San Diego

Recycling Used Oil And Oil Filters & Collection Events

An affordable and convenient way to dispose of used or leftover motor oil, as well as oil filters, antifreeze and auto batteries, is to take them to a used oil and oil filter collection event.

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These periodic recycling events are made possible by the City's annual receipt of a Used Oil Recycling Block Grant from the Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). CalRecycle funds the collection of motor oil and oil filters.

Print this handy PDF icon used oil and oil filter collection events flier.

When participating in a used oil and oil filter recycling program, please remember the following:

  • These events are geared to "home mechanics" only. Waste generated from businesses is not accepted. Some local retailers accept used oil (AutoZone, Firestone and O'Reilly/Kragen) and oil filters (O'Rielly/Kragen).
  • Transport no more than 10 gallons of waste at any one time. Use your best judgement to estimate the amount.
  • Bring the waste in closed containers that won't leak.
  • For passenger and driver safety, place wastes in the vehicle's trunk or truck bed. Do not transport in passenger compartment.
  • Secure the containers to prevent breakage or spills.
  • Place contaminated oil in a container that can be left behind (Fire Code requirement).
  • If you are unavailable, have a family member or close neighbor bring the wastes to the event.

For additional information, call Environmental Services at 858-694-7000.