Pure Water San Diego

Pure Water San Diego is the City's phased, multi-year program to use proven water purification technology to clean recycled water to produce a safe and sustainable high-quality water supply for San Diego. The program is a cost-effective investment for San Diego's future water needs and will provide a reliable drinking water supply that is locally controlled and drought proof.

An initial 30-million-gallon-per-day water purification facility is scheduled to be operational by 2021. The long-term goal, producing 83 million gallons of purified water per day (one-third of San Diego's future drinking water supply), will be reached in 2035.

Water CyclePure Water San Diego Program components include:

  • The design and construction of full-scale water purification facilities;
  • Continued operation of the demonstration Pure Water Facility;
  • Research on potential additional treatment barriers;
  • Regulation and legislation development; and
  • An education and outreach program.

The program is environmentally friendly and will help make San Diego more water independent and more resilient against drought, climate change and natural disasters.

More Information

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego Fact Sheet

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego Fact Sheet (Spanish)

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego Fact Sheet (Vietnamese)

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego FAQs

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego Speakers Bureau Presentation

PDF icon Pure Water San Diego Program Brochure

Previous Initiatives

A water reuse study (2004-2006) identified water purification via reservoir augmentation as the preferred water reuse strategy for San Diego.

A PDF icon recycled water study (PDF) (2009-2012) developed and presented water reuse alternatives for San Diego's future.

A demonstration project (2009-2013) confirmed the City can produce purified water that meets all federal and state drinking water standards.