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Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance

The Lead Hazard Prevention and Control Ordinance (PDF) was unanimously approved by City Council and signed into law by the Mayor on April 9, 2008. The effective start date for the ordinance was May 9, 2008.

This ordinance was developed with the primary purpose to eliminate lead hazards and prevent lead poisoning through lead-safe housing and ensuring lead-safe work practices. Preventing lead poisoning is critical to the health of our children. If a child has been exposed to lead, even at low levels, it will result in permanent damage.

Renovators are required to use lead-safe work practices when disturbing lead paint that contains lead concentrations equal or greater than 1000 ppm or 0.5 mg/cm2 on all pre-1979 buildings. When the work activities disturb or remove paint, a Lead Paint Activity Visual Inspection Form (ES-127) must be completed and remain available to City of San Diego for a period of three (3) years following the visual clearance date.

  1. A visual verification depending on the lead concentrations and the quantities of paint being disturbed (see appendix A of ordinance), lead dust clearances may also be required.
  2. Property owners are required to correct lead hazards in pre-1979 buildings after notice of lead hazard.
  3. Property owners are required to perform visual inspection and correction of presumed lead hazards prior to re-occupancy of a vacant rental unit. View a Sample Form.
  4. Home improvement/water pressure equipment rental stores are required to make available lead education material to customers.
  5. Childcare facilities are required to obtain proof of blood lead testing at enrollment.

View a fact sheet on the Lead Hazard Prevention & Control Ordinance Permit Fee

To report a violation or for additional information, send an email to or call 858-694-7000.