Data Date: April 1, 2022

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This page contains all Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects anticipated to be advertised and awarded for construction in the current fiscal year listed initially in the City'sAdopted CIP budget. This page is updated throughout the year with the current cost estimates and new projects to list. It also identifies which projects werealready awardedto a construction contractor. In addition, some projects from the original list may roll-over to the first quarter of next fiscal year and possibly beyond due to unforeseen conditions. SeeConstruction Contract Typesfor more information about delivery methods. Also, visitBid and Contract Opportunitiesfor projects currently in the bid and award phase For more information about this report, call (619) 533-4207 or

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Asummary by asset-managing departmentsis listed at the bottom of this page.

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Asset Managing
Cost ($)
Total Project
Cost ($)
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year
1MBC Equipment UpgradesS17013Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$37,187,542$47,645,194FY21Q3FY22Q1
2Balboa Park Botanical Bldg ImprovementsS20005Parks & RecreationDesign Build$14,261,647$21,453,000FY21Q2FY22Q1
3PWP NCWRP Flow Equalization BasinB21059Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$11,886,000$18,350,052FY21Q4FY22Q2
4MBGC Irrigation & Electrical UpgradesS11010Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$9,199,700$10,661,700FY21Q4FY22Q2
5AC Water & Sewer Group 1056 (W)B18181Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$8,466,401$10,976,801FY21Q3FY22Q1
6RIVIERA DEL SOL NEIGHBORHOOD PARKS00999Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$5,524,537$9,570,838FY22Q1FY22Q2
7Clairemont Mesa E Improv 1 (W)B18200Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,222,770$7,083,977FY22Q1FY22Q3
8MBGC Clubhouse Demo/Prtbl Building InstlS01090Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$5,161,700$7,685,084FY21Q4FY22Q2
9San Diego NC-MBC ImprovementsB17006Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,899,148$10,038,088FY21Q3FY22Q1
10Clairemont Mesa E Improv 1 (S)B18202Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,777,959$3,971,060FY22Q1FY22Q3
11Tierrasanta Improv 1 (s)B21003Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,567,000$2,977,429FY22Q2FY22Q4
12Santa Clara Playground ImprovementsB19029Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$819,242$1,989,500FY21Q4FY22Q2
13Damon Ave Water Main Extension & AC ReplB18215Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$818,438$1,590,707FY22Q3FY22Q3
14El Cajon Bl-Highland-58th ImprovB17003TransportationDesign Bid Build$573,647$1,316,448FY21Q4FY22Q2
15Santa Clara Comfort Station ImprovementsB19032Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$561,646$1,289,500FY21Q4FY22Q2
16Kearny Mesa Pipeline ManwayB20072Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$492,786$1,027,425FY22Q2FY22Q3
17AC Water & Sewer Group 1056 (S)B18182Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$368,705$428,605FY21Q3FY22Q1
18El Cajon Blvd (Highland Ave - Chamoune Ave) streetlightsB21065TransportationDesign Bid Build$311,658$361,658FY21Q4FY22Q2
19Governor Dr @ Lakewood St Traffic SignalB17016TransportationDesign Bid Build$306,925$558,784FY21Q4FY22Q2
20Reo Drive New StreetlightsB19079TransportationJob Order Contract$272,223$413,023FY22Q2FY22Q3
21Marlesta/Beagle (Gen-B/M-Ashf) SL UU465B18127TransportationJob Order Contract$217,666$350,000FY22Q2FY22Q3
22Mt Acadia (Mt Alifan-Mt Burnham)SL UU621B17012TransportationJob Order Contract$205,200$298,000FY21Q4FY22Q1
23Talmadge Traffic Calming InfrastructureS17001Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$167,100$355,000FY21Q3FY22Q1
24Linda Vista Skate Park Phase 2B19062Parks & RecreationJob Order Contract$145,000$429,769FY21Q4FY22Q2
25Balboa Park Golf Course - Bathroom RemodB20064Parks & RecreationCity Forces$109,600$217,600FY22Q2FY22Q2
26Cchavez Pkwy (I5-Comml) UU27B21092TransportationDesign Bid Build$103,000$148,000FY21Q4FY22Q3
27Redwood St (Pershing-Boundary) SL UU611B20095TransportationJob Order Contract$23,119$152,319FY21Q4FY22Q2
28Wangenheim Joint Use FacilityS15007Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$6,834,000$9,517,667FY21Q2FY22Q2
29AC Water & Sewer Group 1036 (W)B18121Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$4,617,986$6,198,913FY21Q3FY22Q3
304182 60th St & 5973 Alta Mesa Wy EmerB22052StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$2,700,000$3,500,000FY22Q1FY22Q3
315604 Campanile Way SD Repair EmergencyB21126StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$1,500,000$1,765,770FY21Q4FY22Q2
323405 Kite Street SD EmergencyB21153StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$1,500,000$2,000,000FY22Q1FY22Q3
33AC Water & Sewer Group 1036 (S)B18123Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,411,352$2,192,632FY21Q3FY22Q3
34Talmadge AC Water Main ReplacementB18197Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,317,345$2,001,660FY21Q3FY22Q1
354617 Antioch Pl CMP SD EmergencyB21127StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$1,200,000$1,750,000FY21Q3FY22Q2
36Cajon Way CMP Storm Drain EmergencyB21115StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$1,100,000$1,950,000FY21Q3FY22Q1
37Accelerated MH Referral Group 1B19097Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,026,647$2,047,033FY21Q4FY22Q2
38Mississippi St CMP SD EmergencyB21137StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$526,000$506,316FY21Q4FY22Q2
393505 Udall St (CMP) SD EmergencyB21138StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$500,000$1,250,000FY21Q4FY22Q2
40Ocean Beach Pier ImprovementsS20011Parks & RecreationDesign Build$450,000$1,132,907FY22Q2FY22Q2
41Crest Canyon Park Emergency SD ReplaceB20019StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$439,000$9,615,495FY20Q3FY22Q2
423984 Pacific Hwy Pump StationL EmergencyB22013StormwaterEmergency (As-needed)$425,000$650,000FY21Q4FY22Q2
43Palm Avenue Storm Drain ReplacementB17163StormwaterJob Order Contract$185,476$564,208FY22Q2FY22Q2
44Morena Conveyance SouthernB15141.4Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$60,077,353$73,727,680FY22Q2FY22Q4
45Morena Conveyance MiddleB15141.3Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$56,719,052$71,351,280FY22Q2FY22Q4
46Kearny Mesa Facility ImprovementsS20009CitywideDesign Bid Build$14,864,176$16,421,600FY22Q3FY22Q4
47AC Water & Sewer Group 1052 (W)B18092Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$7,106,852$10,022,594FY22Q2FY22Q4
48Sewer & AC Water Group 794 (S)B00395Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$6,263,573$7,001,267FY22Q3FY22Q4
49AC Water & Sewer Group 1050 (W)B18090Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$5,121,200$7,511,200FY22Q3FY22Q4
50AC Water & Sewer Group 1052 (S)B18096Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,796,599$4,062,797FY22Q2FY22Q4
51AC Water & Sewer Group 1050 (S)B18094Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,346,300$3,441,200FY22Q3FY22Q4
52MISSION CTR CNYN A SMRB00431Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$2,075,492$3,197,185FY22Q3FY22Q4
53Otay WTP-Basin #1 Concrete RestorationB17092Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,979,470$4,747,270FY20Q4FY22Q4
54Curb Ramp Improvement Group 1701B17114TransportationDesign Bid Build$1,500,000$3,426,585FY22Q2FY22Q4
55Sewer & AC Water Group 794 (W)B16041Public UtilitiesDesign Bid Build$1,147,000$1,428,000FY22Q3FY22Q4
56Torrey Pines Gf-Repr Storm Drain OutfallB17152StormwaterJob Order Contract$1,082,035$3,360,000FY22Q3FY22Q4
57Miramar Valves ReplacementB20015Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$721,267$1,398,500FY22Q3FY22Q4
58Adams Avenue (1620) Storm Drain ReplacementB13102StormwaterDesign Bid Build$547,890$1,695,934FY22Q3FY22Q4
59Howard Avenue- Village Pine to iris Avenue SidewalkB18019TransportationDesign Bid Build$435,000$1,130,060FY22Q3FY22Q4
60Miramar Landfill Fee Booth Truck Scale #3 Replacement & Miramar Landfill Outbound Scale #5 ReplacementB22086Environmental ServicesSole Source$380,000$440,000FY22Q4FY22Q4
61Morena Improv 3 (W)B21056Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$1,109,622$1,637,238FY21Q4FY22Q4
62Balboa Park Federal Bldg ImprovementsB20066Parks & RecreationDesign Bid Build$1,079,850$2,293,000FY22Q1FY22Q4
63Ocean Beach Improv 1A (W)B21152Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$1,019,252$1,688,819FY22Q3FY22Q4
64Oak Park Improvements 1 (W)B21024Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$892,772$1,434,555FY22Q2FY22Q4
65Storm Drain CMP Lining IIIB20087StormwaterJob Order Contract$482,663$604,263FY22Q3FY22Q4
66Chollas Lake Electrical UpgradeL18001.1Parks & Recreation DepartmentDesign Bid Build$424,000$850,000FY22Q4FY22Q4
67Regional Arterial Guardrail Group 2aB18201TransportationJob Order Contract$240,032$457,850FY22Q4FY22Q4
68Soledad Pressure Reducing Stn Hatch (w)B21040Public UtilitiesJob Order Contract$227,865$472,931FY22Q3FY22Q3

Summary By Asset-Managing Departments

Asset-Managing DepartmentEstimated Construction Contract AwardEstimated Total Project Cost
Parks & Recreation Department$424,000$850,000
Parks & Recreation$44,314,022$66,595,565
Public Utilities$229,663,750$309,652,094
Environmental Services$380,000$440,000
FY 2022 Total$306,022,481$431,783,973

*Estimated Advertise and Award Dates for Pure Water projects are to be determined

Archive of Anticipated CIP Projects

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