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Performance & Analytics


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Performance & Change Management Projects

Using a proven approach to continuous improvement, PandA implements an augmented form of DMAIC (Assess, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control, Monitor). We partner with departments to help improve work processes, eliminate waste, drive data-informed decision-making, and deliver better value to customers. A snapshot of some projects follows:

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Research Studies and Survey Analysis


Resident Satisfaction Surveys

Customer service is a top priority for the City of San Diego. As stated in our Strategic Plan's Operating Principles

  • We value our residents, customers, and employees by designing solutions and services that put people first.

The City's Resident Satisfaction Surveys (RSS) help to gauge residents' satisfaction with City services. The results help City leaders make informed, data-driven decisions to better serve residents and provide responsive customer service.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

The City of San Diego's workforce is our single most valuable asset. As stated in our Strategic Plan, our aim is that:

  • The San Diego region benefits from a thriving, skilled, and educated workforce capable of tackling the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.
  • San Diegans benefit from a passionate, engaged City workforce that provides the highest level of customer service and represents the San Diego community.
  • City employees enjoy a culture of great leadership, appreciation, and acknowledgment, with opportunities for learning and development.
  • The City provides a clear, unified pathway for career growth and development.

To continually improve our workplace, we conduct employee satisfaction surveys at a regular cadence, throughout an employee's tenure, to measure employee engagement and overall satisfaction. The results help the Mayor and City leadership assess employees’ perceptions about job satisfaction, growth and recognition, management, teamwork, resources and communication, and work environment.

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Strategic Planning

The City's strategic planning efforts are designed to infuse accountability for performance, improve communication throughout the City, and support data-based decision-making. The City Strategic Plan is a vital component of the City's performance management efforts. It defines the City's mission, vision, goals, objectives, and key performance metrics. These efforts help optimize operations to serve City residents, visitors and businesses in the most effective and efficient way possible.