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Open Space Canyons and Parklands - Things to Do

Photo of California Sycamore Tree

Sycamore Tree

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Photo: Susan Pelley (PDF)

Open Space canyons and park lands vary in terrain and habitat type which makes each one a new and different adventure. Numerous trails offer hikers and mountain bikers the opportunity to explore and discover San Diego's diverse plant communities on easy to strenuous trails.

An easy hike in Juniper Canyon takes you through stands of Scrub Oak and aromatic Yerba Santa.

Equestrians pass under Willow and Sycamore trees in Gonzales Canyon.

A more strenuous hike into Ruffin Canyon starts at the canyon rim and descend to the canyon floor where you will experience a rich plant palette and seasonal creek.

Several Canyons are excellent for dog walking with wide access paths such as Navajo Canyon and Maple Canyon.

Dogs must be kept on leash at all times.