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Safe Use of Hazardous Materials

Once you have purchased hazardous products, follow the directions on each product's label -- this information is provided for your safety!

Guidelines for Using Household Hazardous Materials

  • Protect yourself with appropriate gloves, eye protection, masks and other safety gear, when applicable.

  • Provide proper ventilation by opening doors and windows. Use a fan for materials that generate fumes, such as varnish and paint thinner.
  • Keep cleaning products containing chlorine separate from ammonia or acid-based cleaners. Mixing these incompatible chemicals can produce a dangerous toxic gas.
  • Extinguish pilot lights before using combustible and flammable materials near appliances. Pilot lights can ignite fumes, causing an explosion.
  • Store materials properly. Keep them in their original containers, tightly sealed and upright. Store them away from food products and out of the reach of children. Keep combustible and flammable materials away from pilot lights and water heaters.
  • Check storage areas at least twice a year and properly dispose of products that have outlived their usefulness. Remove leaking or damaged containers. Do not combine different products. Also, keep the area clean and free from trash.
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