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Morena Corridor Specific Plan

On September 10, 2019, the City Council adopted the Morena Corridor Specific Plan.  A copy of the final approved Specific Plan is now available.

Morena Corridor Specific Plan

The City has evaluated and provided recommendations for the areas adjacent to the Mid-Coast trolley stations at Tecolote Road and Clairemont Drive within the Clairemont Mesa and Linda Vista community planning areas. The recommendations address the future form of development in light of the introduction of the Mid-Coast Light Rail Transit (LRT) Trolley extension. In addition to land use and urban design recommendations, mobility improvements throughout the area have been identified for bicyclists, pedestrians, vehicles, and transit users.

The Morena Corridor Specific Plan builds upon the technical analysis and recommendations prepared and extensive public input received from the study. The specific plan provides policies and recommendations that address land use, mobility, urban design, recreation, and conservation to enhance the corridor.

The approved zoning map can be viewed from the link below:

Adopted Rezone Map

Final Program Environmental Impact Report

The Final Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) for the Morena Corridor Specific Plan was released on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019.  The Final PEIR and associated technical appendices can be accessed in the Final CEQA Documents web page.

Previous Drafts

July 2019 DRAFT Morena Corridor Specific Plan

January 2019 - DRAFT Morena Corridor Specific Plan

Draft August 2018 Morena Corridor Specific Plan

Draft July 2017 Morena Corridor Specific Plan

Linda Vista Meeting Presentations

Meeting #1 -Introduction - PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #2 -Mobility - PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #3 -Land Use - PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #4 -Mobility - PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #5 –Land Use - PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #6 -Urban Design -PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting #7 – Specific Plan Overview and Recommendations

Meeting #8 – Specific Plan Recommendations

Meeting #9 – Final Draft Specific Plan Overview


Visual Simulation of the Proposed Roadway Network within the Morena Boulevard Station Area












Clairemont Community Planning Group Ad Hoc Subcommittee


We encourage you to register for the Morena Corridor Specific Plan Online Forum. This interactive, online forum allows the community to provide feedback on topics that will inform the specific plan process. By registering, you will receive announcements and updates.

Previous Study Documents

Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study (PDF)


Contact Us

For questions or comments regarding the Morena Corridor Specific Plan, please contact:
Marlon Pangilinan, Senior Planner, at or at 619-235-5293