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Office of the City Clerk

Reports to the City Council

What is a Report to the City Council?

Reports to the City Council are significant City government documents that transmit information and recommendations to the City Council or to City Council standing committees.  More Details about Reports to the City Council.

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Reports to Council by Year

Date Title
05/27/2014 Citywide Volunteer Activity Status Annual Report
05/27/2014 Economic Development Agreement. Alesmith Brewing Co.
05/22/2014 IT Sourcing - Vendor EOCP Update & Presentations
05/22/2014 Request for Approval of a Cooperative Procurement Contract under San Diego Municipal Code Section 22.3208(d) - National Purchasing Partners Award #525 with Staples Contract and Commercial, Inc. dba Staples Advantage
05/20/2014 Fiscal Year 2014 Year-End Budget Monitoring Report, #14-043
05/13/2014 Cooperative Procurement Contract through the City of Sacramento with IPS for the Purchase of New Single-Space 'Smart' Parking Meters
05/13/2014 Revision to City of San Diego Reserve Policy #100-20. Water Enterprise Fund Reserve Policy, Sewer Enterprise Fund Reserve Policy, Refuse Disposal & Recycling Enterprise Fund Reserve Policies, Development Services Enterprise Fund Reserve Policy
05/05/2014 Vehicle Stop Data Cards
04/29/2014 FY 2014 Recognition of Award Winning Projects - National Public Works Week
04/23/2014 Ocean Beach Community Plan Update (OBCPU) Council District 2. Process 5.
04/23/2014 FY 2015 - FY 2019 Consolidated Plan and FY 2015 Annual Action Plan for City of San Diego HUD Entitlement Programs
04/15/2014 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agreement - Second Amendment for One (1) Year Extension with Rural/Metro
04/09/2014 Fourth Implementation Agreement to the Disposition and Development Agreement with Vietnam Veterans of San Diego for the Veterans Village Phase V Project, North Bay
04/07/2014 Sales, Use, and Property Tax Audit and Recovery, and Information Services
04/03/2014 Fiscal Year 2014 6-Month State of the CIP Report
04/02/2014 Economic Development Agreement: Ballast Point Brewing Co.
03/26/2014 Service Level Standards for City Infrastructure
03/21/2014 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program FY 2015 Allocations
03/20/2014 Proposed City Participation in the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) and FigTREE Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Programs
03/19/2014 Park Facility Condition Assessments
03/12/2014 Draft FY 2015 5-FY 2019 Consolidated Plan and Fy 2015 Annual Action Plan - City of San Diego HUD Entitlement Programs
03/11/2014 Approval of Agreement between the City of San Diego and United States Golf Association to host the 121 st United States Open Championship at Torrey Pines Golf Course
03/10/2014 Proposed Revisions to the Municipal Code Concerning the Approval of Purchase Requisitions and Contract Award Thresholds
03/10/2014 San Diego Police Department Body Camera/Digital Evidence Storage Project
03/10/2014 City of San Diego AB109 Update
03/03/2014 Otay Mesa Community Plan Update, Process 5
02/26/2014 San Diego Fire-Rescue, Lifeguard Division Report and Action Request: 'Lifeguard Division Five Year Needs Assessment'
02/25/2014 Rehabilitation Loan Agreement for the Silverado Ballroom Building, City Heights
02/21/2014 Fiscal Year 2014 Mid-Year Budget Monitoring Report
02/19/2014 Update on Performance Measures for the Fiscal Year 2015 Proposed Budget
02/17/2014 City of San Diego Crime Briefing January to December 2013 Index Crimes
01/30/2014 City of San Diego Bridge Program
01/29/2014 Annual Update on Citygate Recommendations Implementation Plan to Improve Fire-Rescue Emergency Response Capabilities
01/27/2014 Proposed City Residential PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Programs; Status of Commercial PACE
01/27/2014 Revision to City of San Diego Reserve Policy - General Fund Reserve Policy and Risk Management Reserve Policy: Workers' Compensation, Public Liability and Long-Term Disability
01/22/2014 Appeal of the Sanford B. Myers Spec House #1, located at 1619 J Street
01/17/2014 Status of the Utility Undergrounding Program
01/08/2014 Living Wage Ordinance Proposed Amendments
12/26/2013 City Wide Prevailing Wage Implementation
12/20/2013 Informational Report Pursuant to the Local Agency Special Tax and Bond Accountability Act for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2013
12/20/2013 Annual Report on Internal Controls
12/20/2013 2014 Capital Improvement Program Lease Revenue Bonds
12/20/2013 Informational Report Pursuant to the Local Agency Special Tax and Bond Accountability Act for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2013
12/11/2013 Adoption of the FY 2015- FY 2019 Consolidated Plan Goals
12/09/2013 Contract Extension for the Maintenance of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
12/09/2013 City of San Diego Sidewalk Policy Discussion
12/05/2013 Proposed 2014 Legislative Program
12/02/2013 Economic Development Strategy 2014-2016
11/15/2013 Fiscal Year 2014 First Quarter Budget Monitoring Report
11/12/2013 Proposed Development of the Multi-Year Capital Planto Address Infrastructure Needs