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Zencity Trust and Safety Survey


The San Diego Police Department is partnering with Zencity, a global technology company redefining community engagement to build better local governments, to gauge trust and sentiment toward public safety issues in San Diego.

In under five minutes, San Diegans can help the San Diego Police Department and City leaders know how they feel. The survey was translated into eight languages to allow for a diverse group of respondents.

Based on responses, the tool will measure the safety and trust residents have in their communities, while also identifying key concerns residents want the police to address.

Where can I take the survey?

The surveys will be delivered to San Diegans through the use of digital ads in various locations such as news websites, social media platforms, blogs and apps.

The survey will appear as:

What questions will I be asked?

Questions asked include:

  • When it comes to the threat of crime, how safe do you feel in your neighborhood? Please indicate on a scale of 0 (not safe at all) to 10 (completely safe).
  • How much do you agree with this statement? The police in my neighborhood treat local residents with respect. (Level of agreement from 0-10)
  • How much do you agree with this statement? The police in my neighborhood listen to and take into account the concerns of local residents. (Level of agreement from 0-10)
  • What is the number one issue or problem on your block or in your neighborhood that you would like the police to deal with? Please be specific. [Open-ended response]

How do you verify people live in a particular neighborhood?

Zencity uses existing digital advertising networks to target digital advertisements, localized to reach each neighborhood. Respondents who choose to take the surveys voluntarily provide their ZIP code.

It is important to note that survey responses are only assigned a neighborhood based on an anonymous, voluntary sharing of generalized location information. It is not possible to assign a response to a specific location or an individual.

Is it anonymous?

Zencity does not collect personally identifiable individual information, and only aggregated statistics and open-form suggestions for enhancing government customer service are shared with the police department.

Demographic information is voluntarily provided by survey respondents, is only reported by group (e.g., “Age 18-24” group), and is used for demographic analysis purposes to understand trends and performance by group.

Pulse Surveys

SDPD’s partnership with Zencity includes the ability to develop two customized surveys per year. The surveys allow SDPD to gauge public opinion on “here and now” decision points for public safety initiatives being explored in San Diego.


See reports below for citywide survey results as well as breakdowns by police division.


SDPD is working to develop dashboards based on survey results. Please check back in the future to interact with the data.

Coming Soon

Zencity dashboard