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Reports and Data

Ocean Monitoring Reports

As part of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements, the City’s Ocean Monitoring Program (OMP) is required to report all monitoring, QA and outfall inspection results to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board and the US EPA.

Annual Reports

annual reports

Monthly Reports

monthly reports

QA Reports

qa reports

Outfall Inspection Reports

outfall inspection reports


Special Studies

The OMP also participates in several special studies as part of NPDES Regional Monitoring requirements, and other special projects.

Satellite Monitoring

satellite monitoring

Aerial Kelp Surveys

Aerial Kelp Surveys

Kelp Forest Monitoring

Kelp Forest Monitoring

Other Special Studies

other special studies

Ocean Monitoring Data

The City's Ocean Monitoring Program (OMP) collects numerous types of data as part of the regulatory permit requirements governing wastewater discharge to the Pacific Ocean through the Point Loma and South Bay ocean outfalls. All core monitoring data (benthic sediments and infauna, demersal fishes and trawled invertebrates, contaminants in fish tissues), along with data from the City's Real-Time Oceanographic Moorings and Scanfish,are (or will be) available via the City's Open Data Portal.The City's OMP data are also being submitted to CEDEN, the State Water Board's data system for surface water quality in California.New data will be posted to these sites after all data reporting requirements to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Boardhave been fulfilled and the data subsequently become available for public dissemination.

Open Data Portal: Click on images below to access each data type

Water Quality

Water Quality

Benthic Invertebrates

Benthic Invertebrates

Demersal Fishes (Trawl Caught)

Demersal Fishes

Megabenthic Invertebrates (Trawl Caught)

Megabenthic Invertebrates


All data are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures before being reported to the Regional Water Quality Control Board and posted online. For more detailed information regarding quality control processes, please refer to the most recent annual Quality Assurance Report. Be advised, however, that the data are subject to modification at any time due to ongoing quality control measures. Consequently, the OMP data available online are only as current as of the date/time of the posting. It is the intended user's responsibility to periodically check back to see whether the data in question have been updated.

The OMP is administered by the Public Utilities Department's Environmental Monitoring and Technical Services Division. For questions, downloading assistance, or to request the data in an alternative format, contact