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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to several frequently asked questions regarding bicycle and scooter sharing.


Where can I park a bicycle or scooter after my ride?

Discover Bike has stations where bicycles must be returned. Follow all directions provided by the rental company. Generally, bikes should be parked in available bicycle racks. Bicycles and scooters must be parked without blocking the public right-of-way (street or sidewalk). See the Rules and Regulations page for more information.


Am I allowed to ride in parks or at the beach?

Customers can ride through parks on bicycles and scooters where use of bicycles is authorized and are asked to park bicycles within onsite bicycle racks. Parked bicycles and scooters encroaching within parks and beaches, including on park sidewalks and park roads, may be removed.


A bicycle is parked on my property without my permission. What can I do?

You may contact the responsible company and request its removal.


Can bikes/scooters be ridden on sidewalks?

Bicycles are not permitted to be ridden on sidewalks fronting commercial businesses unless there is a sign authorizing it. Bicycles must yield to pedestrians and maintain a reasonable and prudent speed. Motorized scooters are prohibited from being operated on sidewalks.


What happens to broken bikes and scooters?

Broken equipment should be reported to the responsible company


Are my taxpayer dollars being used to move bikes and scooters around for private businesses?

Each company is responsible for its bicycles and/or scooters. The City may impound bicycles and scooters found to be in violation of applicable laws.


When should I call the police about bicycle sharing issues?

Issues with bicycle and scooter sharing should be reported to the responsible company. Also, the San Diego Police Department enforces applicable laws relating to public safety. Such reports may be made by calling the Police Department at 619-531-2000 and the issue will be addressed as appropriate. Please understand that urgent public safety matters will be prioritized.

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