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Rebates from City of San Diego

Rebate Description
Rain Water Harvesting (Rain Barrel) Rebates for barrels that catch and store rainwater. 
Graywater Systems Using graywater is an excellent way to recycle and conserve water, and can help you reduce potable water consumption.
Pressure Reducing Valve Guidelines City of San Diego residential water customers served by an individual water meter may be eligible to receive a rebate up to $100 per property. The rebate covers the cost of a new indoor PRV only and is for properties that currently have a static pressure equal or greater than 80 psi (pounds per square inch) and cannot be adjusted downward.
Compost Bin Voucher Program

Composting creates high quality soil that retains water resulting in the need for less watering. Program provides City of San Diego residents a discount on one of three styles of compost bins.

Mulch from Miramar Greenery City of San Diego residents may load up to two cubic yards of mulch for free with proof of residency.
Micro-Irrigation We are no longer accepting applications for the Micro-Irrigation Rebate.

Rebates from Other Agencies

Rebate Description
SustainableLandscapesSD.org. Partnership between the Water Authority, the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, the Surfrider Foundation, the California American Water Company and the Association of Compost Producers, to transform turf-based urban landscapes to ones that provide multiple environmental benefits, such as increased water-use efficiency and improved stormwater management.
SoCal Water$mart Rebates High-efficiency toilets, washers, WBICs (Smart Controllers), rotating sprinkler nozzles, rain barrels & other devices.

Report water waste by calling (619) 533-5271 or email [email protected].

General Water Conservation Information: (619) 533-7485

For additional information, call (619) 515-3516 or email [email protected]


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