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General Overview

The City of San Diego purchases and contracts for a wide variety of supplies, services, equipment, and expert assistance to provide our community a full range of municipal services, and programs. In general, public works construction projects including design consultants are the responsibility of the Engineering and Capital Projects Department or the Metropolitan Wastewater Department; the Purchasing Division is responsible for centralized procurement of goods and technical or maintenance services; and City Departments may advertise for and select consultants.

The City is continually seeking vendors, suppliers, and contractors who can provide quality products and services at competitive prices. This site contains brief descriptions of current bid and contract opportunities which directs you to a contact person who will provide more detailed information on that particular bid and contract opportunity.

How to Use this Database

Bid and Contract Opportunities are arranged by major category areas: Construction, Consultants, Real Estate, Service Providers, and Commodities. These categories are further divided into sub-categories by industry group. Each Bid and Contract Opportunity Listing is linked to a sub-category.

Select any sub-category from the Category Listings page to view the titles of all current Bid and Contract Opportunities for that sub-category. Then select an individual title from the sub-category listing and that Bid and Contract Opportunity Listing will appear with additional information. An option to show all items is also available.

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