(Second Quarter Update)

Data Date: February 12, 2017

This page contains all Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects anticipated to be awarded for construction in the current fiscal year listed initially in the City'sAdopted CIP budget. This page is updated throughout the year with the current cost estimates and new projects to list. It also identifies which projects werealready awardedto a construction contractor. In addition, some projects from the original list may roll-over to the first quarter of next fiscal year and possibly beyond due to unforeseen conditions. SeeConstruction Contract Typesfor more information about delivery methods. Also, visitBid and Contract Opportunitiesfor projects currently in the bid and award phase For more information about this report, call (619) 533-4207 or emailengineering@sandiego.gov.

PDF icon PRINT - Forecast of Projects to be Awarded in Fiscal Year 2017

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Asset Managing
Contract Cost
Estimated Total
Project Cost
Fiscal Year
Award StatusNEWNotes
1Brown Field Runway 8L-26R Rehab Phase 2B16150AirportsDesign Bid Build$5,800,000$7,500,0002018Q1On Schedule
2City Heights Rec Center ImprovementsB17040Environmental ServicesDesign Build$400,000$460,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
3Martin Luther King Jr. Rec Center ImprovementsB17037Environmental ServicesDesign Build$400,000$460,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
4Southeastern Division Police Sub-Station ImprovementsB17038Environmental ServicesDesign Build$400,000$460,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
5Mid City Division Police Sub-Station ImprovementsB17039Environmental ServicesDesign Build$400,000$460,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
6Fire Station 3 ImprovementsB13187Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$846,352$1,262,6442017Q2On Schedule
7Fire Station 14 Roof & HVAC ReplacementB13189Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$501,000$795,0002017Q2On Schedule
8Fire Station 19 Roof & HVAC ReplacementB13190Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$666,500$1,001,0002017Q2On Schedule
9FIRE STA #5 - HILLCRESTS00788Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$6,148,000$9,661,9232016Q3Awarded
10Fire Station #8 Mission HillsS10029Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$451,140$850,0002017Q2On Schedule
11Fire Station 15 ExpansionS13011Fire-RescueDesign Bid Build$482,860$800,0002017Q2On Schedule
12Malcolm X Library Facility RepairsB10038LibraryDesign Bid Build$647,500$814,9002017Q2On Schedule
13SAN YSIDRO BRANCH LIBRARYS00802LibraryDesign Build$7,550,000$11,327,0002017Q1On Schedule
14Mission Hills - Hillcrest LibraryS13022LibraryDesign Build$17,794,327$17,847,5232016Q4Awarded
15Balboa Park GC Fuel Tank InstallationB12019Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$370,000$535,4062017Q2On Schedule
16Orchard Av, Capri by Sea & Old Salt PoolB14073Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$290,000$495,0002017Q2On Schedule
17Cesar Solis Community ParkS00649Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$14,997,000$16,800,0002016Q4Awarded
18Torrey Meadows Neighborhood ParkS00651Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$3,365,750$7,922,7552016Q3Awarded
19MISSION BAY GOLF COURSE PRACTICE CENTERS01090Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$1,013,882$1,400,0002017Q3On Schedule
20Mission Bay Golf Course Renovation & ReconS11010Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$2,100,000$2,960,0002017Q2On Schedule
21Canyonside Community Park ImprovementsS12004Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$711,548$1,000,8412017Q3On Schedule
22Chicano Park ADA UpgradesS13003Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$858,393$1,410,8932017Q2On Schedule
23Evans Pond Reclaimed Water Pipeline InstS13010Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$307,967$427,4662017Q3On Schedule
24Chollas Lake Pk Playground ImprovementsS14002Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$1,181,807$1,739,0002017Q2On Schedule
25El Cuervo Adobe ImprovementsS14006Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$273,480$621,3682017Q3On Schedule
26MTRP Equestrian & Multi Use Staging AreaS14016Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$3,766,745$5,700,0002017Q4On Schedule
27Mid City Skate Park-Park de la Cruz Neighborhood Park ImprovS15003Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$3,409,940$10,297,7082016Q4Awarded
28Rancho Mission Neigh Pk Play Area UpgradeS15004Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$792,000$1,274,6952017Q3On Schedule
29Rolling Hills Neighborhood Park ADA UpgrS15021Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$776,096$1,091,0962017Q4On Schedule
30San Ysidro Community Pk ADA ImprovementsS15033Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$675,000$870,0002017Q2On Schedule
31University Village Park Tot LotS13005Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$389,697$545,2532016Q4Awarded
32Linda Vista Skate ParkS15008Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$2,986,000$3,744,9952016Q4AwardedNEW
33Del Mar Mesa Neighborhood Park Phase IIS13023Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$1,526,569$2,226,9642016Q4AwardedNEW
34Rancho Penasquitos Towne Centre Park ImpS12003Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$118,500$175,0002016Q3On ScheduleNEW
35Kelly St Neighborhood Pk Security Lighting UpgradeS16016Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$85,000$150,0002017Q4On ScheduleNEW
36Encanto Community Pk Security Lighting UpgradeS16017Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$239,550$404,5502017Q4On ScheduleNEW
37Marie Widman Memorial Pk Sec LightingS16018Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$175,000$300,0002017Q4On ScheduleNEW
38Skyline Hills Community Pk Security Lighting UpgradeS16021Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$85,000$150,0002017Q4On ScheduleNEW
39Silver Wing Pk Ballfield Lighting - Ph 2S16051Park & RecreationDesign Bid Build$576,966$703,6172017Q1On ScheduleNEW
40Police Range RefurbishmentS10118PoliceDesign Bid Build$846,718$1,078,0002016Q4Awarded
41Police HQ Co-Generation Repower Project Phase IIS10131PoliceDesign Bid Build$922,134$1,854,6532016Q4Awarded
42Sewer & AC Water Group 697A (S)B00346Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,979,400$4,149,8932018Q1On Schedule
43Sewer & AC Water Group 764A (S)B00380Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,691,518$4,112,0922017Q2On Schedule
44Sewer & AC Water Group Job 776 (S)B00387Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$7,191,659$9,105,0682017Q1On Schedule
45SEWER GJ 798CB00409Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$212,420$484,3802018Q1On Schedule
46Sewer Group 818B00414Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,194,000$3,330,9212016Q4On Schedule
47SEWER GROUP 786B00421Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,915,495$8,320,1512017Q2On Schedule
48Buchanan Canyon Sewer B (UP)B00429Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$3,487,493$4,894,3962017Q3On Schedule
49SPS 13 14 16 25A & 85 Dual FMB00501Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,790,880$2,341,8802017Q2On Schedule
50SEWER GROUP JOB 830B11019Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$411,400$604,0002017Q3On Schedule
51La Jolla Country Club ReservoirB11024Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,534,250$6,782,0002017Q2On Schedule
52ROSE CANYON TS (RCTS) JOINT REPAIRB11025Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$12,834,000$14,252,2952017Q1On Schedule
53Water Group Job 952B11048Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,952,000$4,091,1812017Q3On Schedule
54Water and Sewer Group Job 966 (S)B12085Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,221,700$1,711,1002017Q3On Schedule
55CI - Water and Sewer Group Job 966 (W)B12086Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,447,100$2,122,4002017Q3On Schedule
56Tyrian St/Soledad Ave Sewer Main ReplaceB12111Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$643,536$1,346,5002016Q3Awarded
57Sewer Group 835B13157Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,501,955$3,741,8402017Q1On Schedule
58Water and Sewer GJ 955 (W)B13186Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,719,392$3,973,9522017Q2On Schedule
59Sewer & AC Water Group 776 (W)B13197Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,397,220$2,761,0022017Q1On Schedule
60Sewer & AC Water Group 764A (W)B13201Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,212,402$1,767,7382017Q2On Schedule
61Sewer and AC Water Group 837 (S)B13214Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,420,950$3,136,1402017Q2On Schedule
62Pipeline Rehabilitation AE-1B14030Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,789,162$6,988,5582017Q3On Schedule
63S Mission Valley TS Accelerated ProjectB14068Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$378,659$600,0002016Q4Awarded
64Water and Sewer Group 955 (S)B14069Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$504,300$738,7002017Q2On Schedule
65Water Group 969B14100Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,000,000$1,686,1002017Q2On Schedule
66AC Water Group 1008B14117Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$3,008,132$4,416,6912016Q3Awarded
67SPS 23T - Reliability ImprovementsB14131Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,179,861$1,592,8612017Q2On Schedule
68SPS 76 GeneratorB14168Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$41,500$75,0002017Q2On Schedule
69AC Water & Sewer Group 1011 (S)B15040Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$750,000$977,5002017Q4On Schedule
70AC Water & Sewer Group 1011 (W)B15041Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$6,899,000$8,295,9502017Q4On Schedule
71Miramar PL Segment ReplacementB15050Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$805,000$1,185,7702017Q3On Schedule
72Sewer and AC Water Group 837 (W)B15071Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$960,050$1,252,8202017Q2On Schedule
73AC Water & Sewer Group 1017 (S)B15116Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$79,373$188,4422017Q3On Schedule
74AC Water & Sewer Group 1017 (W)B15119Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,745,671$7,924,2552017Q3On Schedule
75Otay Valley Manhole Improvements Phase 3B15123Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$310,369$406,2502016Q4Awarded
76AC Water and Sewer Group 1029 (S)B15172Public UtilitiesDesign Build$995,000$1,326,0002017Q1On Schedule
77AC Water and Sewer Group 1029 (W)B15174Public UtilitiesDesign Build$5,140,000$6,854,0002017Q1On Schedule
78Pipeline Rehabilitation AI-1B15187Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$3,893,375$4,986,0452017Q1On Schedule
79Pipeline Rehabilitation AJ-1B15201Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,107,375$4,898,0922017Q1On Schedule
80Remaining Small Diameter CI Water Ph IB15206Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,975,700$2,903,7002017Q3On Schedule
81Sewer and AC Water Group 697A (W)B15207Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$813,325$1,230,0002018Q1On Schedule
82Tyrian St/Soledad Ave & AC Wtr Main (W)B15216Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$770,364$982,0002016Q3Awarded
83Pipeline Rehabilitation AM-1B16002Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,664,125$6,075,3312017Q1On Schedule
84Morena Reservoir Outlet Tower UpgradeS00041Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$18,600,000$22,500,0002018Q1On Schedule
85Lower Otay Reservoir Emerg Outlet ImprovS00044Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,725,930$3,146,9712016Q4On Schedule
86PS2 Power Reliability & Surge ProtectionS00312Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$34,300,000$43,330,0002017Q1On Schedule
87Montezuma PPL/Mid City Pipeline Ph 2S11026Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$21,543,000$31,555,0002017Q4On Schedule
88WDSU - Reservoirs & Dams - Ph IIS11106Public UtilitiesDesign Build$4,700,000$6,000,0002016Q4On Schedule
8969th & Mohawk Pump StationS12011Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$11,000,000$14,978,5942017Q1On Schedule
90Tierrasanta (Via Dominique) Pump StationS12040Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$10,995,000$14,319,1862016Q4On Schedule
91Chollas BuildingS11025Public UtilitiesDesign Build$29,585,997$37,856,8712016Q2On Schedule
92Hodges Resv Hypolimnetic Oxygenation SysB15195Public UtilitiesDesign Build$2,792,051$3,600,0002017Q2On Schedule
93MOC 5 Materials BinsB14133Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$477,045$760,0002017Q1Awarded
94EMTS Boat Dock and Steam Line RelocationS00319Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,547,325$2,018,5352017Q4On Schedule
95Chollas Material BinsS15043Public UtilitiesDesign Build$943,630$1,200,0002016Q3Awarded
96SBWRP Loop Control System & Valve Master Station ImprovementsB16132Public UtilitiesDesign Build$724,488$900,0002017Q1On Schedule
97Water & Sewer Group 965 (W)B12057Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$3,982,606$4,835,6062017Q3On Schedule
98Water & Sewer Group 965 (S)B12048Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,002,206$4,845,0562017Q3On Schedule
99Pipeline Rehabilitation AG1B14118Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,417,000$5,434,0002017Q2On Schedule
100Water Group Job 939B11035Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,195,600$3,056,7172017Q2On Schedule
101Water and Sewer Group 954(S)B13203Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,558,955$1,766,4552016Q4On Schedule
102Water and Sewer Group 954(W)B10187Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,920,845$3,566,2452016Q3On Schedule
103Tecolote Canyon SewerB11111Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$558,000$1,143,6622016Q3On Schedule
104Sewer and Water Group 701 (S)B00452Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$3,590,850$5,365,0002016Q3Awarded
105Sewer and Water Group 701 (W)B00039Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$751,352$1,037,0002016Q3Awarded
106AC Water Group 1018AB16146Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,592,600$6,820,2002017Q4On Schedule
107Otay 2nd Pipeline Phase 2B15046Public UtilitiesDesign Build$9,170,000$12,227,0002017Q2On Schedule
108AC Woodman St. Pipeline ReplacementB15081Public UtilitiesDesign Build$2,126,000$2,834,0002017Q2On Schedule
109AC Water & Sewer Group 1025 (S)B15082Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$145,584$182,2022017Q3On ScheduleNEW
110AC Water & Sewer Group 1025 (W)B15083Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,666,500$7,550,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
111AC Water Group 1031B16036Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,900,471$3,890,4712017Q2On ScheduleNEW
112Priority Sewer Main Replacement Group 16B16018Public UtilitiesDesign Build$8,321,600$12,160,1042017Q2On ScheduleNEW
11330th Street Pipeline ReplacementS12010Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$16,641,000$21,881,1252017Q3On ScheduleNEW
114Bayview Reservoir Solar ProjectS14021Public UtilitiesDesign Build$2,057,500$2,325,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
115MOC Complex Solar ProjectS14022Public UtilitiesDesign Build$2,372,500$2,675,0002017Q1On ScheduleNEW
116Water Group 967B12058Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$489,000$795,0002017Q4On ScheduleNEW
117Water and Sewer Group 967 (S)B15145Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$64,000$100,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
118Emergency Strobe Lights at MBC, NC, SBB13227Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$390,000$754,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
119Bay Bridge Community Center ADAB13076Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$331,858$608,0002016Q4Awarded
120SY Comm and Rec CTR-ADA Barrier RemovalB13078Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$761,991$1,240,0002016Q4Awarded
121Carmel Valley Rec Ctr ADA Access ImprB14152Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$220,000$423,0002017Q2On Schedule
122Carmel Creek Park Comft St ADA Access ImB14153Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$159,185$234,0002017Q1On Schedule
123Carmel Del Mar Comft St ADA Access ImproB14154Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$317,200$431,0002017Q1On Schedule
124ADA Accessibility Improvements Group IB15222Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$1,417,600$1,865,6002017Q2On Schedule
125William Heath Davis House ADA AccessibilB15223Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$271,832$389,6002017Q4On Schedule
126ADA Accessibility Improvements Group IIB15229Public Works - General ServicesDesign Build$982,500$1,624,8002017Q1On Schedule
127ADA Accessibility Improvements Group IVB15230Public Works - General ServicesDesign Build$411,950$620,0002017Q1On Schedule
128Miramar Pl Fleet Servs Elect & Fac Impvts.L14002.1Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$459,500$770,0002017Q3On Schedule
129Rose Canyon Fleet Servs Elect & Fac Impvts.L14002.2Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$183,961$311,9612017Q2On Schedule
130Colina Del Sol Pool ADAB13077Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$443,823$836,4772016Q2Awarded
131Pioneer Park and Comfort StationB12005Public Works - General ServicesDesign Build$201,002$535,0862016Q3AwardedNEW
132Memorial Park Community Building Clearance Activity21003512Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$370,527$426,1062017Q1AwardedNEW
133Barrio Youth Facilities 2 & 3B13067Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$575,647$967,3712016Q3On ScheduleNEW
134City Heights Youth & Community Center ADB13068Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$293,962$563,9622016Q1On ScheduleNEW
135Marston House Roof ReplacementB16038Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$385,000$462,0002016Q2On ScheduleNEW
136Carmel Mountain Library Roof ReplacementB16043Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$505,817$657,5622016Q2On ScheduleNEW
137ADA Imp & Exp of Paradise Senior CenterS15002Public Works - General ServicesDesign Bid Build$295,000$700,0002017Q1On ScheduleNEW
138Pacific Beach Library Roof & HVACB16045Public Works - General ServicesDesign Build$1,713,370$1,842,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
139Tierrasanta Rec Center Roof & HVACB16046Public Works - General ServicesDesign Build$930,852$1,000,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
140Qualcomm Stdm Fiber Optic & CATVB14071QUALCOMM StadiumDesign Build$335,000$500,0002017Q3On Schedule
141Ashley Falls Lg Scale Storm Flow StorageB14007Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$710,000$1,251,5002017Q3On Schedule
142Beta Street and 37th Street Green AlleyB11057Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$537,048$786,9592017Q1Awarded
143Bonillo Dr (4150) Storm Drain ReplaceB12033Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$219,990$428,9902016Q3On Schedule
144Camino del Este Path Xing ImprovementsB13088Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$302,542$449,6402017Q2On Schedule
145Burroughs & W Dunlop Sts Storm Dr ReplB13101Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$184,857$552,8152017Q1On Schedule
146El Cajon & 59th Obstruction DIF CR DSB13105Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$158,325$314,4102016Q4On Schedule
147Southeastern Obstruction DIF 13 CRB13106Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$67,500$240,8002016Q4On Schedule
148Group Job 13I North Park DIF CRB13111Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$308,700$474,5002017Q2On Schedule
149Group Job 13J Peninsula DIF CRB13112Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$385,203$737,5002016Q4Awarded
1504th Ave & Date St Traffic SignalB13137Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$214,589$275,0002017Q3On Schedule
15136th St & El Cajon Bl Traffic SignalB13138Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$252,993$330,0002017Q3On Schedule
152Pacific Beach 3 SL Circuit UpgradeB13140Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$670,000$1,013,0632016Q4Awarded
153Sunset Cliffs 3 SL Circuit UpgradeB13141Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$696,900$943,5002016Q4On Schedule
154Whitney Ct (6969) Storm Drain ReplacementB13210Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$271,149$526,6952017Q1On Schedule
155New Streetlights - 19 LocationsB14012Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$275,500$389,2002017Q1Awarded
156Beyer Bl @ Smythe Ave Traffic SignalB14015Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$235,900$320,0002017Q4On Schedule
157Bikeway Striping Improvements-CitywideB14040Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$79,500$114,0002017Q3On Schedule
158Golden Hill CR Obstruction DIF 14B14052Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$107,628$250,5002017Q1Awarded
159City Street Lights - 25 LocationsB14106Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$220,600$275,3002016Q4Awarded
160Alamo, Salvation, 68th Street Basins LIDB14120Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$2,174,000$3,000,0002017Q3On Schedule
161Division St @ Valencia Pky TSB15008Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$206,155$275,0002017Q2On Schedule
16231st St & Market St School Traffic SgnalB15014Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$192,000$275,0002017Q3On Schedule
163Division St & Osborn St Traffic SignalB15047Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$212,200$275,0002018Q2On Schedule
164Storm Drain Group 1008B15062Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$101,540$184,0292016Q3Awarded
165Green Infrastructure Group 1014B15104Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$2,332,543$2,968,5202017Q3On Schedule
166Guardrail Projects Group 1501B15224Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$71,000$240,0002017Q1On Schedule
167Torrey Pines Road Slope RestorationS00877Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,800,000$2,831,5762017Q4On Schedule
168Miramar Road I-805 Easterly RampsS00880Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$4,823,519$6,548,0732017Q4On Schedule
169Euclid Ave & Home ImprovementsS00886Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$60,000$985,8202017Q1On Schedule
170La Jolla Mesa Drive SidewalkS00928Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$585,900$837,0002017Q2On Schedule
171Bikeway Striping Improvements-CitywideS00955Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$73,500$97,0002017Q3On Schedule
172Trojan Ave 56th to 60th UUDB00718Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$133,852$228,8252017Q2On Schedule
173Sunset Cliffs Dr Coronado to Newport UUDB00720Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$49,350$99,0002017Q2On Schedule
174Fanual Street Phase II Grand to Reed UUDB00722Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$153,000$180,0002017Q1On Schedule
175San Vicente Street to Ashmore UUDB00725Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$48,100$337,4142017Q1Awarded
176Moraga Ave to Idelwild UUDB00726Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$176,805$295,0832017Q2On Schedule
177Moraga Ave Ph II -Moraga Ct to Monair UUDB00788Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$116,197$201,8382017Q2On Schedule
178District 1 Block 1-J UUDB00836Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$137,536$161,8082017Q3On Schedule
179District 4 Block 4-Z UUDB00838Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$445,780$610,7682017Q2On Schedule
180District 8 Block 8-B UUDB00841Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$484,486$569,9832017Q3On Schedule
181District 7 Block 7-A UUDB00842Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$961,968$1,131,7262017Q3On Schedule
182District 7 Block 7-A UUD - JOC Task #T15002 / Street Lighting onlyB00842Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$160,000$192,0002016Q4AwardedNEW
183Altadena/Wightman/Winona-El Cajon UUDB00850Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$236,187$277,8672017Q3On Schedule
184Euclid Ave UUD Streetlights (Euclid-Univ)B11131Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$255,000$300,0002017Q3On Schedule
185Euclid Ave UUD Streetlights (Euclid-Univ) - JOC Task #T15002 / Street Lighting onlyB11131Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$60,000$72,0002016Q4AwardedNEW
186Block 4N North Encanto UUDB12055Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$360,050$577,0002017Q3On Schedule
187Block 8A Golden Hill UUDB12056Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$168,984$407,0002015Q4Awarded
188Block 7R Allied Gardens UUDB12064Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$377,600$604,0002017Q3On Schedule
189Block 6DD Bay HO 3 UUDB12065Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$359,400$568,0002017Q3On Schedule
190Lincoln Av UUD (30th St-Wabash Av)B12066Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$72,250$85,0002017Q2On Schedule
191Potomac St UUD (Calle Tres Lomas-Sea Breeze)B12069Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$110,500$130,0002017Q2On Schedule
19232nd Street UUD (Market St - F St)B13144Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$80,750$95,0002017Q3On Schedule
193Cardiff Street UUD (Carlisle Dr - Wade St)B13145Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$52,800$134,0002017Q1Awarded
194Howard Avenue UUD (Park Bl - I-805)B13146Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$342,550$403,0002017Q3On Schedule
195Mount Alifan Dr UUD (Genesee Ave-Mt Everest Blvd)B13148Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$130,050$153,0002017Q1On Schedule
196Paradise Valley Rd UUD (Potomac St-Parkland Wy)B13149Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$9,800$104,0002017Q1Awarded
197Block 1M UUD (La Jolla 4)B13151Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$316,800$396,0002018Q3On Schedule
198Block 4-J1 UUD (Mid City)B13152Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$324,000$405,0002018Q3On Schedule
199Block 6DD1 UUD (Clairemont Mesa)B13153Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$439,200$549,0002018Q1On Schedule
200Block 7O1 UUD (College Area)B13154Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$388,800$486,0002018Q1On Schedule
201Block 8C UUD (Greater Golden Hill)B13155Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$345,600$432,0002018Q1On Schedule
20228th Street UUD (Island Av - Clay St)B13156Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$114,500$176,0002017Q1Awarded
203Block 1M1 UUP (La Jolla)B15084Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$252,450$297,0002018Q3On Schedule
204Block 7G2 UUP - CIPB15085Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$822,800$968,0002017Q3On Schedule
205Block 6H UUPB15086Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$359,550$423,0002018Q1On Schedule
20625th (SB) Street UUP (Coronado-SB to Grove) - 20AB15088Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$30,600$36,0002017Q3On Schedule
20732nd Street UUP (Market to Imperial) - 20AB15089Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$61,200$72,0002017Q3On Schedule
208Baker St/Shawnee Rd UUP (Morena to Shawnee)B15090Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$91,800$108,0002018Q1On Schedule
209Woodrow Ave UUP (Calvacado to Aemacost) - 20AB15091Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$45,900$54,0002017Q1On Schedule
210Wightman Street UUP (Chamoune to Euclid) - 20AB15092Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$61,200$72,0002017Q2On Schedule
211Seminole Drive UUP (Stanley to Estelle) - 20AB15093Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$38,250$45,0002017Q2On Schedule
212Mission Blvd UUP (Loring to Tourquoise) - 20AB15094Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$76,500$90,0002017Q2On Schedule
213Hilltop Drive UUP (Boundary to Toyne) - 20AB15095Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$107,100$126,0002017Q2On Schedule
214Hancock Street UUP (Witherby to Tourquoise) - 20AB15096Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$53,550$63,0002017Q2On Schedule
215Block 2S2 UUPB15098Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$260,100$306,0002018Q4On Schedule
21630th Street Phase III Broadway to K UUDB00717Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$138,252$174,4132017Q2On Schedule
217Block 7G2 UUP21003598Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$3,795,000$5,272,6882017Q3On Schedule
218Mission Village-Ronda to Qualcomm SdwkB15004Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$690,000$1,010,0002017Q3On Schedule
219Grove Ave/Ingrid Ave@Hollister St TSB13179Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$266,000$349,5002017Q1On Schedule
22031st St @ Ocean View Bl Traffic SignalB14014Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$199,041$260,0002020Q1On ScheduleSee NOTE #1 below
22141st St @ National Ave Traffic SignalB14016Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$271,541$330,0002017Q2On Schedule
222Campanile Dr & Montezuma Rd Signal ModB13134Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$118,800$155,2002016Q4Awarded
223Traffic Signal Upgrades Citywide FY14B14048Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$626,700$814,4002017Q4On Schedule
224Callado Rd Green St Infiltration BMPB13198Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,000,000$1,650,0002017Q2On Schedule
2253rd Ave @ Washington St Traffic SignalB14062Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$303,200$395,1002017Q1On Schedule
226Block 2S1 South Mission Beach UUDB12067Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$363,800$428,0002018Q1On Schedule
227Illion Street UUD (Gardena Av - Milton St)B13147Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$83,000$125,0002017Q1On Schedule
228Group Job 13F Linda Vista DIF CRB13108Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$290,254$442,8912018Q4On Schedule
229District 2 Block 2-T UUDB00835Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,054,787$2,022,7092016Q4AwardedNEW
230NATL Ave (32nd to 43rd) UUDB00787Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$589,923$1,315,1072016Q4AwardedNEW
23130th St PH 3A 20AB00719Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$219,008$540,5132016Q4AwardedNEW
232District 4 Block 4AA UUDB00826Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,264,553$2,503,3042016Q4AwardedNEW
233District 2 Block 2-E UUDB00709Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,270,150$4,622,7912016Q4AwardedNEW
234Mission Hills/Presidio Circuit UpgradesB15234Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$480,000$480,0002016Q4AwardedNEW
235District 8 Block 8-F UUDB00714Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$76,770$92,1242016Q4AwardedNEW
236Asphalt Overlay 1508B15181Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$4,840,880$5,000,0002016Q4AwardedNEW
237State Route 163 FriarsS00851Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$609,852$658,6402017Q1AwardedNEW
238Mission Gorge Road Settlement EmergencyB16181Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$4,500,000$6,000,0002017Q1AwardedNEW
239Emergency Storm Channel Debris & Sediment Clearing at Smythe Channel Culverts12004365Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$750,000$750,0002017Q1AwardedNEW
240Flashing Crosswalks Group 1501B15017Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$263,131$580,0002017Q1AwardedNEW
241Ulric St - Fashion Hills to David St K-RailB13163Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$746,500$1,018,1002017Q1On ScheduleNEW
242El Cajon Blvd. Median ImprovementsS00826Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$425,000$500,0002017Q1On ScheduleNEW
24331st Street UUD (Market St - L St)B13143Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$2,281$18,0002017Q1AwardedNEW
244Via De La Valle UUD (Highland Cv/City Limits-PoloB13150Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$60,000$81,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
245Toyon Rd (5655) Storm Drain ReplacementB13117Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$373,000$650,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
246Voltaire St Bridge Rehab o/Nimitz BlvdB00870Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,403,404$1,855,0272017Q2On ScheduleNEW
247Academy St & Catalina Bl SidewalksB15025Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$365,835$507,1472017Q2On ScheduleNEW
248Balboa Avenue Corridor ImprovementsS00831Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,703,987$2,662,9872017Q2On ScheduleNEW
249AC Overlay Group 1511, JOC7 (Bond#3 + 100K)B15183Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$5,000,000$6,000,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
250Concrete Street Panel Group 1501B15199Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$3,196,000$3,300,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
251AC Overlay Street Paving Group 1601B16024Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$5,800,000$6,848,8242017Q2On ScheduleNEW
252Concrete Street Panel Group 1601B16026Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$3,260,098$3,363,5032017Q2On ScheduleNEW
253Sidewalk Replacement Group 1602B16028Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,162,500$1,200,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
254Sidewalk Replacement Group 1603B16029Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$871,500$900,0002017Q2On ScheduleNEW
255Sidewalk Replacement Group 1604B16030Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$888,960$918,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
256Loma Palisades Street Light Circuit ReplacementB16118Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$958,000$1,100,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
257Pacific Beach 1 Street Light Circuit ReplacementB16119Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$1,398,026$1,600,0292017Q3On ScheduleNEW
258Mission Village-Ronda to Qualcomm SdwkB15004Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$690,000$1,010,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW
259Coast Blvd Walkway ImprovementsS15001Transportation & Storm WaterDesign Bid Build$300,000$5,576,0002017Q3On ScheduleNEW


#1 - 31st St. at Ocean View Blvd. Traffic Signal Project is in the design phase. However, it is delayed due to the street resurfacing moratorium which will end in August 2019.

Summary By Asset-Managing Departments

Asset-Managing DepartmentEstimated Construction Contract AwardEstimated Total Project Cost*
Environmental Services$1,600,000$1,840,000
Office of the Chief Operating Officer$0$0
Park & Recreation$41,071,890$62,946,607
Public Utilities$330,417,746$436,021,994
Public Works - General Services$11,232,577$16,508,525
QUALCOMM Stadium$335,000$500,000
Special Promotional Programs$0$0
Transportation & Storm Water$80,873,909$116,294,699
Total Anticipated$508,187,653$688,904,468
FY 2017 Total**$437,301,953$593,186,359

**Includes projects awarded and projects anticipated to be awarded this FY 2017, and projects anticipated to be awarded 1st Quarter FY 2018.

Archive of Anticipated CIP Projects