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To comply with the requirements of Proposition A and the San Diego Sunshine Act, the contracts listed here are being made available to help ensure that the public has access to government information and policymaking information. These resources provide, in a searchable format, the text of all construction project contracts entered into by the City valued at more than $25,000, from July 10, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

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Contract Number Contract Name Award Date Award Amount Contractor No. of Bidders Contact
K-13-5719-DBB-3 Bannock Avenue Neighborhood Streetscape Enhancement 06/27/2013 $1,278,413.88 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 8 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5966-EMR-3 Rancho Mission Slope Repair 06/25/2013 $950,000.00 Hazard Construction Company N/A Claudia Abarca
K-13-5490-DBB-3 Balboa Park Municipal Gymnasium Roof Replacement 6/24/2013 $938,000.00 Kinsman Construction, Inc. 7 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5210-DBB-3 Talbot Street Slope Restoration Project 6/21/2013 $1,462,190.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 8 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5866-DBB-3 Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary SR2S 6/21/2013 $635,928.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 4 Claudia Abarca
L-13-5889-DBB-1 San Remo Way Storm Drain 6/20/2013 $73,595.00 Western Dirt Corporation 7 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5742-DB1-2 Rancho Penasquitos Skate Park Improvements Design-Build Contract 6/19/2013 $285,000.00 HTA Engineering & Construction, Inc. 2 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5817-DBB-3 Sewer and Water Group 693 6/19/2013 $3,053,020.40 Ortiz Corporation 4 Clementina Giordano
K-13-6002-EMR-1-C Emergency Demolition of 4401 Ladera St. Structures 6/18/2013 $128,265.00 TC Construction Co., Inc. N/A Claudia Abarca
K-13-5449-DBB-3 Sewer and Water Group 758 6/14/2013 $2,948,527.92 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 4 Clementina Giordano
PDF icon K-13-5573-DB2-3 MBC Dewatering Centrifuges Replacement Design-Build Contract 6/12/2013 $9,373,954.00 J.R. Filanc Construction, Inc. 2 Damian Singleton
PDF icon K-13-5746-DBA-3 RFP - Design and Installation of Emergency Generators for Wastewater Facilities Design-Build Contract 6/05/2013 $6,003,071.87 Ortiz Corporation 1 Damian Singleton
K-13-5137-DBB-3 Group 3014-Sewer & Water Group 685 & Group 3014-Sewer & Water Group 770 5/13/2013 $3,480,965.60 Ortiz Corporation 4 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5673-DBB-1 Pop-Outs (2)/Lighted Crosswalk On Girard 5/13/2013 $174,799.00 A.B. Hashmi, Inc. 10 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5642-DBB-3 Sewer and Water Group 732 5/6/2013 $1,355,000.00 Burtech Pipeline Incorporated 6 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5263-DBB-1 Adult Center East San Diego Access Upgrades (Barrier Removal) 4/29/2013 $171,000.00 Handy Industrial 7 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5845-MAC-3-C Request for Proposal (RFP) for Water GJ949 and Water & Sewer GJ946 (MACC Task No. 1) 04/11/2013 $8,945,450.00 TC Construction Co., Inc. 5 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5769-DBB-3 Water and Sewer Group 956 4/10/2013 $889,371.00 Ortiz Corporation 9 Claudia Abarca
L-13-5780-DBB-1 Maryland Street Storm Drain Replacement 4/4/2013 $98,717.00 Atlas Development 16 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5982-EMR-3 F Street Emergency Water Main Replacement 4/3/2013 $750,000.00 Orion Construction Corporation N/A Claudia Abarca
K-12-5416-CMAR-3-C Upas Street Pipeline Replacement Project Pre-Construction Services Agreement Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) 4/2/2013 $250,000.00 J.R. Filanc Construction Company 2 Claudia Abarca
L-13-5705-DBB-2 Park Ridge Blvd, Marindustry Drive, Osler Street Watershed Protection Project 4/2/2013 $268,543.00 Palm Engineering Construction Co., Inc. 13 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5851-DBB-2 Sidewalk Replacement Group 1 - FY13 (Tree Related) 3/29/2013 $245,375.00 Cap Construction 10 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5899 Park Development Agreement for the Quarry Falls (CIVITA) Development Project 3/18/2013 $865,560.00 Quarry Falls, LLC N/A Frank A. Romero
K-13-5353-DBB-3 Juniper Street Sidewalk Project 2/22/2013 $433,795.00 Palm Engineering Construction Co., Inc. 9 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5765-DBB-2 Windwood Mini Park - Play Area Upgrades 2/21/2013 $272,700.00 HTA Engineering & Construction, Inc 12 Damian Singleton
K-13-1063-DBB-3 Water Group Job 947 2/20/2013 $640,679.70 Ortiz Corporation 7 Damian Singleton
K-13-5759-DBB-1-A Recreation Center Gymnasium Floor Replacement - Three Locations 02/06/2013 $206,325.00 Johnson Flooring, Inc. 1 Damian Singleton
K-13-5265-DBB-3 Sewer and Water Group 723 02/06/2013 $1,891,914.39 Ortiz Corporation 11 Damian Singleton
K-13-5610-DBB-3 Camino del Sur Recycled Water Conversion Project 02/01/2013 $1,094,530.30 TC Construction Co., Inc. 11 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5371-DBB-3 Sewer and Water Group 788 02/01/2013 $3,679,004.70 Ortiz Corporation 8 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5581-DBA-3 Otay Water Treatment Plant Concrete Work Design-Build Contract 02/01/2013 $1,287,000.00 Orion Construction Corp. 2 Claudia Abarca
K-13-4885-DBB-3 Ted Williams Parkway Pedestrian Overcrossing at Shoal Creek Drive 01/30/2013 $2,489,075.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 5 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5775-DBB-3 Gompers Neighborhood Park - Children's Play Area Upgrades 01/13/2013 $650,000.00 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 6 Damian Singleton
L-13-5378-DBB-2 Saturn Blvd and Rimbey Ave Sidewalk 01/10/2013 $232,196.25 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 8 Damian Singleton
L-13-5614-DBB-2 40th Street at National Avenue and 40th Street at Alpha Street Pop-Outs 01/07/2013 $157,988 Tri-Group Construction & Development, Inc. 6 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5456-DBB-3-A City Heights Sqaure Mini Park 01/07/2013 $432,724.00 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 8 Claudia Abarca
L-13-5603-DBB-2 Rose Canyon and Barnett Sewer Junction/Diversion Structures Rehab 12/20/2012 $357,396.00 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 5 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5693-DBB-1 Park Boulevard and Essex Street Intersection Pedestrian Improvements and Traffic Calming 12/17/2012 $154,806.00 Curto Construction Company 3 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5699-DBB-3 Water Group 935 12/17/2012 $869,395.50 KTA Construction, Inc. 10 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5548-DBB-3-C Police Headquarters Electrical, Plumbing, Door Upgrades 12/17/2012 $1,517,522.00 EC Constructors, Inc. 3 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5521-DB2-3-C Request for Proposal (RFP) for La Jolla Children's Pool Lifeguard Station Design-Build Contract 12/17/2012 $2,707,127.00 Stronghold Engineering, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5748-DBB-3 FY '12 Slurry Seal Group I 12/6/2012 $2,102,784.92 American Asphalt South, Inc. 4 Damian Singleton
K-13-1048-DBB-3 Water Group Job 941 11/29/2012 $516,280.00 SC Valley Engineering, Inc. 11 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5984 Reimbursement Agreement with Quarry Falls, LLC for Public Facilities in the Mission Valley Community 11/27/2012 $36,523,195.00 Quarry Falls, LLC N/A Frank A. Romero
K-12-5762-MAC-3-C Request for Qualifications - Multiple Award Design-Build Contracts for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Pipeline Projects 11/01/2012 NTE** $100,000,000.00 Multiple Awardees: TC Construction Co., Inc.; Ortiz Corporation; El Cajon Grading & Engineering, Inc.; J.R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc.; Orion Construction Corp./Balboa Construction, J.V. 11 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5243-DBB-3-B Alvarado Trunk Sewer Phase III 10/24/2012 $2,686,373.00 Ortiz Corporation 4 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5795-CMAR-3-C Request for Proposal (RFP) for Pre-Construction Services for the Convention Center Expansion Phase III Project Construction Manager at Risk 10/19/2012 $600,000.00 Clark/Hunt SDCC, A Joint Venture 4 Damian Singleton
L-13-5557-DBB-2 University Ave & Alabama St Median Improvements 10/11/2012 $156,343.75 PAL General Engineering, Inc. 7 Clementina Giordano
L-12-5466-DBB-1 Green Bay Street from Iris to Rimbey 10/11/2012 $117,809.00 J. Cloud, Inc. 12 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5541-DBA-3 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Recycled Water System Upgrades Design-Build Contract 10/02/2012 $1,587,000.00 Orion Construction Corp. 2 Clementina Giordano
L-13-5714-DBB-2 San Pasqual Structural Restoration 10/01/2012 $293,000.00 Atlas Development 3 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5721-DBB-2-B Vermont Street Pedestrian Bridge Paint Restoration 09/26/2012 $489,000.00 Palm Engineering Construction Co., Inc. 5 Claudia Abarca
K-13-5846-SLS Qualcomm Stadium Emergency Concrete Repairs 09/24/2012 $500,000.00 Hazard Construction Sole Source Claudia Abarca
K-12-5168-DB1-3-B Request for Proposal (RFP) for Views West Neighvorhood Park ADA Upgrades Design-Build Contract 09/13/2012 $647,726.00 3-D Enterprises, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
K-13-5730-SLS-1 Sole Source Shawnee Road Water Main Emergency 12 Inch AC Replacement 09/05/2012 $1,424,290.00 Cass Construction, Inc. Sole Source Clementina Giordano
K-12-5546-DB1-2 Del Mar Trails Park Play Area Upgrades Design-Build Contract 09/05/2012 $410,000.00 Zasueta Contracting, Inc. 5 Clementina Giordano
L-12-5635-DBB-1 Grand Avenue Sidewalk and Stromdrain 09/04/2012 $91,210.00 J. Cloud, Inc. 8 Damian Singleton
K-12-5264-DBB-3 Vista Terrace Pool Accessibility Improvements 08/31/2012 $367,000.00 APR Construction, Inc. 6 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5646-DBB-3-C Pipeline Rehabilitation R-1 08/30/2012 $3,953,210.54 Southwest Pipeline and Trenchless Corp. 3 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5561-DBB-3-C Water Group 914 08/29/2012 $4,100,000.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 7 Damian Singleton
K-12-5640-DBB-3 Traffic Signal Modifications at High Accident Locations 08/27/2012 $489,940.00 Lekos Electric, Inc. 5 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5523-DBB-3-C-B Water Group Job 928 08/27/2012 $1,873,642.00 KTA Construction, Inc. 10 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5201-DB1-D Request for Proposal (RFP) for Walker Neighborhood Park Playground Upgrades Design-Build Contract 08/20/2012 $225,000.00 HTA Engineering & Construction, Inc. 4 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5582-DBB-3-C Pipeline Rehabilitation S-1 08/17/2012 $4,343,851.40 Burtech Pipeline, Inc. 3 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5196-DBB-3-B Casa De Balboa HVAC Project 08/17/2012 $888,000.00 Paradigm Corporation 6 Damian Singleton
L-12-5474-DBB-2-A MBC Vactor Truck Off Loading Facility Project 08/16/2012 $269,880.00 Ace Excavating & Environmental Services 10 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5680-DBB-3-C-A FY'12 Asphalt Overlay Group III 08/16/2012 $9,184,600.00 SRM Contracting & Paving 5 Damian Singleton
K-12-5498-DBB-3-C North Crown Point Comfort Station 08/15/2012 $349,000.00 Delta Builders 12 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5447-DB1-2 Request for Proposal (RFP) for Carmel Grove Mini-Park Play Area Upgrades Design-Build Contract 08/07/2012 $320,000.00 Zasueta Contracting, Inc. 4 Damian Singleton
K-12-5527-DBB-3-C Montezuma Trunk Sewer 07/30/2012 $4,503,162.50 Ortiz Corporation 6 Claudia Abarca
L-12-5639-DBB-2 Water Group 964 07/19/2012 $467,396.95 Arrieta Construction, Inc. 11 Damian Singleton
K-12-5525-DBB-C City Wide Pump Station Upgrades: PS 84 Upgrade and PS 62 Abandonment 07/19/2012 $6,246,500.00 TC Construction Co., Inc. 4 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5306-DBB-3 Green Street Mt. Abernathy Infiltration Project 07/16/2012 $424,870.00 Dick Miller, Inc. 13 Clementina Giordano
L-12-5651-DBB-2 Mission Beach Lifeguard Station 07/11/2012 $387,000.00 APR Construction, Inc. 7 Damian Singleton
K-12-5463-DBA Request for Proposal (RFP) for Water Department Security Upgrade Design-Build Contract 07/11/2012 $5,185,455.43 Siemens Industry, Inc. 3 Clementina Giordano
K-12-5654-SLS-1 Freight Elevator Modernization Qualcomm Stadium 07/10/2012 $118,611.00 KONE, Inc. Sole Source Claudia Abarca
K-12-5468-DBB-3-C Balboa Terrace Trunk Sewer 07/10/2012 $6,694,894.00 TC Construction Co., Inc. 5 Claudia Abarca
K-12-5390-DBB-3-B Emergency Drilling Services at Various City Landfills 07/09/2012 $822,772.00 SCS Field Services 2 Damian Singleton

NTE** - Not-to-Exceed amount. For final value refer to tasks issued under the contract.