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Development Review Process

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The City of San Diego's coordinated development review process: Customer service is our top priority.

Development Services is responsible for managing the majority of the construction and development project review services for the City of San Diego. The Development Services Department draws its functions from the building inspection, engineering, fire, planning, zoning and /water/sewer specialties.

The major functions of building plan check and inspection, development and environmental planning, and subdivision review have been centralized to provide greater coordination and management of the development process.

These services (with the exception of field inspection) are under one roof in the Development Review Center (formerly the City Operations Building), located at 1222 First Ave. in downtown San Diego.

Need help navigating the development process? See Development Process: Step-by-Step for more details.

Development Services

Development Services Department handles construction and development review from long-range planning, to development review, to inspection.

This includes the review of subdivision maps and public improvement and grading plans; compliance with land use regulations, community plans and environmental statutes; and review of construction plans and inspection of construction projects. This includes review for transportation, park and recreation, and /water/sewer elements. The department is responsible for managing the land development process from concept to completion.

The following summarizes the construction and development processing responsibilities and services provided by Development Services:

Construction code plan review, construction field inspection, construction permits, development and environmental plan review, development and permit information, engineering and building records, engineering services environmental permits, facilities financing fire code plan check, grading permits hazardous materials plan check and inspection, long range planning, mobile home permits and inspection, Multiple Species Conservation Program, sign permits, subdivision review, traffic control permits, zoning and more.

Economic Development

The City's Economic Development Department is responsible for business development and assistance. This includes business advocacy, development and assistance.

Public Works

The Public Works Department provides many of the services of the former General Services and the Engineering & Capital Projects departments. This includes the oversight of the development of public infrastructure and facilities, and the design and construction for the City of San Diego Capital Improvements Program (CIP).

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement staff enforces construction and zoning codes on existing structures.

Project Management

Project managers are the heart of the City of San Diego's new system for processing construction and development projects. Project Managers make the City's development review process seamless to the customer. Each project requiring environmental or land development review has a project manager, who coordinates preliminary review among the various disciplines, and sets processing times.

In addition, project managers use innovative computer mapping and other technology to reduce processing times and make information more accessible to customers.


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