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How To Read A Current Listing

Bid and Contract Opportunity Listings present basic information in a consistent format. The same basic information is provided for all listings, with supplemental information provided for construction projects. The information will always appear in the same order. For your convenience, definitions of the Bid and Contract Opportunity Listing data fields appear below.

  • Category Description: To help identify potential Bid & Contract opportunities in your field, listings are divided into four major categories -- Construction, Consultants, Service Providers, and Commodities
  • Sub-category Description: The four categories are further divided into sub-categories by common industry groups or sectors.
  • Bid Number: A unique identifying number which should be referred to when requesting additional information from the contact person.
  • Publication Date: The day a bid or contract Opportunity Listing first appears on the page.
  • Addendum Date: The date an addendum is published appears here.
  • Bid Title: A very brief description of the bid and contract opportunity.
  • Bid Description: A summary of the bid or contract opportunity which provides basic information.
  • Bid Submittal Due Date: The final date for submitting a bid/proposal.
  • Bid Opening Time: The time of day when sealed bids are opened or when bids must be received. No bids are accepted after that time.
  • License Requirements: Minimum license requirements, if any, will be noted here.
  • Pre-bid Meeting: If this space is blank, then no meeting is scheduled. If a "Y" appears here, call the contact person for details.
  • Requesting Department: The department listing this Bid & Contract opportunity.
  • Contact Person: The name and phone number of the person responsible for providing detailed information on a particular Bid & Contract opportunity. If the contact person has an email address, it is also provided.
  • Bid Download Available: If Yes, this bid is available for downloading in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Delivery/Service Location: The address(s) where delivery will be made or work will be performed.
  • Contract Estimate: The estimated value for the contract may appear here as a single amount or the range of figures.
  • Fee: If there is a fee to purchase the plans and specifications, it will appear here.
  • Plan & Spec Available: The address where you may obtain bid documents (plans and specs). It is also possible to mail a check for the fee amount and have the plans and specs delivered by Federal Express if you provide your account number and a street address for delivery, not a postal box.
  • Business Hours: The business hours (Pacific Standard Time) of the office listed above.
  • Fax number: The fax number of the office listed above.
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