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The requisite justification memo for all contracts identified below as sole-source contracts is included in the PDF document for each contract. It is available for viewing by clicking on the Contract Number for the desired project.

To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

To view a contract, click on the Contract Number for the desired project.

Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor No. of Bidders Contact
K-20-1930-DBB-3 Accelerated Pipeline Rehabilitation Ref 846 and Sewer Group 798C 11/9/21 $1,275,193.00 Southwest Pipeline & Trenchless Corp. 3 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1987-MAC-3 AC Water & Sewer Group 1052A 6/28/21 $8,446,100.00 TC Construction Company, Inc 2 Celina Suarez
K-21-1861-DBB-3 North City Water Reclamation Plant Expansion 6/27/21 $255,138,000.00 Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. 1 Stephen Samara
K-21-1996-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation BA-1 6/21/21 $2,593,052.00 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp 2 Celina Suarez
K-21-2006-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation BB-1 6/17/21 $3,700,000.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 2 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1966-DBB-3 Sewer Group Job 843 6/14/21 $5,808,341.88 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 4 Ron McMinn
K-21-1988-DBB-3 Bay Ho Improvements 1 6/9/21 $2,832,345.00 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 3 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1909-DB2-3 Torrey Pines Fire Station 6/4/21 $16,500,000.00 Level 10 Construction 4 Ron McMinn
K-21-1992-DBB-3 Balboa Park Pipeline Replacement Phase II 6/3/21 $6,515,877.70 Ortiz Corporation 8 Rosa Riego
K-21-2021-EMR-2 Buchanan Canyon Sewer Main Repair/Replacement Emergency 6/2/21 $300,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Celina Suarez
K-21-1951-DB1-3 HILLSIDE DR (SD SYST INSTALL/RESURFACE) IMPROV 5/28/21 $465,000.00 Blue Pacific Engineering and Construction, Inc. 2 Ron McMinn
K-21-1953-DBB-3 Asphalt Resurfacing Group 1902 5/26/21 $2,094,666.00 Hanson Aggregates Pacific Southwest LLC dba ATP General Engineering Contractors 6 Celina Suarez
K-21-2004-EMR-1 Otay WTP Raw Water PS Repair/Replace Emergency 5/24/21 $100,000.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. N/A Celina Suarez
K-21-1848-DBB-3 Morena Conveyance North 4/30/21 $95,243,645.12 OHL USA, Inc. 4 Stephen Samara
K-21-1744-DBB-3-A North City Pure Water Pipeline 4/29/21 $123,456,027.23 W.A. Rasic 5 Stephen Samara
K-21-1801-DBB-3-A Morena Pump Station 4/28/21 $110,386,350.00 Flatiron West, Inc. 6 Stephen Samara
K-21-1870-DBB-3 University Ave Mobility Project 4/26/21 $4,987,003.00 Blue Pacific Engineering & Construction 7 Ron McMinn
K-21-2014-EMR-2 7657 Prairie Mound Way Storm Drain Emergency Repair 4/20/21 $450,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-21-1995-DBB-3 Tecolote North & South Improvements & Adult Fitness Course 4/16/21 $8,383,838.38 Dick Miller, Inc. 8 Ron McMinn
K-21-1969-DBB-3 AC Water & Sewer Group 1051; Sewer Rehab 1051A 4/9/21 $2,992,142.30 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 7 Rosa Riego

Villa La Jolla Dr Storm Drain Replacement

4/6/21 $1,600,000 TC Construction Company, Inc. N/A Brittany Friedenreich
K-21-1968-DBB-3 Sewer & AC Water Group 763 4/6/21 $8,413,611.12 TC Construction Company, Inc. 5 Rosa Riego
K-21-1989-EMR-2 St Therese Way CMP Storm Drain Emergency 3/29/21 $350,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Ron McMinn
K-21-1942-DBB-3 ADA SW Group 3E West Point Loma 3/26/21 $553,231.00 Crest Equipment, Inc. 7 Celina Suarez
K-21-1941-DBB-3 La Paz Mini Park 3/29/21 $1,283,284.00 JMJ Construction 14 Rosa Riego
K-21-2008-SLS-1 Long-Term Maintenance and Monitoring at 7649 Shorewood Drive 3/25/21 $40,636.20 Recon Environmental, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-21-1975-DBB-3 Slurry Seal Group 2023 3/24/21 $3,994,120.00 VSS International, Inc. 9 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1971-JOC-3 JOC Sitework 3/24/21 $5,000,000 Ramona Paving & Construction Corp. 8 Brittany Friedenreich
K-21-1810-DBB-3-A North City Pure Water Facility 3/18/21 $356,681,930.00 Shimmick Construction Company, Inc. 4 Stephen Samara
K-21-2018-EMR-2 Traffic Control at Point Loma Water Treatment Plant Access Road 3/16/21 $250,000.00 TC Construction Company 1 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1961-DBB-3 Sewer & AC Water Group 812 3/10/21 $11,888,859.46 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 5 Juan E. Espindola

Purchase and Installation of DDC thermostats at Civic Center Complex

2/24/21 $366,384.00 Cypress Envirosystems, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1935-DBB-3 Water Group 968 2/18/21 $3,730,595.00 KTA Construction Company, Inc. 4 Ron McMinn
K-20-1911-DBB-3 Balboa Park Pipeline Replacement Phase III 2/11/21 $3,779,328.39 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 10 Ron McMinn
K-21-1957-DBB-3 Pipeline Rehabilitation AY-1 2/10/21 $3,680,000.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 2 Brittany Friedenreich

Mount Albertine Avenue CMP Storm Drain Emergency

2/10/21 $360,000.00 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
L-20-1934-DBB-2 ADA Curb Ramp Winder and Mckee 2/9/21 $310,567.00 Miramar General Engineering 8 Ron McMinn
K-20-1914-EMR-3 Civic Center Plaza Elevators Emergency Modernization 2/4/21 $3,000,000.00 Otis Elevator Company N/A Celina Suarez
K-21-1943-DBB-3 Concrete Panel Replacement Coast Blvd 1/15/21 $993,452.00

PAL General Engineering, Inc.

14 Juan E. Espindola
K-21-1983-EMR-3 Emergency Repair of Citywide Sewer Siphons Inspection and Cleaning 1/8/21 $1,500,000.00 Cass Construction, Inc. dba Cass Arrieta N/A Celina Suarez

Sole-Source Construction Services for Long Term Maintenance and Monitoring of the Revegetation for 3870 Wellborn Street Storm Drain Emergency

1/7/21 $47,161.30 RECON Environmental, Inc. N/A Rosa Riego

SBWRP Variable Frequency Drive Repl

1/6/21 $508,292.09

CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc.

3 Celina Suarez

City Heights Pool Reconstruction

1/4/21 $4,352,130.00

Fordyce Construction Inc.

6 Taylor Cox
K-20-1920-DBB-3 Sewer Group 776A 1/4/21 $3,348,012.50 Blue Pacific Engineering & Construction 6 Taylor Cox
K-21-1990-EMR-1 Repairs of Emergency Generator System at 101 Ash St. Building 12/24/20 $20,000.00 Global Power Group, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1931-DBB-3 Mission Beach Water & Sewer Replacement 12/21/20 $14,669,959.84 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 4 Rosa Riego
K-21-1967-MAC-3-A Torrey Pines Golf Course Temporary Driving Range (RFQ 1852) 12/11/20 $1,630,240.00 Landscapes Unlimited, LLC 1 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1933-DBB-3 Sewer and AC Water Group 1032 12/11/20 $13,353,948.36 KTA Construction, Inc. 6 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1897-DBB-3-A ImprovementsIsland Avenue Mini Park 12/7/20 $1,897,205.00 Fordyce Construction Company, Inc. 9 Ron McMinn
K-21-1965-EMR-3 Worden St. Storm Drain Emergency 12/3/20 $927,500.00 Cass Construction, Inc. dba Cass Arrieta N/A Celina Suarez
K-21-1984-EMR-1 1st Avenue Bridge CMP Storm Drain Emergency 12/4/20 $200,000.00 Hazard Construction Company N/A Ron McMinn
K-21-1991-EMR-1 Asbestos Related Clean-Up, Monitoring, and As-Needed Abatement Related to the Emergency Repair of Emergency Generator System at 101 Ash Street Building 11/22/20 $10,000.00 GGG Demolition N/A Rosa Riego
K-21-1955-EMR-3 Rancho Mission Canyon Storm Drain Replacement 11/4/20 $1,200,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Celina Suarez
K-20-1892-DBB-2 La Jolla Village Dr and I-805 Interchange Revegetation and Landscape Maintenance 9/25/20 $438,069.70 Habitat Restoration Sciences, Inc. 2 Taylor Cox
K-21-1949-EMR-3 Fire-Rescue Air Ops Facility Parking Pad 9/23/20 $1,000,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1940-EMR-3 836 Gage Drive Storm Drain Replacement 9/17/20 $600,000.00 Hazard Construction Company N/A Celina Suarez


JOC Street Lighting/Traffic Signals 9/4/20 $4,500,000.00 CTE Inc. 5 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1818-DBB-3 ADA SW Group 4E College 8/19/20 $555,555.55 Portillo Concrete, Inc. 5 Ron McMinn
K-20-1948-SLS-1 Long-Term Maintenance and Monitoring For 5865 Cozzens Street SD Emergency 8/13/20 $40,629.20 RECON Environmental, Inc. N/A Taylor Cox
K-20-1956-EMR-3 7649 Shorewood Drive Emergency Storm Drain 8/11/20 $450,000.00 TC Construction Company, Inc. N/A Ron McMinn
K-20-1922-DBB-3 Downtown Complete Street Implementation Phase 2B 8/5/20 $2,213,009.20 Hazard Construction Company 5 Ron McMinn
K-20-1901-DBB-2 Nimitz Bridge at NTC Rehabilitation 7/30/20 $344,666.00 Fordyce Construction, Inc. 4 Juan E. Espindola
K-20-1926-SLS-1 Revegetation and Long-Term Maintenance at 2395 Cardinal R 7/29/20 $106,700.00 Dudek N/A Celina Suarez

JOC SLBE Sitework

7/29/20 $500,000.00 Miramar General 3 Brittany Friedenreich
K-20-1837-DBB-3-A Market St - 47th to Euclid Complete St 7/23/20 $7,956,590.30 Palm Engineering Construction Co., Inc. 6 Rosa Riego
K-20-1936-DBB-3 Fairbrook Neighborhood Park Development 7/8/20 $3,535,353.53 Dick Miller, Inc. 9 Ron McMinn
K-20-1876-DBB-1 Mingei Museum Tower and East Faade Waterproofing 7/7/20 $295,150.00 De La Fuente Construction, Inc. 2 Ron McMinn