyce Rochelle Vaughn has never written a book prior to this publication. Originally from Chicago's Southside, she became a cryptologic technician while serving in the United States Navy.

Fragments of a Fading Memory by Len Veitzer
Veitzer, Len
Fragments of a Fading Memory
A collection of meaningful memoirs of character-forming events experienced over an active and adventurous lifetime.
Grew up in Omaha, NE, retired as an award-winning architect, was a Korean War veteran, taught as an Adjunct Professor at SDSU, and traveled widely in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Fueled by Coffee and Love: The Refill by Mari Venturino
Venturino, Mari
Fueled by Coffee and Love: The Refill
This collection of real stories written by real teachers shines a light on the joys and challenges of education. Engage your heart and mind as you peer into the lives of these inspiring educators.
Mari Venturino is a science teacher in San Diego. She is passionate about using technology to elevate students' and teachers' voices. In her free time, she loves reading and walking her dog, Ollie.

Indianapolis: The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History & the Fifty-Year Fight to Exonerate an Innocent Man by Sara Vladic
Vladic, Sara
Indianapolis: The True Story of the Worst Sea Disaster in U.S. Naval History & the Fifty-Year Fight to Exonerate an Innocent Man
A sweeping saga of survival, sacrifice, and justice, Indianapolis is both impressive naval history and spellbinding narrative - a definitive account of one of the most remarkable episodes in U.S. history.
Vladic, an acclaimed filmmaker, NYT Bestselling author, and leading expert on USS Indianapolis, met and interviewed 107 of the ship's survivors and rescue crew over 10 years.

Santa Fe: Getaway Guide to America's Most Fascinating Town by David Vokac
Vokac, David
Santa Fe: Getaway Guide to America's Most Fascinating Town
More than 200 listings highlight traditional and unusual attractions, side trips to charming small villages, gourmet restaurants, and romantic and budget lodgings.
David Vokac has been dubbed the "Guru of Great Towns". Since 1985, he has crisscrossed America searching for ideal towns combining scenic grandeur, exhilarating outdoor recreation options, and culture.

Threadwalkers by Joanna Volavka
Volavka, Joanna
Sixteen year old Miranda's life is unraveling. Her pet is missing, her friends forget her, mom vanishes. Miranda must go into her own past to fix things before she loses her friends and family forever.
Joanna currently lives in southern California with her husband, two cats, and book collection. She loves national parks, wildlife conservation, geeky conventions, and weird roadside attractions.

The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation by Nancy Wagaman
Wagaman, Nancy
The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation
Like a personal dream coach, this book walks you step-by-step through interpreting your dream, finding the value in it, and using it to improve yourself and your life. One dream can change everything.
Nancy Wagaman is a personal-growth innovator whose techniques enable deep transformation and life improvement. Her practical approach aims to make psychology and applied intuition accessible for all.

When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir of Ghost Stories by Amy Wallen
Wallen, Amy
When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir of Ghost Stories
In When We Were Ghouls, a quick-paced and riveting narrative, Amy Wallen explores the slippery nature of memory and confronts what it means to be a "good human" inside a family truth.
Amy E. Wallen is associate director at the New York State Summer Writers Institute and teaches creative writing at the University of California, San Diego Extension, as well as private workshops.

Years of Shame:  FGM Survivor & Other True Stories by Wanjiru Warama
Warama, Wanjiru
Years of Shame: FGM Survivor & Other True Stories
Among other true women stories, Njana tells her own traumatic story of a brutal ordeal she suffered in the backwoods of Kenya. The trauma trails her to America where she’s determined to shake it off.
Wanjiru Warama writes books that inform and entertain. She was born and raised in Kenya when the country was a British colony. She was educated in Kenya and the United States and lives in La Mesa.

The Frayer by Patricia Watts
Watts, Patricia
The Frayer
Big Blue, a living apartment building in Fairbanks, Alaska, is locked in a duel to the death with Angelo, a seductive, sinister saxophonist who moves in with the intent to destroy Blue and its tenants.
I lived in Alaska for 27 years, raising my children and working as a journalist and investigator. My suspense novels, The Frayer and Watchdogs are set in Alaska. I also co-write Alaska mysteries.

Risk a Verse: A Year in Daily Sonnets by Libby Weber
Weber, Libby
Risk a Verse: A Year in Daily Sonnets
Writer/musician Libby Weber wrote a sonnet every day for a year. Her verse memoir sparkles with wit as she plays gleefully with language and writes with unflinching honesty about hope and loss.
Libby Weber is a writer and musician who was raised in a log cabin in rural Illinois and educated at Northwestern University before moving to San Diego, where she lives with her husband and two dogs.

How To Be the REAL You by Darity Wesley
Wesley, Darity
How To Be the REAL You
Whether seeking deep and significant personal change or simply curious to learn more about yourself, this book provides a plan that can support and guide you on a self-discovery journey!
Darity Wesley, award-winning author, lawyer, speaker and Modern Day Oracle provides encouragement to those seeking personal development and spiritual evolution. She is a dynamo!!!

77 Rules by J. W. Wheeler
Wheeler, J. W.
77 Rules
This novel tells the hilarious tale of the senior year of high school for the Class of 1977 in Canton, Illinois. It picks up the story ten years after the author's first novel, Cubs v. Cardinals.
Jon Wheeler has lived in San Diego since 1985. After semi-retiring from a local company, he began writing novels: Cubs v. Cardinals, about an 8 year old's first game, and the next a high school comedy

Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 74 'The Harp' by Janet White
White, Janet
Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 74 'The Harp'
A tale of ambition, love and loss that follows the fascinating history and travels of the manuscript of Beethoven’s tenth String Quartet ‘The Harp’.
Janet White has published five novels, this, her most recent, drawing on her passion for playing chamber music on the cello. Born and educated in England, she now resides in San Diego

Love In Deed by Annette Savage Williams
Williams, Annette Savage
Love In Deed
Abbie Chase believes her shy boyfriend, Dan, is about to propose. Instead, they’re forced apart by an ultimatum issued by Dan’s father, while an ill-considered deed promises to bring them together.
Annette Savage Williams has worked in the realm of writing and publishing for more than 14 years, earning numerous awards in San Diego Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism competitions.

Wittenborn, Allen
The Defiance of Reiko Murata
In post-World War II Tokyo, a widow’s journey of self-discovery leads her into a world of danger and political intrigue. Seeking her own individuality brings her face-to-face with Japan’s underworld.
Allen Wittenborn taught Asian History at SDSU for 25 years and has traveled extensively throughout Asia since 1964. This is his second novel. His first, Kokang, deals with Southeast Asia.

Yngve, Rolf
Dog Watches
11 award-winning, short stories of men and women in the sea services. Based upon real events, the stories depict leaders facing extraordinary tests of integrity. "...exquisite writing."
Rolf Yngve is a retired naval officer whose short fiction has been widely published in literary journals and anthologies including Best American Short Stories. He lives in Coronado.

Yogerst, Joe
Nemesis: A Novel of Old California
Murder mystery and historical fiction set in 1880's San Diego, when it was a Wild West boomtown and rowdy seaport on par with Dodge, Deadwood or San Francisco's Barbary Coast.
Born and raised in San Diego, Joe Yogerst has worked as a writer on four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, N. America) for the likes of National Geographic, CNN, and the International Herald Tribune.

Zahn, Loren
Fatal Little Lies
Theo Hunter discovers that her mother, who disappeared 30 years ago, may have been a terrorist who bombed a San Francisco congressman's campaign office. Theo sets out to prove her guilt or innocence.
Loren Zahn writes the Theo Hunter Mysteries about an investigative reporter and female sleuth who solves crimes in San Diego. Zahn is the pen name for M. Lee Buompensiero, a member of Sisters in Crime.

Zaragoza, Barbara
Fronterizos: A History of the Spanish-speaking People of the South Bay, San Diego
Fronterizos takes you through over 200 years of history at the San Diego-Tijuana border, beginning with the Portola Expedition and culminating with the Chicano Movement.
Barbara Zaragoza is a local San Diego historian and freelance reporter. She holds a Master's degree in History from Harvard University and has published many articles and books.

Zink, Bradley
Band Together - The Legends: featuring Ron Blair
In the book Band Together: The Legends, I feature Ron Blair, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Bassist for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, along with eight other legendary musicians, as well as two future legends.
Bradley Zink has written 42 books and donated 100% royalties back to San Diego County schools, since 2004. Has raised over $500k for San Diego County charities. In 2018, he ran for San Marcos Mayor.

Zollman, Ph.D., Joellyn
Celebrate, Commemorate! The History & Heritage of San Diego's Jewish Community
Based on the exhibition on San Diego's Jewish community history "Celebrate San Diego," this book more completely explores themes present in the exhibition and includes a comprehensive timeline.
Professor Joellyn Zollman holds a PhD in Jewish history from Brandeis University and has worked with Jewish material culture collections at the Smithsonian Institution and the Skirball Museum.
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