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Phase 1 Projects

Phase 1 of the Pure Water Program includes 12 different projects that will clean recycled water to produce 30 million gallons per day of high-quality purified water, reducing the City’s dependence on imported water. The projects include:

  1. Early Works at the North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP)
  2. Morena Pump Station
  3. Morena Pipelines Southern & Middle Alignment
  4. Morena Pipelines Northern Alignment and Tunnels
  5. NCWRP Expansion
  6. NCWRP Flow Equalization Basin
  7. North City Pure Water Facility and Pump Station
  8. Metropolitan Biosolids Center Improvements
  9. Peñasquitos Pump Station Oxygenation System

  10. North City Pure Water Pipeline, Dechlorination Facility and Subaqueous Pipeline
  11. Miramar Reservoir Pump Station Improvements
  12. Miramar Reservoir Automated In-Water Quality Monitoring System

Construction of the Pure Water San Diego Phase 1 projects is an important step toward securing a local, drought-resilient water supply for San Diegans for generations to come. Construction of major water infrastructure including pipelines, pump stations and treatment facilities are taking place in the Morena, Bay Park, Bay Ho, Clairemont, University City, Miramar and Scripps Ranch communities.

The City is committed to providing San Diegans with accurate, timely construction schedule information.

Pure Water Road Work, Closures and Detours Interactive Map

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