Recycling of Refillable BBQ Cylinders

Photo of Propane Cylinder

Propane is a gas used for grilling food on gas barbeques. There are many benefits to purchasing propane gas in a refillable cylinder. The cylinder can be refilled, reducing the need for new containers.

There are more than 20 locations in the city of San Diego that recycle refillable propane cylinders: Dixieline, Home Depot, Kmart, Navy Exchange/Nexcom, Stump's Market stores, and Texaco gas stations. Call the location nearest to you.

Local retailers participating in propane barbeque cylinder exchange programs:

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Disposable Propane Cylinders

Photo of Propane Cylinders

Disposable propane cylinders are not recyclable. They are very expensive to properly dispose if not empty. If thrown in the trash without being empty, partially filled cylinders could cause damage to the refuse packer or injury to the driver or nearby residents.

For proper disposal, completely empty the one pound propane cylinder with normal use. Do not discharge into the air. Place the cylinder in the trash. If unable to empty the cylinder, bring it to the Household Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility.