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Mission Valley Community Plan Update

Mission Valley Community Plan Update

The Mission Valley Community Plan Update is underway and Phase 3, Alternatives Development, is in progress. So far, input has been gathered on existing conditions, current policies, and the community's vision for Mission Valley for 20 to 30 years into the future. Phase 3 will involve looking at identified issues in the community as well as possible solutions in order to develop and select a preferred land use plan. The diagram below provides an overview of the anticipated community outreach process and timeline. 

PDF icon The last overhaul of the Community Plan was in 1985 with the most recent amendment in 2013. The purpose of the plan is to provide recommendations to guide development in Mission Valley until a projected population of 24,558 approached . As of  2014, the population in Mission Valley is 21,303, so the plan is reaching the end of its functional lifecycle. With increasing development pressure in Mission Valley as it becomes an alternative to downtown living and a regional destination for shopping, a new plan is needed to direct growth and better promote transit use. 

The Community Plan Update process will provide an opportunity for residents, business owners, property owners, developers, and visitors to shape the future of Mission Valley via data and community inuput driven process that culminates into the updated Mission Valley Community Plan. Upon adoption, this plan will be utilized to regulate land use and guide local decision making as well as public investments. 

PDF icon MV August Workshop

Mission Valley Community Plan Update Subcommittee (CPUS)

The Mission Valley Community Plan Update Subcommittee (MV CPUS) is a subcommittee of the Mission Valley Planning Group, which is the City's recognized citizens' group for Mission Valley. This subcommittee was created specifically for the Community Plan upate in order to provide feedback to the City regarding the process.

Refer to the Community Plan Update Subcommittee page for more information on MV CPUS meetings and materials.


Online Activity Outreach - Previous Activities

Activity 3 – Results from the third online activity are now available. The activity was framed around goals established in the City of San Diego Climate Action Plan (CAP) and focused on significantly increasing the number of people using alternative modes of transportation (bicycle, walk, transit…) during their commutes. The results can be found by clicking on the Feedback tab and Outcome tab in the online outreach portal

Activity 2 - This exercise focused on Parks and Recreation; specifically, where future parks should be located, what recreation opportunities and facilities should be provided, and what trails the community is interested in seeing developed. The results can be found by clicking on the Feedback tab in the online outreach portal.

Activity 1 - This exercise focused on prioritizing policy ideas identified in the Issues and Options Report and laying the foundation for the creation of land use alternatives in Mission Valley. The results can be found by clicking on the Feedback tab and Outcome tab in the online outreach portal.

Data gathered through these exercises will be combined with other input collected through our community engagement program such as the Mission Valley Community Plan Update Subcommittee meetings, stakeholder meetings, and community workshops. This input will be used to create land use and design scenarios to be evaluated in future outreach activities including a public workshop. 


Existing Conditions Report Mobility Element 

This report provides the foundation for the mobility issues and opportunities identified in the Issues and Options Analysis available below. The content of this report includes an analysis of existing physical and operational conditions related to the mobility system within the Mission Valley community. This document is the initial step towards updating the Mission Valley Community Plan's Mobility Element. 

Issues and Options Analysis

Outlined in this report are fifteen issues expected to affect long-term development in Mission Valley along with potential solutions to be addressed in the update to the Community Plan. Issues identified include connectivity, establishing a neighborhood center/main street, land use, mobility, and the environment. The Issues and Options Analysis will provide a framework for identifying development alternatives for the update to the Community Plan. Additionally, this document provides an overview of existing plans in the community, the General Plan, and the Community Plan update process. 


Phase II Community Outreach 

Phase II of the update process focused on identifying existing conditions in Mission Valley, and developing a vision for the community for the next 20 to 30 years in the future. This was accomplished through the development of two technical studies (Map Atlas and Issues and Options Analysis) and several community outreach efforts. Community outreach efforts included: engaging residents, business owners, property owners, community members, developers, and other stakeholders in gathering information on existing conditions, opportunities, connectivity, neighborhoods, strategies for moving forward, and a vision for the future.


Map Atlas

The Map Atlas is an informational document that focuses on mappable resources, trends and concerns. The Map Atlas was created to educate the community, inform policy change and frame decisions relating to long-term physical development in Mission Valley. Accurate as of January 2016 this document elaborates on land uses, natural resources, urban form and transportation infrastructure.

  1. PDF icon Introduction and Overview
  2. PDF icon Land Use and Development
  3. PDF icon Urban Form
  4. PDF icon Transportation
  5. PDF icon Historic Context and Archaeology
  6. PDF icon Natural Environment and Open Space
  7. PDF icon Environmental Hazards and Community Health


Community Kickoff Meeting Open House

The Community Kickoff Meeting was held on June 30, 2015, at the Scottish Rite Center. The community had the opportunity to learn about the update process and discuss what is special, challenging and possible for Mission Valley.


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