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Equal Opportunity Contracting

Comments and Questions

audience listing to a presenterWe welcome any comments or questions about the Disparity Study. Please submit any comments that you may have about your experiences working in the local marketplace, working with the City or about the City’s Disparity Study. Topic areas may include:

  • Conditions in the local marketplace, including any potential barriers that businesses face in being successful or growing;
  • Contracting opportunities with the City or other government organizations;
  • Business assistance programs that the City or other government organizations currently use;
  • Any recommendations for additional business assistance programs that the City could consider implementing; or
  • The City of San Diego Disparity Study.

Your comments will be treated confidentially. They will be integrated as part of the project team’s analyses of local marketplace conditions without identifying you as the source.

Please email your confidential comments or any questions directly to the Disparity Study Project Team at

Thank you for your interest and participation.