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Specific Information

For information regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and bans at City of San Diego parks and beaches, see the San Diego Municipal Code Section 56.54 (PDF) pages 13 through 23. There you will find useful information on alcoholic beverage rules, including bans in effect at City beaches, Mission Bay Park, Shoreline Parks and other specific City parks.

Alcoholic Beverage Permits

If you or your group wish to consume alcoholic beverages at times or places where it would otherwise be banned, you must obtain a Special Event Permit from the Citywide Office of Special Events.

The state of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is responsible for the issuance of ABC permits. They require Property Owner Approval. In the case of City parks and beaches, the City is considered the owner. Applicants must request a letter from the Park & Recreation Department Permit Center and provide it to the ABC. The group, private or public event, location, date and time of service must be provided to the Developed Regional Parks Permit Center.

The Permit Center is located in the Balboa Park Administration Building at 2125 Park Blvd. The permit center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Recorded information is available at (619) 235-1169 or email My Park.

The District Manager will then acknowledge the request as follows:

"Developed Regional Parks Administration is aware that the aforementioned group intends to serve alcoholic beverages at (date here) in (location here) Park. The Caterer or Permittee must have Liquor Liability coverage included in their Certificate of Insurance, which names the City of San Diego as an Additional Insured, on file with the City. We acknowledge their request. All of the requirements of the ABC Board must be met."

  • For a complete list of locations and times where alcoholic beverages are restricted, see the San Diego Municipal Code Section 56.54 (PDF) pages 13 through 23.