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Corridor and Special Studies

Developing alternatives to improve mobility and parking.

Photo of Grand Avenue Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach. Congestion and parking shortages
affect the city's beach communities.


The City of San Diego is committed to improving the mobility between and within communities for all transportation modes by studying and addressing traffic congestion and parking shortages. This involves studying specific corridors and special study areas and developing recommended strategies or alternatives to implement improvement projects and programs.

The City has many streets that serve as both connections to regional designations and gateways to many of the City's distinct communities and neighborhoods. Many of these areas are heavily traveled with vehicles, transit, and pedestrians, and experience traffic congestion, excessive transit travel times, and safety concerns. In cooperation with each community and the San Diego Association of Governments, the City works to improve the mobility and safety of these areas for all transportation modes while enhancing the community and neighborhood quality of the area.

The City also has areas that are major regional and visitor destinations and are heavily traveled with a combination of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. Given the popularity of these unique areas, parking is often limited. The City works with the community to identify alternatives to improve the mobility and parking of these special study areas.

The City works with communities to study these corridors and unique destination areas to develop recommendations for improvements. The recommendations strive to balance the needs to improve mobility, safety, parking, and the area's appearance. The study process involves working with a community to collect and analyze the existing and future traffic conditions data and identify a corridor or area's strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvements. These special studies serve as a valuable first step in achieving the City's desire to implement long-term community and citywide mobility and parking improvement projects.


The City has recently completed the La Jolla Parkway (formerly Ardath Road)/Torrey Pines Road intersection reconfiguration project and the Bird Rock Area Traffic Management Plan. The City is currently working on corridor studies for Balboa Avenue. Recent parking studies completed by the City include the Visitor Oriented Parking Studies for the communities of La Jolla and San Ysidro.

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