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City Planning Department

CEQA Policy and Review

The City’s environmental review proPicture of the staff members who are part of the CEQA Policy and Review Section 2023cess is established by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The California Environmental Quality Act was enacted in 1970, and is similar to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The City’s Municipal Code specifically assigns the responsibility for the implementation of CEQA to the City Planning Department, which is charged with maintaining independence and objectivity in its review and analysis of the environmental consequences of development projects under its purview.

The CEQA & Policy Review Section reviews City (public) projects and other actions under CEQA for potential environmental impacts; prepares environmental documents; directs the work of outside environmental consultants; and works with public project applicants and stakeholders to ensure that all feasible environmental mitigation measures or project alternatives are incorporated to minimize or preclude adverse impacts to the environment.


CEQA Documents

  • Notice of Preparation and Scoping Meeting - Notices of Preparation and Scoping Meeting for an environmental document are available for a 30-day public review comment period pursuant to CEQA.
  • Draft Documents for Public Comment - Notices and reports to concerned citizens or interested persons regarding decision of impact findings on the environment. Not all documents may be available for viewing online. Further, graphics, exhibits and attachments such as technical reports may not be available online.
  • Final Documents - View final environmental documents prepared by the City of San Diego.
  • Notices of Rights to Appeal Environmental Determinations (NORA) - Notices of environmental determinations made by City staff (including the City Manager), the City Hearing Officer, and the City Planning Commission that may be appealed to the City Council in accordance with Section 112.0520 of the Municipal Code.

Learn about Commenting on Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs)

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Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This program focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Create Homes for All of Us

Supports City initiatives that help create more homes.

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Supports City initiatives that deliver critically-needed actions and investments to our communities.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Supports City initiatives that deliver mobility improvements and other infrastructure investments to our communities.

Champion Sustainability

Supports City initiatives that implement the Climate Action Plan and Climate Resilient SD, and ensures all City actions are consistent with the City’s climate policies.

Foster Regional Prosperity

Supports City initiatives that foster economic activity for the region.