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Environmental Services


Enforcement is based on established guidelines and protocol. The focus is on achieving compliance through education and technical assistance. Guidelines apply to:

  • Single and multi-family residents
  • Building owners
  • HOA's
  • Special Event organizers
  • Franchisees and recyclable materials collectors
  • Property managers
  • Commercial building occupants
  • Self haulers

Recycling Specialists are available to assist with design and implementation of recycling programs. Code Compliance Officers conduct inspections based on periodic assessments of City serviced refuse containers, complaints, reports and site visits. Notices of Violation will be sent to those not complying with the ordinance's requirements.

  • An $88.00 reinspection fee will be issued on the third and all subsequent inspections.
  • Administrative Citations ranging from $100 to $1,000 may be assessed in cases where education and assistance have been offered, but the requirements are not being met. The amount will be determined by the violations' magnitude. Initial citation may start at a higher level.
  • Franchisee or recyclable materials collector will be issued an Administrative Warning on the first violation and an Administrative Citation on subsequent violations. If the violations persist, the case may be referred to the City Attorney or ESD Franchise Administrator for evaluation.
  • Self-haulers disposing of recyclables with refuse may be issued a Notice of Violation or may be subject to a $1,000.00 Administrative Citation. Subsequent violations may be referred to the City Attorney.
  • Special Events coordinators may be issued an Administrative Citation ranging from $100 to $1,000 on site of the event. Citation rate will be determined by size of event, violations' magnitude and/or lack of adequate and convenient recycling opportunities.

For technical assistance or to report a violation call 858-694-7000.