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Bid Tabulations

Disclaimer: These ARE NOT Official results and are posted for information only. Bid tabulations are subject to change!

Bid tabulations are summaries of the results of bids submitted by vendors who responded to the bids and/or quotes listed. The totals listed on the bid tabulation are for comparison only. Bids will be evaluated for completeness and compliance with specifications by the City. The tabulations do not represent a notice of award but only of the bids received.

Vendors shall not take any action until the award decision is posted and the contract/purchase order has been issued. The viewer is advised that the Award of any contract/purchase order is subject to review and approval of the City. No award decision has been made at this time.

Bid # Bid Description
PDF icon 10065551-16-G Service Brass Water Parts
PDF icon 10060987-16-G Traffic Paint
PDF icon 10062242-16-G Truncated Dome Mats
PDF icon 10056879-16-L Janitorial Maintenance Service at Various Waste/water/Water Facilities
PDF icon 10056901-15-L Library Books, Audio Visual Material, Music Scores and Processing Services
PDF icon 10059961-16-M Asbestos Lead Mold Abatement Services Spec
PDF icon 10054793-15-J Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
PDF icon 10059974-15-F LED Signal Modules (Combination Pedestrian Signal)
PDF icon 10060988-15-F Coupling Various Sizes, Water, Wastewater
PDF icon 10059927-16-L Wastewater Pumping Services at Miramar Landfill
PDF icon 10054792-15-R Playground Surfacing Repair and Maintenance
PDF icon 10057685-15-R Side Loading Automated Refuse Packers
PDF icon 10052620-15-L Janitorial Maintenance Service at SDPD Store Fronts, Stations, Facilities and SDPD HQ
PDF icon 10055752-15-L Janitorial Maintenance Service at Various City Facilities
PDF icon 10048690-15-L Refuse and Recyclable Collection Services
PDF icon 10054789-15-D Tree Maintenance for Park and Recreation’s Golf Division
PDF icon 10051852-15-A Brush Management Services for Open Space Park & Recreation
PDF icon 10040659-14-J Enhanced Security Guard Services for Critical Infrastructure Facilities of the Public Utilities Department
PDF icon 10044442-14-L Maintenance, Repair and Parts for Photovoltaic Systems
PDF icon 10043386-14-J On-Air Automation System
PDF icon 10045555-14-L Spectra Precision Survey Equipment
PDF icon 10043518-14-J HVAC Air Filters
PDF icon 10042576-14-X Backflow Assemblies and Repair Parts
PDF icon 10045337-14-C Ferric Chloride for Water/Wastewater Treatment
PDF icon 10045340-14-C Ammonium Hydroxide for Water Treatment
PDF icon 10038957-14-J Monitoring and Maintenance Services for Existing Fire Alarm/Security Equipment at Various City Branch Libraries
PDF icon 10043655-14-R Rental of Unoperated Construction Equipment
PDF icon 10042479-14-N Heat Fused Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings
PDF icon 10042813-14-L Power Washing Sidewalks, Sidewalk Furniture, and Trash Receptacles within the North Park Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10036452-14-L Ninety-Two (92) GPS Enabled, Compact Current Interrupters
PDF icon 10042810-14-J Vehicle Side Camera Systems and Installation on Refuse Packer Trucks
PDF icon 10036547-14-V Consultant for AMI Implementation (As Needed)
PDF icon 10041851-14-L Removal, Hauling and Disposal or Recycling of an Estimated 420 Wet Tons of Contained Sewage Scum (Fats, Oils, Grease)
PDF icon 10032598-14-E One Ton Service Maintenance Trucks
PDF icon 10043285-14-N Sewer Rodding Machine Wire
PDF icon 10043586-14-C Caustic Soda 50% Solution for Water/Wastewater Treatment
PDF icon 10043628-14-J Security Guard Services at Park Recreation Sites
PDF icon 10043036-14-C Fluoride for Water Treatment
PDF icon 10043006-14-C Ferric Chloride for Water Treatment
PDF icon 10039720-14-V Security Guard Services at Environmental Services Operations Station & Miramar Landfill
PDF icon 10035418-14-V Miscellaneous Forms
PDF icon 10038890-14-V Uniforms for ESD Collection Services Division
PDF icon 10042369-14-N Full-Service Maintenance and Repair of Roll-Up Doors at Various Locations within the Fire Rescue and Public Utilities Department
PDF icon 10037584-14-R Rental of Unoperated Construction Equipment
PDF icon 10040656-14-R Safety Inspection/Certification and Preventative Maintenance of Cranes and Related Equipment
PDF icon 10036350-14-J Paint And Paint Supplies
PDF icon 10038326-14-R Pest Control at City Buildings, Pigeon and Skunk Trapping at Qualcomm
PDF icon 10036398-14-E Various Light Duty Sedans, Van and SUV
PDF icon 10041219-14-R Break-Away Sign Support System
PDF icon 10036351-14-R Pest Control Service at the San Diego Concourse
PDF icon 10037446-13-N Lease of Heavy-Duty Landfill Equipment
PDF icon 10036443-14-J As Needed Engineered Wood Fiber
PDF icon 10037252-14-C Security Guard Services for Brown Field and Montgomery Field Airports
PDF icon 10038840-14-V Mechanical Seals, Parts and Repair
PDF icon 10038738-14-V Service Awards
PDF icon 10035579-14-V Miscellaneous Brand Pump Parts
PDF icon 10041212-14-R GIS Handheld Mapping Device
PDF icon 10034650-13-W Landscape Maintenance of Medians, Bike and Equestrian Trails within Carmel Valley, Carmel Valley Restoration Enhancement Project (CVREP)
PDF icon 10035743-13-N Traffic Signal Control Equipment
PDF icon 10035896-13-C Traffic Data Gathering
PDF icon 10035179-13-L Inspection And Testing of the Electrical Distribution System At Qualcomm Stadium, including High Voltage and On-Call Emergency Repair Services
PDF icon 10034119-13-Y Mixed and Delivered Concrete
PDF icon 10035061-13-J Elevator Maintenance at Various City Facilities
PDF icon 10034938-13-G Record Archive Shelving
PDF icon 10027307-13-Y As Needed Concrete & Asphalt Cutting Services
PDF icon 10032948-13-E Miscellaneous Recycled Printing Papers and Related Supplies
PDF icon 10033805-13-W Landscape Maintenance for Fire Repair and Communication Facilities
PDF icon 10025329-13-Z Furnish the City of San Diego with Miscellaneous Athletic Equipment
PDF icon 10034740-13-C Bulk Liquid Oxygen
PDF icon 10030970-13-E Tub Grinder for the Miramar Landfill Greenery
PDF icon 10026343-13-W Landscape Services for Public Utilities, Water Facilities
PDF icon 10025899-13-W Landscape for Street Medians Open Space
PDF icon 10031005-13-X Furnish the City of San Diego with Four (4) Pre-Fabricated Modular Buildings
PDF icon 10032777-13-L Removal, Overhaul and Reinstallation of Large Motors at the North City (NCWRP) and South Bay (SBWRP) Water Reclamation Plants
PDF icon 10033053-13-C GAC Filter Media for Public Utilities Water
PDF icon 10032367-13-E Various Light Duty SUVs
PDF icon 10032365-13-E Various Passenger Vans and Sedans
PDF icon 10031741-13-Q Fire Alarm Monitoring at Various Park & Recreation Facilities
PDF icon 10032675-13-E Ford Utility Police Interceptor All-Wheel-Drive Vehicles
PDF icon 10032302-13-W Landscape Maintenance for Torrey Hills MAD
PDF icon 10031654-13-Q Security Guard Services for Brown Field and Montgomery Field Airports
PDF icon 10033791-13-L Fused Switches and Startup for Sewer Pump Stations Nos. 1 and 64
PDF icon 10032575-13-E Various Heavy Duty Forklifts
PDF icon 10032814-13-W Landscape Maintenance for Airports, Brown, Montgomery
PDF icon 10031078-13-Q Portable Fire Extinguisher Sales, Service, Maintenance and Repair for various City Facilities
PDF icon 10024960-13-W Landscape Maintenance for Sabre Springs and Carmel Mtn MAD
PDF icon 10025421-13-E Various Equipment Hauling Trailers
PDF icon 10029425-13-W Landscaper Maintenance for MOC Facility
PDF icon 10031045-13-L As Needed On Call 24/7, Scheduled, and Emergency Wastewater Pumping Service
PDF icon 10027833-13-J Locks, Lock Hardware, and Lock Repair Services
PDF icon 10023966-12-W Landscape Maintenance for Genesee N. Torrey Pines
PDF icon 10025366-13-Z General and Agricultural Pest Control Services for Developed Regional Parks
PDF icon 10031185-13-J HVAC Parts, Supplies, and Services
PDF icon 10028480-13-Q Security Guard Services at Various City Sites
PDF icon 10032662-13-Q HVAC Service and Repair at Various Fire Facilities
PDF icon 10028045-13-X Miscellaneous Plumbing Parts and Accessories
PDF icon 10025675-13-W Brush Management Services for Open Space P&R
PDF icon 10024288-13-W Landscape Maintenance for Mira Mesa and Calle Cristobal MAD
PDF icon 10030695-13-W Landscape for Rancho Bernardo and Penasquitos East Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10025877-13-X Three (3) EA Portable Diesel Pump & Engine Trailer
PDF icon 10031957-13-V Scott Breathing Apparatus, Parts & Maintenance
PDF icon 10023988-13-Q Fire Alarm/Security Monitoring at Various City Libraries
PDF icon 10025126-12-E Greases and Lubricating Oils
PDF icon 10025197-12-V Copying of Confidential Medical Records
PDF icon 10025955-13-E Re-Manufactured Allison Transmission Exchange Program
PDF icon 10026314-13-W Landscape For Mid-City MAD
PDF icon 10023410-12-Q Citywide Tree Maintenance
PDF icon 10023779-12-L Library Supplies
PDF icon 10024490-12-V HP5000PS & 1055 Machines Supplies & Maint.
PDF icon 10025550-12-L Furnish the City of San Diego with Preventative Maintenance and As-needed Rental and Repair of Generators
PDF icon 10025350-13-M Nikon Cameras & Accessories
PDF icon 10024962-12-Z Furnish the City of San Diego with Aviation Fuel for the City of San Diego's Police Department and Fire-Rescue Department
PDF icon 10008789-11-E Automated Refuse Packers
PDF icon 10015714-11-L Used and Waste Tire Recycling and Disposal Services
PDF icon 10014942-11-L 400 HP Heavy Duty Variable Frequency Drives
PDF icon 10015260-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Sabre Springs Neighborhood Park and Provide Janitorial Maintenance for One (1) Comfort Station
PDF icon 10015407-11-C Silica Sand for Water Filtration NSF Standard 61 Compliant
PDF icon 10014925-11-L Janitorial Maintenance Service at Montgomery Field, Brown Field, San Diego Fire-Rescue Training Center and Various City Locations, as Needed
PDF icon 10015785-11-E Mini Passenger Van and Light Duty Pick Ups
PDF icon 10014670-11-W Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectometer with Autosampler
PDF icon 10015173-11-W Boat Yard Work, PM and Engines Generator Repair on City Ocean Vessels
PDF icon 10014496-11-Z Bee and Wasp Removal and Extermination Services
PDF icon 10015130-11-P Red and Green Light Emitting Diode Signal Modules
PDF icon 10015277-11-L As Needed, Complete Maintenance, Cleaning, Testing, Calibration and Repair of Medium Voltage Switchgears
PDF icon 10015560-11-C Ferrous Chloride for Public Utilities/Water
PDF icon 10014057-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Medians, Rights-of-Way and Areas Within the Rancho Bernardo Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10012395-11-W Proficiency Testing (PT) Samples and Quality Control (QC) Standards
PDF icon 10014491-11-P Remediation and Cleanup Services
PDF icon 10015313-11-P FERROUS CHLORIDE
PDF icon 10014695-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Various Metropolitan Wastewater (MWWD) Facilities
PDF icon 10015113-11-P Two-Wire Pedestrian Signal System
PDF icon 10014046-11-E Purchase of Various Heavy Duty Trucks
PDF icon 10014062-11-E Purchase of Water Delivery Tank Trucks
PDF icon 10014050-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Buffer Zones and Riparian Open Space Within the First San Diego River Improvement Project (FSDRIP)
PDF icon 10013883-11-L Janitorial Maintenance Service for Events and Post-Events at Qualcomm Stadium
PDF icon 10013541-11-P Minor Repair Services
PDF icon 10014045-11-E Purchase of Miscellaneous Construction Equipment
PDF icon 10013984-11-E Microfilm Services for the City of San Diego Planning and Development Review Department, Land Development Review, Maps and Records Sections
PDF icon 10014213-11-V Live Foreign Language Telephone Interpretation_Translations Svc
PDF icon 10014044-11-E Various Light Duty Vehicles
PDF icon 10013799-11-E Purchase of Loader Backhoes
PDF icon 10014188-11-Z Furnish the City of San Diego with Brush Management Services
PDF icon 10013812-11-V Police & Fire-Rescue Badges, Insignia & Related Repair
PDF icon 10014140-11-P Trench Plate Rental and K-Rail Sales
PDF icon 9984-11-Q Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Medians, Rights-of-Way and Areas within Gateway Center East Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10014228-11-P Extruded Alkyd_Maleic Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Material
PDF icon 9985-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance for the areas surrounding the Miramar Household Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility and Adjacent Trailers
PDF icon 9983-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Carmel Creek Neighborhood Park and Janitorial Maintenance for One(1) Comfort Station
PDF icon 10013887-11-P Application of SS-1H EMULSION
PDF icon 9981-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Medians, Rights-of-Way, and areas within Carmel Mountain Ranch Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 9982-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance for South Village Neighborhood Park & Comfort Station and Torrey Del Mar Neighborhood Park
PDF icon 10013658-11-P Maintenance and Repair Services for Eclectically Operated Gates at various Police Department Facilities
PDF icon 10013491-11-E Various Articulated Wheel Loaders with General Purpose Bucket
PDF icon 10013522-11-P Office Relocation Services
PDF icon 10009350-11-L Janitorial Maintenance Service at Various City of San Diego Operation Facilities - Chollas, Central Operations (20th & B Streets) and Rose Canyon Operations
PDF icon 10010625-11-E 4x2 Utility Vehicle with Cargo Box
PDF icon 9977-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Medians, Green-belt/Mini Parks, Rights-of-Way, Areas Adjacent to Rights-of-Way and Slopes within Torrey Hills Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10013167-11-E Various Medium Duty Trucks
PDF icon 10009883-11-W Tools for Sewer Line Cleaning
PDF icon 9979-11-Q Landscape Maintenance of South Creek Neighborhood Park and Comfort Station
PDF icon 9980-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Designated Undeveloped Open Space Areas within Bay Terrace Honey Drive Maintenance Assessment District
K115085C (XLS) Sewer Group 748
PDF icon 10012279-11-W Asbestos and Lead Abatement Services
K115043C (XLS) East Point Loma Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation
PDF icon 10013271-11-E Beach Cleaner
PDF icon 10013382-11-E Chevy Tahoe with Police Special Package No. CK15706 4-Door
PDF icon 10012632-11-E ADA Shuttle Service at Qualcomm Stadium
PDF icon 10012150-11-W 87-inch Sewer Force Main Inspection
PDF icon 10012507-11-L Janitorial Maintenance Service 24/7 at Various Comfort Stations, including Civic Center and Gaslamp Square Park Comfort Stations
PDF icon 9975-11-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Engineering Field Division
PDF icon 10008610-11-Z General and Agricultural Pest Control Services for the Park & Recreation Department, Community Parks I Division
PDF icon 10009552-11-Z Ground Squirrels, Gophers and Rodents Control Services for the Public Utilities Department, Water Operations Division
PDF icon 9967-11-Q Landscape Maintenance for Rancho Bernardo Community Park & Dog Park and Comfort Stations
PDF icon 10008105-10-E Various Lubricating Oils
PDF icon 10010623-11-E Lease of One (1) Heavy-Duty Water Tanker with Full Maintenance
PDF icon 9976-11-Q Crime Scene Supplies
PDF icon 9966-11-Q Landscape Maintenance of Spring Canyon Park & Comfort Station,and Dingeman School Field
PDF icon 9973-11-Q Landscape Maintenance for Alvarado Water Treatment Campus
PDF icon 10011001-11-E BMW Police Motorcycles
PDF icon 10008910-11-L Wastewater Pumping Removal and Disposal for Portable Toilets and Holding Tanks at Various City Locations
PDF icon 9972-10-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Carmel Valley Community Park & Comfort Station
PDF icon 9968-10-Q Furnish the City of San Diego with Complete Landscape Maintenance of Dusty Rhodes Neighborhood Park & Dog Park
PDF icon 9958-11-Q Complete Landscape Maint. Of the Designated Medians, Rights-of-Way, Mini-Parks, Open Space and Areas within the Penasquitos East MAD
PDF icon 10011920-11-P Specialty Golf Course Sands
PDF icon 10011474-11-P Street Lights for Talmadge Community of San Diego
PDF icon 10011940-11-C Powdered Activated Carbon for Water Treatment
PDF icon 10007408-10-V Pre-Employment Psychological Screening Program
PDF icon 9970-11-Q Landscape Maintenance of Black Mountain Ranch South Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 9955-10-Q Furnish the City of San Diego with Complete Landscape Maintenance of the Designated Rights-of-Way/Parkways, Parks and Adjacent Slopes, and Areas within the Miramar Ranch North Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10010205-11-E Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134A) Auto Refrigerant
PDF icon 10009513-11-Z Pest Control Services for the Developed Regional Parks Department
PDF icon 10005711-10-L Janitorial Maintenance Service for the City of San Diego Branch Libraries
PDF icon 10006782-10-P Event and 24/7 Security Guard Service at Qualcomm Stadium
PDF icon 9969-10-Q Complete Landscape Maintenance of Coronado View Maintenance Assessment District
PDF icon 10008053-11-L Sweeping and Power Washing of Ocean Beach Pier and Various City Facilities
PDF icon 10008426-11-Z As Needed Installations, Repairs or Maintenance Services for New and Existing Mass Notification Systems
PDF icon 10008630-11-Z Pest Control Service for the Miramar Landfill
PDF icon 10008667-10-V Bottled Water Delivery, Dispensers and Paper Cups
PDF icon 10008675-10-V MSA Evolution 5200 TIC
PDF icon 10009238-10-P Provide and Install Carpet at Qualcomm Stadium
PDF icon 10008606-10-P Miscellaneous Speed Shoring Forms and Shoring Pump Rental
PDF icon 10008058-10-P Surface Mounted Delineators as required for one year
PDF icon 10007848-10-Q Calsense Irrigation Controllers and Components
PDF icon 10006230-10-Z Custom Brazilian Ipe Wooden Benches