San Diego

Wildland Management and Enforcement

Brush Management and Weed Abatement

"Brush" is the predominant native plant community in the canyons of Southern California. When adjacent to homes, brush management is required to protect the homes from wild fire. Inspections of brush-covered areas adjacent to buildings are performed on a complaint basis only.

Review the following information on canyon fire safety, then, if merited, contact the Fire Hazard Advisor to make a brush management complaint at (619) 533-4444.

Canyon Fire Safety

PDF icon The City of San Diego Fire Safety and Brush Management Guide summarizes guidelines for brush management in canyon areas. This guide was prepared after the October 2003 Cedar Fire and most recently updated in 2016.

The City of San Diego PDF icon Use of Goats for Brush Management Guide summarizes guidelines for the use of goats to maintain canyon brush.

Further information on the City of San Diego PDF icon Brush Management Policy and Landscape Standards was issued in June 2008 and revised in May 2010.

Information on fire resistant plants is available in the "Landscape Technical Manual." Contact City Publications at (619) 446-5200.

Enforcement of brush management is based upon PDF icon Municipal Code Section 142.0412 - Brush Management (page 25).


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