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Office of the City Clerk

Reports to the City Council

What is a Report to the City Council?

Reports to the City Council are significant City government documents that transmit information and recommendations to the City Council or to City Council standing committees.  More Details about Reports to the City Council.

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Reports to Council by Year

Official City Documents

Date Number Title
11/08/2013 Proposed Water Rate Increases
10/30/2013 San Diego Fire-Rescue, Lifeguard Division Informational Report: 'Waterproofing San Diego' and the San Diego Junior Lifeguards Program
10/30/2013 San Diego Fire-Rescue, Lifeguard Division Informational Report: 'Lifeguard Division Five Year Plan and Needs Assessment'
10/23/2013 Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance Update
10/23/2013 Deferred Capital Bond Funded Program Update
10/22/2013 Informational Report from the Commission on Gang Prevention & Intervention
10/22/2013 State of the CIP - Fiscal Year 2013
10/22/2013 Improvement of City of San Diego Governmental Operations
10/21/2013 Update on the Relocation of Public Works and Public Utilities Staff to 525 B Street, San Diego
10/21/2013 Animal Services Contract
10/21/2013 Annual Master Lease Agreement to Fund Vehicles and Equipment
10/21/2013 Police Department Five-Year Plan
10/17/2013 Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Second Allocation
10/16/2013 Amendment to the Mid-City Communities Planned District Ordinance for an Interim Height Limitation in the Uptown Community
10/15/2013 Living Wage Ordinance Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2013
10/01/2013 Contract Amendment to the Consultant Agreement with Lee & Ro, Inc. (L&R), and Contract Amendment to the Construction Management Agreement with Jacobs Project Management Co. (JPM) for the Point Loma Grit Processing Improvements Project
09/26/2013 San Diego Police Department Recruitment and Retention Update
09/26/2013 Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) Presentation
09/16/2013 Agreement with Trussell Technologies, Inc., for Water Treatment Research Consulting Services, Amendment No. 1
09/09/2013 Report to the City Council Pursuant to the July 31, 2013 Prevailing Wage Ordinance Hearing
09/09/2013 IT Sourcing - Vendor EOCP Update & Presentations
09/05/2013 Adoption of the 2013 San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan
08/30/2013 Request for Feedback on Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance
08/27/2013 Leasehold Development Agreement for Brown Field Airport
08/13/2013 Proposition 218 Noticing of Proposed Water Rate Adjustments
07/31/2013 Informational Update on the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan for the San Diego Region
07/25/2013 City of San Diego Climate Action Plan
07/22/2013 Potable Reuse Project 90-Day Update Pursant to City Council's acceptance of the Water Purification Demonstration Project Report
07/16/2013 Prevailing Wage Requirements for Municipal Public Works Projects
07/11/2013 Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriation Ordinance and City Council Requested Changes and Information
07/05/2013 Amendment to SDMC 147.04 General Regulations, Plumbing and Mechanical Regulations, Other Water-Conserving Plumbing Standards o require 1.6 gallons per flush toilets per California Senate Bill 407
07/02/2013 13-058.pdf
07/02/2013 Recycled Water Pricing Study
06/21/2013 Declaration of a Homeless Shelter Crisis in the City of San Diego and Designation of Sites for the Continued Operation of Two Emergency Homeless Shelters and Transitional Storage Center for FY 2014
06/12/2013 Barrio Logan Community Plan and Local Coastal Program Update. Council District 8. Process 5.
06/10/2013 Corporate Partnership Agreement DecoBike, LLC
06/05/2013 Prevailing Wage Requirements for Municipal Public Works Projects
05/31/2013 Approval of the Bank of America and Citibank Banking Services Contracts
05/24/2013 Informational Debrief Regarding the FY14 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Allocation Process
05/22/2013 Fiscal Year 2013 6-Month State of the CIP Report
05/22/2013 Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Levy and Annual Update of Assessment Engineer's Reports for Economic Development Division's Maintenance Assessment Districts
05/21/2013 Fiscal Year 2013 Year-End Budget Monitoring Report
05/21/2013 Mission Beach Community Precise Planning Board Bylaw amendment. Council District 2
05/20/2013 City of San Diego Assessment District No. 4096 (Piper Ranch) Limited Obligation Refunding Bonds
05/13/2013 City of San Diego Bike Program
05/03/2013 Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Levy and Annual Update of Assessment Engineer Reports for Park and Recreation Department Maintenance Assessment Districts
04/23/2013 Holly Drive Street Improvements Project: Eminent Domain
04/22/2013 Informational Report from the San Diego Police Department Regarding Summer Beach Operational Plans
04/09/2013 2012 Citywide Volunteer Activity Status Annual Report
04/02/2013 San Diego Police Department Recruitment and Retention Update