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Parks & Recreation


  • Signs, banners or arrows giving directions to your event are not permitted in any area of the park other than that of your immediate designated area.
  • Staging, platforms, tables, risers, etc. if permitted, shall not damage property, turf, shrubbery, or irrigation, per San Diego municipal code. Items cannot inhibit public access per San Diego Municipal Code.
  • Do not tie off anything (ropes, banners, signs, etc.) to trees, plants or shrubbery. To injure, destroy, cut or remove any tree, shrub, plant, wood, turf, grass, soil, or rock in or growing in any park or beach area is prohibited per San Diego municipal code.
  • Permittee may not stake, or dig anything into turf per San Diego municipal code.
  • The City of San Diego does not provide any equipment or electrical power for outdoor events. Generators must be pre-arranged as a part of the permit process before the event. If the use of a generator is approved, a drip must be placed under generator and cables must be properly covered and must not impede pedestrian traffic at any time.
  • The City of San Diego DOES NOT furnish/provide water hookup.
  • Electronic amplification via generator or similar power source for music or voice projection is not allowed without a permit. Officers from San Diego Police, Park Rangers or San Diego Lifeguards have the authority to shut down sound amplification within our parks.