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Public Utilities

Your Home Plumbing

Your Water Plumbing System

Information about your water meter, your home water plumbing and how you can check for leaks and reduce your costs.

Your Sewer Plumbing System

Information about your sewer lateral, your home sewer plumbing and how you can prevent sewage blockages and reduce your costs.

Geographic Information System (Maps and Records)

Map-related information for the water and sewer systems operated by the City of San Diego is available to the public. However, the City does not have information about water or sewer systems on private property.

Checking for Water Leaks

Finding and repairing water leaks on your property can save you water and money.

Checking for Meter Leaks

Saturated soil, standing water and water flow from the water meter are signs of a possible leak. Following these six steps to determine if your meter is leaking.