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Public Utilities

Water Pressure

Water pressure varies in different parts of the City depending on location and demand. According to the California Plumbing Code, you are required to have a water pressure regulator on your property if the pressure in your area is more than 80 pounds per square inch (psi). Regulators are the responsibility of the property owner. 

If you experience a water pressure problem, you can request the water pressure in your area be checked by calling 619-515-3525. A City Public Utilities crew member will test the water pressure at the nearest fire hydrant to your home, and the findings will be reported back to you. Water pressure normally fluctuates +/- 10 psi. If the water pressure in your neighborhood is found to be normal, then the water pressure problem is most likely due to a problem with the plumbing system on your property.

Fire sprinkler contractors can request fire hydrant water pressure and hydrant flow by completing Form DS-160 and following the instructions.

High Water Pressure

The most common cause of a sudden increase in water pressure is a faulty regulator on your property. The regulator may need to be adjusted or replaced. You may want to contact a plumbing professional to assess your water pressure regulator.

Low Water Pressure

There are several possibilities for a decrease in water pressure.

  • Your water regulator may have failed in the closed position, reducing the water flow, and may need to be inspected by a plumber.
  • If you live in an apartment or condominium or have a business that shares a water meter with others, your neighbors may have increased their water use resulting in an overall decrease in pressure.
  • If water mains are being replaced in your neighborhood, there can be a decrease in water pressure while customers are connected to temporary water pipelines during construction.
  • Leaks can also decrease water pressure.