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Office of the City Clerk

Reports to the City Council

What is a Report to the City Council?

Reports to the City Council are significant City government documents that transmit information and recommendations to the City Council or to City Council standing committees.  More Details about Reports to the City Council.

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Reports to Council by Year

Official City Documents

Date Number Title
04/18/2012 FY 2013 Recommended Financial Management (Citywide) Department User Fee Adjustments
04/18/2012 FY 2013 Recommended Fire-Rescue Department User Fee Adjustments
04/18/2012 FY 2013 Recommended Transportation & Storm Water Department User Fee Adjustments
04/11/2012 Approval of Information Technology (IT) Services Contracts with (1) Atos IT Solutions & Services, Inc. for Data Center Services and Service Desk and Desktop Support Services, and (2) CGI Technologies & Solutions, Inc. for Application Development and Main
04/11/2012 San Diego Police Department Tow Contract Action Report and Updated Information
04/10/2012 Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) Programmatic Review and Potential Enhancements
04/10/2012 Potential Overrule of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority inconsistency determination for a proposed Jack in the Box restaurant located at 9210 Scranton Road. Project Number 235526
04/04/2012 Initial Draft Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule ('Initial Draft ROPS'), Second Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule ('Second ROPS'), and Third Amended and Restated Enforceable Obligations Payment Schedule ('Third Amended EOPS')
03/27/2012 Lease Revenue Bonds 2012 Deferred Capital Improvement Projects Financing and 2002 Fire and Life Safety Bonds Economic Refunding
03/27/2012 Annual Update of the City of San Diego Debt Policy
03/23/2012 Landscape Maintenance Contract with Landscapes USA for Carmel Valley Maintenance Assessment District
03/16/2012 Report from the Council Policy Working Group regarding revisions to Council Policy 000-01: 'Council Policy Manual'
03/14/2012 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Actions
03/13/2012 Update on the Implementation of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure System
03/07/2012 Annual Update of the City of San Diego Debt Policy
03/07/2012 Update on Performance Measures for the Fiscal Year 2013 Proposed Budget
03/06/2012 Refunding of the Convention Center Expansion Financing Authority Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 1998A
03/06/2012 Informational Report from the San Diego Police Department Regarding the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
03/02/2012 Update on Purchasing and Contracting Improvements and Streamlining Efforts
02/23/2012 Second Amended and Restated Enforceable Obligation Payment Schedule ('Updated EOPS') and Initial Draft of Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule ('Initial Draft ROPS')
02/23/2012 Fiscal Year 2012 Mid-Year Budget Monitoring Report
02/22/2012 Deferred Capital Program Update 2nd Bond Project List
02/22/2012 Bond Refundings
02/22/2012 Infrastructure Condition Update
02/21/2012 Sewage Transportation Agreement with City of Imperial Beach
02/07/2012 City of San Diego Crime Briefing: January to December 2011 Index Crimes
02/03/2012 A 21st Century Capital Improvements Process: Streamlining and Transparency
02/01/2012 Deferred Capital Program Update
01/25/2012 Report from the Office of the Mayor. Economic Growth Services regarding PROPOSAL TO INCREASE SPECIAL EVENT USE OF PETCO PARK FOR EAST VILLAGE REVITALIZATION
01/24/2012 Formation of a Convention Center Facilities District to Provide Funding
01/17/2012 Informational Report from the Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention
01/17/2012 Police Department Live Scan Resolution
01/09/2012 Water System 2012 Water Revenue Refunding Bonds
01/05/2012 Election to serve as the Successor Agency and Retain Housing Assets and Functions pursuant to the Dissolution Act. Assembly Bill 1X 26 ('AB 26')
01/04/2012 Proposed 2012 Legislative Program
12/29/2011 Informational Report Pursuant to the Local Agency Special Tax and Bond Accountability Act for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2011
12/29/2011 Annual Report on Internal Controls
10/31/2011 Preliminary Statement of Work for Street & Sidewalk Maintenance
10/28/2011 Community Facilities District No. 2 (Santaluz) - Improvement Area No. 1 Special Tax Refunding Bonds, Series A of 2011
10/27/2011 Information Report from the San Diego Police Department Regarding Identify Theft Awareness
10/26/2011 Informational Report from the San Diego Police Department Regarding Juvenile Curfew Enforcement
10/12/2011 Equal Benefits Ordinance Fiscal Year 2011 Annual (6-month) Report
10/05/2011 San Diego Police Department 7-Point Plan
10/05/2011 Informational Report from the San Diego Police Department Regarding Crime Free Multi-Housing
09/22/2011 Fiscal Year 2011 Business Diversity Annual Report
09/15/2011 Marketing Partnership with Sprint Solutions
09/13/2011 Amending the San Diego Municipal Code to Provide for Formation of a Convention Center Facilities
09/12/2011 Approval to Expend $30,000 from the Historic Preservation Fund for the Local Historic Preservation Activities
08/16/2011 Award of As-Needed Contract for Automated Side-Loading Refuse Packers
07/20/2011 Tax Rate Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2012