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Get It Done

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3  Apply Now

Apply for a City library card

Apply for a permit to hold an event at a City park

Residents may obtain a temporary permit that allows overnight parking of recreational vehicles on the resident's block.

Make an appointment to apply for a U.S. passport

Apply for permits to obtain simple no-plan electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits for minor residential installations

Find a job with the City

3  Contact Info

Councilmember Myrtle Cole (District 4)
City Administration Building
202 C Street, MS #10A
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6644


View contact information for City departments

Councilmember Georgette Gomez (District 9)
City Administration Building
202 "C" Street, MS #10A
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6699

Councilmember Barbara Bry (District 1)
City Administration Building
202 C Street, MS #10A
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6611

Councilmember Chris Ward (District 3)
City Administration Bldg.
202 "C" Street, MS #10A
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 236-6633

3  Find Now

Find information about recreational activities and programs at City parks

Find the trash and recycling schedule for your home

Use OpenDSD for online access to data about construction permits

Search the City's official advertising and notices with information about public hearings, bid and contract opportunities, City ordinances and resolutions, and many other official notices

See areas where recycled water is available

Apply for a job with the City

3  Check Status Now

Check the status of a Get It Done report

Check the status of a parking citation/ticket

Track status of trash, litter or recycling service request

3  Pay Now

Pay your water and sewer bill

Pay a parking citation/ticket

View a library bill and pay your library fines

3  Register Now

Register recreational activities at City parks and recreation centers

Pay or apply for permits for systems with fire/harmful gas and burglary/robbery alarm sensors

Register for Alert San Diego emergency notification system

3  Report Now

File a noise complaint

Report a non-emergency crime to police

Report a cable television service problem that has not been resolved through direct contact with your cable company.

If you are denied access to a City program, service or activity due to a disability, the City's Office of ADA Compliance and Accessibility wants to know.

Report a pothole or other street-related problem

Report a problem with a storm drain in your neighborhood

File a report about illegal drug and narcotics activities in your neighborhood

File a complaint about police practices

Report traffic sign problem

Report a street light issue

Report a traffic signal problem

Report tree hazard

Report street flooding

File a report about an abandoned vehicle

Report graffiti

Report a dead animal

Report litter/dumping


Report parking meter issue

Report a pothole

Report sidewalk maintenance

3  Request Now

Request an administrative review of your parking citation

Request information about the availability of City park facilities

Request street sweeping service for your street

Request a tour of the City's Water Purification Facility

Request more police patrols in your neighborhood

Request a ride along with a police officer

Submit a service request regarding a traffic sign, street striping or curb color painting, stop sign, traffic signal or other traffic safety measure

Access self-serve options in managing your water and sewer account

Request a tour of a City fire station

Request a presentation on fire safety

Request trash, recycling or yard waste service at your property

Request graffiti be removed on City streets and other property

3  View Now

View and manage your library account

View maps and data regarding undergrounding of utilities

View various City maps

View your water and sewer bill

View a map of City park facilities

View problems reported