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Parks & Recreation

Open Space Canyons and Parklands Rules

Visitors are asked to respect the sensitive nature of these parklands and the many animals and rare plants that call San Diego's open space canyons "home." Please help to protect the parkland's beauty and natural resources by following a few simple rules:

  1. Stay on and use only designated trails. Leaving these established areas damages sensitive habitat and disturbs wildlife.
  2. Overnight camping is prohibited [SDMC 63.0102(b)(12)]. The park lands are closed from sunset to sunrise.
  3. Open fires are prohibited [SDMC 63.0102(b)(11)].
  4. No glass containers are allowed [SDMC 63.0102(b)(7)].
  5. All plants, animals, and cultural resources are protected. Collection or destruction of any natural feature is prohibited [SDMC 63.0102(b)(4)]. Hunting is prohibited [SDMC 63.0102(b)(10)]. Defacing rocks, structures, or property is prohibited [SDMC 63.0102(b)(5)].
  6. Possession of firearms or weapons of any type is prohibited [SDMC 63.08].
  7. Littering and dumping are prohibited, and subject to a fine [SDMC 63.0102(b)(6)]. Pack out what you pack in. Put all trash in proper receptacle [SDMC 54.0209].
  8. Feeding or harassing wildlife is prohibited [SDMC 63.0102 (b)(10)]. Releasing domestic animals is prohibited. Dogs must be leashed [SDMC 63.0102(b)(2)]. Clean up after your pet [SDMC 44.0304.1].
  9. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails (CVD 38301).
  10. Do not trespass on private land. Do not cut switchbacks. Note: All areas may be closed due to fire or flood hazard. You are responsible for knowing parkland rules. If you have any questions regarding park use, please call the City of San Diego Park Ranger office at (619) 235-5262. PLEASE REMEMBER that you are part of a natural park area. The trails traverse land in its largely natural condition, includes rocks, streams, and wildlife. Proceed with caution. The City of San Diego is not liable for injuries. Individuals using the park must assume all risk of injury to person or property.