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junior lifeguard pier jumpSan Diego Junior Lifeguards [SDJG] are required to wear a uniform during class.  The following items are mandatory in order to participate each day:

  • Yellow SDJG Rash Guard 
  • Yellow SDJG T-Shirt
  • Red SDJG Boardshorts/Swimsuit
  • SDJG Hat
  • Ocean swim fins (We recommend Da Fin or Duck Feet fins.)
  • Optional items include SDJG hoodies and sweatpants.

**For safety reasons, all clothing and gear worn during class times must be San Diego Junior Lifeguard apparel. Please read our uniform policy below.

Uniform Policy

  1. All JGs must wear a SDJG (yellow) uniform T-shirt or uniform rash guard. No other shirts are permitted.
  2. All JGs must wear a SDJG hat for sun protection.
  3. Girls must wear a red one-piece with a SDJG patch sewn on the left front. Two-piece swimsuits may be worn, but must first be approved by the JG program management staff. Please email for information regarding acceptable two piece swim suits. The Roxy two piece sold by Clairemont Surf is acceptable.
  4. Girls may only wear red shorts over their suits. The shorts must have a SDJG patch sewn on the left front. Shorts may not have any trim or designer logos. Small brand tags are acceptable.
  5. Boys must wear red shorts with a SDJG patch sewn on the left front. Shorts may not have any trim or designer logos. Small brand tags are acceptable.
  6. All shorts must be worn appropriately and around the waist. Boys may not have any undergarments showing.
  7. Additional required items include: proper foot protection (athletic style shoes or sandals), swim fins (SDJG recommends Duck Feet or Da Fin), sunscreen, a pen, and Field Training Guide (FTG).
  8. Any optional uniform items must be official SDJG issue. Wetsuits may only be worn with an official SDJG rash guard.
  9. For safety reasons, JGs are not permitted to wear any jewelry during JG operations. Long hair must be tied back as well.
  10. Finally, all personal gear should be marked with your first and last name on the outside for easy identification. The SDJG Program and Staff are not responsible for any lost uniforms items or personal property.

Our Uniform Policy will be included in the Junior Lifeguard Field Training Guide, which will be handed out on the second day of the session.

Uniform PurchaseClairemont Surf Shop logo

San Diego Junior Lifeguards is partnered with Clairemont Surf Shop and all uniform items are from Quiksilver and Roxy!

JG Uniform gear is available at Clairemont Surf Shop. You can also purchase online at

If you have any questions regarding uniforms, please email us at