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Open Space Parks Films

Why does the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department preserve and protect open space? Who does it and how can you get involved or learn more? You can look forward to a new web film each month about what's happening in the Open Space of your City.

The Parks & Recreation Department's Open Space Division manages over 25,000 acres of open space, including open space parks, and canyons. Preservation of open space has been a major goal of the City for many years. Open space provides the citizens of San Diego with benefits such as scenic vistas, preservation of natural resources, outdoor recreation, and other benefits to health and well being.

This web film monthly magazine is an inspiring look at programs, ongoing projects and partnerships within the City's open space parklands. Through partnerships, cooperation with community and environmental groups, and City departments we strive to preserve and protect these lands for future generations.

Our Thanks to:

A special thanks to the greatest resource of all, community volunteers like you.

Credit: City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department's Open Space Division

Credit: Jim Karnik Films