How to Get Involved

The City of San Diego offers numerous volunteer opportunities to get involved with your local open space canyons, parklands, and parks. Volunteering in your local canyon is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and make a positive contribution close to home.

Volunteer opportunities include clean-up projects, invasive plant removal, habitat enhancement, and trail maintenance. Currently there are over thirty active "Friends of Canyons" groups throughout San Diego. The I Love A Clean San Diego, Adopt-A-Beach, Clean Canyons for a Clean Coast program has 11 canyon sites listed for adoption.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about a "Friends" group or an adoption site in your area, please contact the Park Rangers at (619) 235-5262 or view the links below.

Informational Links

The following links will provide you with information and guidelines that relate to open space canyons and parklands.