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Purchasing & Contracting


The terms in the City of San Diego's third-party vendor portal (PlanetBids) may differ from those used internally and in official documents during business operations. The following glossary offers the City's interpretation of terms used in the vendor portal, addressing any differences. 

PlanetBidsTM City of San Diego
Bid Bid, Proposal, Statement of Qualifications, or Quote
Bid To Paper Bid Submittal Location
Buyer The City of San Diego
Category NAICS or NIGP
Contact Contract Specialist or Procurement Contracting Officer
Department Buyer Department
Engineer Estimate City's Budgeted Amount
Estimated Bid Value Engineer's Estimate, City's Estimated Contract Price
Owner's Agent Project Manager
Pre-Bid Meeting Pre-submittal Meeting
Project Coordinator Project Manager
Project Stage Bid/Award Stage
Project Type Solicitation Type
Prospective Bidder Plan Holder
Target Bid Amount City's Budgeted Amount, Project Estimated Budget, etc.
Type of Award - Lump All Awarded Lines To One Vendor Or More Vendors
Type of Award - Split Each Individual Line Awarded To One Or More Vendors
Vendor Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer, Broker, Design-Builder, Construction Manager, Consultant, Service Provider, etc.