Administrative Regulations direct administrative policies and procedures of a continuing nature. They are issued under the authority of the Mayor and/or Chief Operating Officer. Administrative Regulations remain in full force and effect until officially revised, superseded or repealed in writing by the Mayor and/or Chief Operating Officer.

The responsibility for facilitating revisions or repeals is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department working with the administering departments of the Administrative Regulation. A comprehensive review process of all Administrative Regulations is currently being completed. The most current Administrative Regulations are contained here, and as any changes are made, they will be posted as well.

1-4: Organization

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      1.00 7/1/15

      PDF icon Administrative Regulation and Department Instruction Preparation Procedures

      1.01 10/22/10 PDF icon Emergency Operations Procedures
      1.02 5/1/75 PDF icon Use of Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
      1.40 2/1/13 PDF icon Interactive Mapping Coordination Action Tool (IMCAT) Conflict Checks, Responsibilities and Procedures
      1.50 9/15/84 PDF icon Engineering Project Administration
      1.60 9/29/04 PDF icon Capital Improvements Programming
      1.80 8/2/93 PDF icon Grant Application Procedures
      1.90 9/15/87 PDF icon Business Improvement District Formation Procedures and Guidelines
      3.20 10/1/94 PDF icon Processing Requests for Council Action for Approval
      4.50 10/1/10 PDF icon Employee Assistance Program Administration

      5: Delegation of Authority

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      5.10 3/1/93 PDF icon Approval and Filing of Certain Surety Bonds and Public Liability Insurance Policies
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).

      10: Public Relations

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      10.01 6/1/12 PDF icon Response to Referrals from Mayor Council
      10.02 8/12/16 PDF icon Responding to San Diego County Grand Jury Reports
      10.05 8/14/15 PDF icon Policy Regarding Handling Appeals by Citizens from Regulatory Decisions Made by City Personnel
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed)
      10.10 2/6/80 PDF icon Conduct of Hearings Involving Police-Regulated Businesses
      10.30 6/15/93 PDF icon Public Meeting and Noticing Requirements for New or Increased General Taxes and New or Increased Assessments

      15: Relations with Other Agencies

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      15.10 3/30/93 PDF icon Audit Report Replies Required of Departments
      15.20 9/1/88 PDF icon City Contacts with Federal or State Legislative and Administrative Bodies

      20: Permits and Licenses

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      20.10 9/15/60 PDF icon Recovery of City Costs in Processing Subdivisions
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).
      20.20 8/1/82 Cabaret and Dance Hall Licenses
      (This Administrative Regulation is currently under review)
      20.70 8/3/93 PDF icon Processing Encroachment Removal and Maintenance Agreement and Permit
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).

      25: Contract Administration

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      25.01 9/1/88 Advertising, Bidding, and Award of Construction Under $25,000 in Value
      (This Administrative Regulation is currently under review)
      25.10 3/15/93 PDF icon Leasing of City-Owned Real Estate
      25.20 7/30/93 PDF icon Filing Procedure for Notices of Completion and Acceptance
      25.40 7/16/96 PDF icon Alterations in Public Works Contracts
      25.50 3/1/93 PDF icon Testing Laboratory Work
      25.60 11/1/11 PDF icon Selection of Consultants for Work Requiring Licensed Architect and Engineering Skills
      25.65 9/14/98 PDF icon Job Order Contract (JOC) Administrative Procedure
      25.70 2/8/95 PDF icon Hiring of Consultants Other Than Architects and Engineers
      25.75 9/1/91 PDF icon Consultant Performance Evaluation
      25.80 7/1/10 PDF icon Official City Advertising Published by the Official City Newspaper and by Auxiliary Publications
      25.85 2/26/16 PDF icon Processing of eBids and eSignatures

      30: Budgeting

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      30.20 3/17/86 Motive Equipment Replacement Policy
      (This Administrative Regulation is currently under review)

      35: Purchasing

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      35.10 7/1/10 PDF icon Purchasing Goods and Services
      35.11 5/8/15 PDF icon Citywide Department Use of Cooperative Procurement Contracts

      35.15 6/20/05 Citywide Blanket Purchase Order (CWBPO)
      (This Administrative Regulation is currently under review)
      35.25 1/24/00 PDF icon Federal Electronic Date Interchange (FEDI) Payment System
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).
      35.50 7/1/10 PDF icon Identification and Disposition of Central Stores Surplus Stock
      35.70 7/1/15 PDF icon Repair or Replacement of Employee's Personal Property

      35.80 8/16/11 PDF icon Environmentally Preferable Purchasing

      40: Real Property

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      40.10 3/1/93 PDF icon Maintenance of Public Facilities - Buildings

      45: Personal Property

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      45.10 1/22/99 PDF icon Employee Transportation Authorization (mileage reimbursement)
      45.15 6/15/83 PDF icon Concourse Parkade Parking Stamps
      45.20 11/14/88 PDF icon Interdepartmental Transfer of Capitalized Property
      45.30 9/15/84 PDF icon Procedure for Disposal of Abandoned Personal Property Found on City Premises
      45.50 9/15/84 PDF icon Private Use of City Labor, Equipment, Materials and Supplies Prohibited
      45.70 7/1/84 PDF icon Use of Property Tags to Identify Capitalized City Equipment
      45.80 7/17/15 PDF icon Management of Loss to City Property Due to Crimes or Negligence

      50: Annexations

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      50.20 7/1/10 PDF icon Annexation, Reorganization, and Change of Organization Procedures

      55: Utilities

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      55.00 7/1/93 PDF icon Water and Sewer Service Order Procedure
      55.60 3/21/94 PDF icon Water/Sewer Billing Adjustments
      55.90 1/1/11 PDF icon Request for Gas and Electric Service for City-Owned Facilities
      55.91 4/1/80 Telephone Service Requests
      (This Administrative Regulation is currently under review)
      55.92 3/30/93 PDF icon Request for Water and Sewer Service for City-Owned Facilities
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).
      56.00 7/1/12 PDF icon Work Space Requests
      57.00 6/16/96 PDF icon City Cabinet for Water Policy

      60: Claims

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      62.00 6/26/75 PDF icon Administration of Workers' Compensation Liabilities
      62.10 5/15/70 PDF icon Procedure for Processing Personal Injury and Property Damage Claims
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).
      63.00 8/31/15 PDF icon Industrial Leave
      63.10 2/1/77 PDF icon Recovery of City Costs for Employee Absences Caused by Other Persons
      63.30 3/1/01 PDF icon Accounts Receivable-Invoice Processing and Collection
      64.00 9/15/93 PDF icon State Mandated Programs: Claims for Reimbursement and Evaluation of Unfunded Mandates

      70: Training

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      70.01 4/15/96 PDF icon City Training Policy and Establishment of Training Advisory Committee
      70.30 7/1/91 PDF icon Tuition Refund Plan
      70.40 9/1/81 PDF icon Special Outside Courses of Instruction
      70.50 9/1/88 PDF icon Administration of Vocational Rehabilitation Program
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).

      75: Safety

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      75.10 6/15/71 PDF icon Safety Inspections
      75.11 3/17/86 PDF icon Safety Program Policy
      75.12 2/1/15 PDF icon Vehicle and Industrial Accident Review, Reporting, and Prevention Program
      75.13 3/1/77 PDF icon First Aid Program
      75.20 6/20/61 PDF icon Accident Prevention Program
      75.30 1/8/74 PDF icon Accident/Injury Investigation
      75.40 7/1/84 PDF icon Administration of Light Duty Program
      75.50 2/1/15 PDF icon Driver License Certification, Training, and Verification Requirements
      75.60 1/28/00 PDF icon Portable Fire Extinguishers
      75.65 11/15/91 PDF icon Hazardous Materials Management Plan
      75.70 10/1/83 PDF icon Hazardous Materials Information & Training
      (This Administrative Regulation has been repealed).
      75.75 4/15/90 PDF icon Hazardous Materials Training
      75.85 10/23/98 PDF icon Driving on Areas not Designated for Vehicular Usage

      80: Management Reports

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      80.00 10/14/16 PDF icon Development, Submission and Reporting of Quarterly Performance and Productivity
      (This Administrative Regulation is has been repealed)
      80.20 10/14/16 PDF icon Departmental Annual Reports
      (This Administrative Regulation is has been repealed)
      80.40 2/8/93 PDF icon City Manager Reports to Mayor and Council Standing Committees
      80.50 4/1/82 PDF icon Regulation of Lobbying Activities by City Personnel

      85: Records Management

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      85.10 10/30/13 PDF icon Records Retention and Destruction
      85.20 11/15/03 PDF icon Forms Control and Publishing Services' Documents Control Procedures
      85.30 1/30/15 PDF icon Vital Records Retention and Preservation

      90: Central Services

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      90.10 10/1/81 PDF icon Office Copier Management and Procurement Procedures
      90.20 1/24/00 PDF icon Telephone Usage
      90.25 6/5/15 PDF icon Wireless Communications Services
      90.30 1/1/09 PDF icon Travel Policy
      90.55 7/1/10 PDF icon City Mail Service
      90.62 12/7/12 PDF icon Information & Communications Technology Acceptable Use
      90.65 12/6/99 PDF icon Broadcast E-mail and Voice Mail
      90.66 12/7/12 PDF icon Mobile Device Policy
      90.71 7/1/93 PDF icon Management of City Fuel/Non-Emergency Fleet
      90.72 7/5/07 PDF icon Motive Equipment Idling Reduction Policy
      90.73 1/18/11 PDF icon Fuel Reduction and Transportation Efficiency Policy

      95: Office Practices

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      95.00 8/16/13 PDF icon Management of the Civic Art Collection
      95.01 8/27/86 PDF icon Overtime Compensation
      95.05 6/4/10 PDF icon Cell Phone and Other Handheld Communication Device Use Policy
      95.10 9/1/06 PDF icon Identification of City Employees
      95.20 7/1/04 PDF icon Public Records Act Requests and Civil Subpoenas; Procedures for Furnishing Documents and Recovering Costs
      95.25 1/1/88 PDF icon Processing New and Revised Fees and Charges for Current Services
      95.30 3/15/93 PDF icon Processing of Time Sheets and Associated Documents
      95.40 6/1/10 PDF icon In-Town Reimbursable Expense
      95.50 2/18/09 PDF icon Credit Card Acceptance and Processing
      95.51 5/22/15 PDF icon Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Policy
      95.55 1/30/15 PDF icon Procurement Card (P-Card) Procedures
      95.60 5/23/90 PDF icon Conflict of Interest and Employee Conduct
      95.65 7/1/77 PDF icon Product Endorsement
      95.70 10/1/76 PDF icon Memberships
      95.80 11/1/75 PDF icon Forecast of Major Cash Receipts and Payments
      95.81 4/1/98 PDF icon Wire Transfer of Funds Procedures
      95.89 7/1/16 PDF icon Parental Leave
      95.90 1/1/08 PDF icon Unused Sick Leave and Accrued Annual Leave Reimbursement
      95.91 1/1/16

      PDF icon Employee Recognition and Award Programs

      95.92 10/1/84 PDF icon Suggestion Awards Program / Suggestion Awards Program (Attachment I)
      95.93 8/8/14 PDF icon San Diego Works Program
      95.94 10/6/14 PDF icon Tobacco and Smoke-Free Workplace Policy

      96-97: Personnel

      Doc No. Effective Date Title
      96.00 2/1/14 PDF icon Dismissal of Unclassified Officers and Employees
      96.05 7/30/12 PDF icon Recruitment and Appointment of Unclassified Officers and Employees
      96.20 5/13/11 PDF icon City Policy for People With Disabilities
      96.21 11/25/13 PDF icon City Accessibility Policy for People with Disabilities: Employment
      96.50 9/5/00 PDF icon Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Complaint Resolution Procedure
      97.00 2/2/89 PDF icon Substance Abuse Policy
      97.10 7/1/15 PDF icon Threat Management Policy
      97.20 9/1/14 PDF icon Weapon-Free Workplace Policy