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Tecolote Canyon Park Visitor Information

Photo of Tecolote Nature Center

General Visitor Information

5180 Tecolote Road
San Diego, CA 92110

Tecolote Canyon Natural Park & Visitor Center is located in a narrow coastal valley running in a generally north-south direction. It divides, by its southern half, the communities of Clairemont and Linda Vista and, by its northern half, the west and east areas of Clairemont.

The mouth of the canyon is located a mile north of the San Diego River and is crossed by Interstate 5 at the intersection with Tecolote Road. Its northern tip nearly reaches Clairemont Mesa Boulevard at the North Clairemont Recreation Center. Genesee Avenue forms the Tecolote Canyon Natural Park eastern boundary. The western park boundary is the top of the steep slope parallel to Clairemont Drive and Cowley Way and the mouth of the canyon at the Tecolote Recreation Center.

Help Preserve the Canyon

In order to maintain the balance of our local ecosystem, it is important that the native vegetation and wildlife of Tecolote Canyon are preserved. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Please keep your dogs leashed when walking through the canyon.
  • Please don't litter. Dumping of any debris in the canyon is prohibited.
  • Report any illegal activity to the Park Ranger.
  • Don't dump anything down the storm drains. Local storm drains empty into the canyon.
  • Residents whose property borders the canyon should ensure that ice plant and other forms of ground cover do not grow beyond property lines.

CAUTIONS -- Open space areas are home to rattlesnakes, poison oak, mountain lions, rugged terrain and other hazards. Please be aware and have a safe visit to the park. Bring water, sun protection and wear good footwear.