San Diego

OpenDSD 2.0

Effective January 16, 2018, the Development Services Department (DSD) is pleased to provide more access to DSD services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Click on the following links to:

The new on-line features are:

  • View Code Enforcement cases;
  • Apply for a Transportation or News Rack permit;
  • Submit a No Fee Street Tree Permit request;
  • Apply for a Residential Rooftop Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) permit.

To apply for the permits listed above, you will need to create a user account. Unregistered users will still be able to view information, ask general questions, and access some services on a limited basis.

Access OpenDSD 2.0 Now

What would you like to do today?

These services are accessible via the OpenDSD 2.0 portal:

  1. Apply for a Residential Rooftop Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Permit
  2. View Code Enforcement Reports

The City of San Diego’s OpenDSD website provides online data on properties throughout the City. This information covers:

Personal information such as phone numbers about individuals is not provided. Simply scroll down to start your search.

Search OpenDSD

Interested parties can browse data by various identifiers including address. Additionally, you can browse or view the activity on interactive maps.

Search by Data

This data goes back to the year 2003 and is for both current and historical activity. PDF icon See related data tips.

Search by Map

This data is for current or recent activity. PDF icon See related map tips.


  • Can get an understanding of past, present and future development activity in the community.
  • Can choose to get involved earlier in the development process.
  • Can conduct research regarding neighborhood construction.
  • Can cancel and schedule appointment for inspections online.
  • Can pay PTS invoices online.
  • Can get up-to-the-moment status of events transpiring in their project.
  • Can monitor inspection activity.
  • Can confirm development process timelines.
  • Can research whether or not the design professional/contractor has pulled appropriate permits.
  • Can validate permits when selling property.


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