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Balboa Park Facilities O-R

Old Globe Theatre Complex

Photo of Old Globe Theatre

During the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition, a replica of London's Elizabethan Globe Theatre was constructed for the presentation of abbreviated Shakespearean productions. Over time, the theater became a permanent fixture in Balboa Park, gaining both a roof and a loyal legion of enthusiastic playgoers. Fire has destroyed theaters on the site on two different occasions, in 1978 and again in 1984. After each disaster, this nationally-acclaimed theater company has mounted successful fundraising campaigns, and rebuilt state-of-the-art facilities. The current Old Globe Theatre Complex is comprised of the Old Globe Theatre, the Cassius Carter Centre Stage and the Lowell Davies Festival Stage.

Palisades Building

A pueblo-inspired building originally constructed for the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition, it was known as the Women's Palace during 1935 and the Palace of Entertainment the following year. The building was used for a variety of purposes in subsequent years. Currently, the Palisades Building is a tripartite facility housing the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater, a multipurpose Recital Hall and the Park & Recreation Department's Park Planning & Development Division.

Park Boulevard and Presidents Way Lawn

The Park Boulevard and Presidents Way Lawn is available for special events.

Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon is a showcase for more than 50 species of palms from around the world as well as other complementary plant species. It was developed in 1912 for the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, and enhanced in 1976 with additional palms, a wooden footbridge, and a stairway to access the canyon.

Pepper Grove

The Pepper Grove is available for special events.

Photographic Arts Building

Located near the Spanish Village, the Photographic Arts Building originally served as a Fire Station and is now is home to several clubs with an appreciation of photographic arts.

Pine Grove Picnic Area

The Pine Grove Picnic Area is available for special events.

Photo of Plaza de Panama Fountain

Plaza de Balboa and the Bea Evenson Fountain

The fountain is named in honor of Mrs. Frank (Bea) Evenson, the organizer of the "Committee of 100" which was formed in 1967 to preserve and protect the Spanish Colonial architecture in Balboa Park.

Plaza de Panama Fountain

Located in the center of Balboa Park, this beautiful fountain is surrounded by colorful flowers and is a popular photo spot for visitors from around the world.

Recital Hall

The Recital Hall in the Palisades Building is available for special events.

Redwood Bridge Club

The Redwood Bridge Club began with the building of Roque Courts in 1922. Shuffleboard courts and a clubhouse were added in the late 1940s.

Redwood Circle

The Redwood Circle is available for special events.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Photo of Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

Home of the nations first Omnimax domed theater, the Fleet Science Center opened in 1973. Designed by architect Louis Bodmer, in a style which seamlessly blends into the Park's Spanish Colonial Revival architectural heritage, this entertainment / education complex presents a variety of programs, exhibits and, of course, large format films. In 1997, a new section, nearly doubling the amount of useable space, was added to the Science Center which created new exhibit space, a new grand entryway, a motion-simulator ride, and the Nierman Challenger Learning Center. At least once a month the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center hosts stargazing programs outside its facility around the Plaza de Balboa.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is available for special events.

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