San Diegans' quality of life depends on a vibrant economy, a healthy environment and thriving neighborhoods. Complete Communities is an initiative to set us on a path to achieve our goals and shape a future that works for all of us with a focus on four key areas: housing, mobility, parks and infrastructure.

Complete Communities includes planning strategies that work together to create incentives to build homes near transit, provide more mobility choices and enhance opportunities for places to walk, bike, relax and play. These efforts ensure that all residents have access to the resources and opportunities necessary to improve the quality of their lives.

Thoughtful and inclusive planning initiatives and programs aim to create a healthy environment and thriving communities that will serve to enhance the quality of life for all residents, regardless of their background and identity.

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Mobility Choices logo Housing Solutions (Adopted)

Mobility Choices logo Housing

On Jan. 10, 2024, Mayor Todd Gloria signed an executive order requiring all relevant City departments to review new housing projects under the City’s Complete Communities: Housing Solutions program within 30 days, dramatically speeding up a process that currently can take up to 12 months. This comes after he signed an executive order in January 2023 expediting permits for 100% affordable housing projects.


Housing Solutions is an optional affordable housing incentive program aimed at encouraging the building of homes near high-frequency transit. The focus is intended to create a variety of housing options for everyone, particularly those at low and middle-income levels.  These incentives include investments in neighborhood amenities, such as pocket parks and plazas, as well as the preservation of existing affordable housing units. General Regulations for Complete Communities Housing Solutions can be found in San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 14, Article 3, Division 10.

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Mobility Choices logo Mobility Choices (Adopted)

Mobility Choices logo Mobility

Mobility Choices aims to provide more mobility options for San Diegans to commute and recreate by streamlining development in areas of the City that are most aligned with the City’s climate goals and by investing in active transportation infrastructure, such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities. These investments are focused in Communities of Concern, where the need is the greatest. Regulations for Complete Communities: Mobility Choices can be found in the San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 14, Article 3, Division 11.

Mobility Evaluation Tool (MET)

The Sustainability and Mobility Department developed the Mobility Evaluation Tool (MET) to assist development project applicants with their California Environment Quality Act transportation analysis and/or Complete Choices: Mobility Choices regulations compliance. The MET produces a report that can be submitted during the development project review process. For additional information and resources, please visit the following web page.

Mobility Evaluation Tool Webpage

Active Transportation In-Lieu Fee Calculator

Active Transportation In-Lieu Fee Calculator

The Active Transportation In-Lieu Fee Calculator is an Excel based program that allows project applicants, developers, and City staff to calculate the Active Transportation In-Lieu Fee associated with the Mobility Choices Regulations. The Calculator can be used to calculate the required fee for Mobility Zone 4 project or to calculate the Opt-In Fee for projects in Mobility Zones 2 or 3 that would prefer to the pay the fee rather than implement the required VMT Reduction Measures. For more information on the functions, inputs, data sources, methodology, and assumptions used in the Calculator, please see the Active Transportation In-Lieu Fee Calculator Tool User Manual. If you require assistance with the excel file please contact

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Infrastructure Now logo Build Better SD (Adopted)

Infrastructure Now logo Infrastructure Now

Build Better SD provides a modernized funding structure, which enables faster and more efficient delivery of public facilities and infrastructure across all communities by:

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Consolidating infrastructure funding to expedite more projects across the City, deliver public facilities sooner and allow for more flexibility to target the greatest needs across the City.

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Proposing structural and operational changes to the existing development impact fee (DIF) program to facilitate the provision of community-supporting improvements and promote local investment.

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Investing in neighborhood amenities that help implement long-range planning strategies and enhance opportunities for all.

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