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Legislative Services Division of the San Diego City Clerk’s Office

The Legislative Services Division of the City Clerk’s Office acts as a resource for anyone seeking information about official City policies, laws, actions, and records. They are referred to as Official City Documents. Some Official City Documents are obtained directly from the City Clerk’s Office and others you can find online.

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The Council meeting minutes will be posted on the web after being approved by the City Council. Please check the City Council Results sheet for a summary of the meeting.

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Official City Document Search and Display Screens

  • City Clerk Legislative Documents
    (City Charter, Municipal Code, City Council Meetings, Reports to City Council, City Council Policies, City Council Committee Meetings, City Agency & Commission Meetings)
  • City Attorney Legal Documents
    (Memorandum of Law, Legal Opinions, Council Resolutions and Ordinances, Agency Resolutions and Ordinances, City Attorney Reports)
  • City Bulletin of Official Public Notices
    (Public Hearings, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Notices & Documents, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Notices of Rights to Appeal Environmental Determinations, Construction, Consultants, Land Use And Development, Materials/Equipment/Services, Miscellaneous, Ordinances/Resolutions)
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