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Business Recycling

Recycling at work is as important as recycling at home. The City Recycling Ordinance requires that businesses located in the City separate recyclable material and organic waste materials from the trash. There are many ways businesses can reduce and recycle their waste, often resulting in financial benefits. Learn more about the commercial recycling ordinance for helpful resources on how your business can implement a successful recycling and organic waste recycling program.

Mandatory Recycling diagram

  • Recyclable materials include
    • Glass bottles and jars, paper, newspaper, metal containers, cardboard, rigid plastics including clean food containers, bottles, jugs, tubs, trays, pots, buckets and toys.
  • Organic waste recyclable materials include
    • Food scraps and food-soiled paper from kitchens and food operations and yard waste such as garden and landscape waste and nonhazardous wood waste.



Successful Business/Commercial Recycling Programs in San Diego:

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