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Posting of the Notice for Bids on this site is provided for convenience only and is not intended as an official source. The City makes no guarantees that the technology or equipment will be available to provide information or that bid notices and forms will be available for downloading. The City will endeavor to keep this site up to date, however prospective bidders should check with either the Procurement Specialist or project manager for all official information. Bid forms may be downloaded from this site and used for submitting an official bid, but bidder must contact the official source for assurance of the completeness of information, forms, and addenda.

Bid Documents

It is the bidder's responsibility to ensure that the most complete and current version of the bid or contract document has been downloaded or otherwise obtained, including any addendum. Incomplete bids will not be accepted.

Only those changes made by the City in the form of written addendum will be accepted. Modifications made by the bidder to the terms proposed in the Notice for Bids must be clearly noted in the bid. Any changes made to the bid terms without the consent of the City may render the bid non-responsive and subject to rejection.

Unofficial Advertising

The City of San Diego is publicizing this information as a public service. By providing this information, the City hopes to raise interest in bidding for City contracts. These pages are updated daily. Information may be removed at any time, but generally after the date of the bid opening. This information is not the official advertising for the City of San Diego, and the City does not warrant that it is thorough or reliable. For the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information, the City encourages prospective bidders to consult either the City Bulletin of Public Notices website or the official newspaper of the City of San Diego.

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